Dempsey (No.2) family genealogy

Lords of Clanmaliere

Arms. Same as those of "Dempsey" (No. 1). Crest: A demi lion ramp gu: langued az. supporting in the dexter paw a sword ar. pommel and hilt or. Supporters: Two knights in complete armour chained together by the left and right leg all ppr. Motto: Elatum a Deo non deprimat.

HUGH, a younger brother of Donal who is No. 100 on the foregoing "Dempsey" (No. 1) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Dempsey, lords of Clanmaliere.

100. Hugh: son of Cineth; chief of his family.

101. Connor: his son.

102. Maolughra: his son.

103. Corcran: his son.

104. Diomasach: his son.

105. Corcran (2): his son.

106. Flann: his son; in his time the family assumed the sirname O'Dempsey.

107. Hugh (2): his son.

108. Conbroga: his son.

109. Dermod O'Dempsey: his son; built the Abbey of Monasterevan, A.D. 1179.

110. Hugh: his son.

111. Coilen: his son; died without issue; had a brother named Fionn.

112. Maolseachlainn: son of the said Fionn.

113. Fionn (2): his son.

114. Dermod: his son.

115. Maolmordha: his son.

116. Cahir: his son.

117. Hugh, of Loghine, Ballybrittas: his son; died in 1563.

118. Dermod Ruadh: his son; had two brothers—1. Owen, 2. Terence: both of whom died without issue.

119. Sir Terence: son of Dermod Ruadh; knighted in May, 1599, by Robert Devereux, earl of Essex, lord lieutenant of Ireland; created "baron of Philipstown" and "Viscount Clanmaliere," by patent dated 8th July, 1631, temp. Charles I.

120. Uaithne (Oweney, Toney, or Anthony), of Clonegauny, in the King's County: his son; died (before his father) in 1638. This Uaithne had four brothers—1. Hugh; 2. Right Rev. Edmond, Roman Catholic Bishop of Leighlin; 3. Rev. Feagh, Roman Catholic vicar-general of Kildare; 4. James.

121. Lewis: son of Uaithne; the second "lord viscount of Clanmaliere," and baron of Philipstown. This Lewis took an active part in the "Rebellion" of 1641, for which he was outlawed and attainted; he died intestate, and administration of his effects was granted in May, 1683. He had two brothers—1. Sir Christopher, who, when very young, was knighted by lord Falkland, lord lieutenant of Ireland, in July, 1624: this Sir Christopher died without issue; 2. James O'Dempsey, of Bishop's Court, in the co. Kildare, who was a colonel in the Army of King James the Second.

122. Maximilian O'Dempsey: son of Lewis; was made lord lieutenant of the Queen's County, by King James the Second, and sat in the Parliament held by him on 7th May, 1689. This Maximilian died without issue, in 1714; his estates were, by Act of Attainder of William III., confiscated in 1691, for his adherence to the House of Stuart; he had a younger brother named Terence O'Dempsey, who, after the confiscation of the family estates in 1691, left Ireland, in his boyhood, and settled in Cheshire, England, where at an advanced age he died in 1769.

123. Thomas Dempsey, of Northchurch: son of Terence; died at Laurel House, Foxtell Park, Liverpool, England, in 1816.

124. James Dempsey [1], of Liverpool: son of Thomas; d. in 1847.


[1] James: This is the James Dempsey, Merchant, of Liverpool, mentioned in Note, p. 218 of Connellan's Four Masters.