Dempsey (No.1) family genealogy

Chiefs of Clanmaliere

[1] Arms: Gu. a lion ramp. ar. armed and langued az. betw. two swords, points upwards of the second, pommels and hilts or, one in bend dexter, the other in bend sinister.

DIOMUSACH, who is No. 97 on the "Connor" Faley pedigree; was the ancestor of O'Diomasaighe; anglicised Dempsey, and O'Dempsey.

97. Diomusach: ("diomusach:" Irish, proud, haughty, arrogant): son of Congall; a quo O'Diomasaighe.

98. Flann Da Congall: his son; had an elder brother named Aeneas, who was ancestor of O'Connor Faley.

99. Cineth (by some called Tumaltach): his son; had a brother Mugron, who was the ancestor of Hoolahan, of "Clann Colgan."

100. Donal: his son; had a brother named Riaghan, who was the ancestor of Dunne, and a quo O'Regan. This Donal had another brother named Hugh, who was the ancestor of O'Dempsey, lords of Clanmaliere (as in the next following genealogy).

101. Hugh O'Dempsey: son of Donal; was the first of the family that assumed this sirname.

102. Conor: his son.

103. Maoluradh ("uradh:" Irish, apparel, good condition): his son; a quo Clann Maoluraidh, anglicised "Clanmaliere."

104. Corcran: his son.

105. Diomusach: his son.

106. Hugh O'Dempsey: his son.

107. Corcran (2): his son.

108. Florence: his son; was the first "lord of Clanmaliere."

109. Cubhroa: his son.

110. Dermod: his son.

111. Hugh: his son.

112. Coilen: his son.

113. Fionn: his son.

114. Melachlin: his son.

115. Dermod (2): his son.

116. Fionn (2): his son.

117. Melachlin (2): his son.

118. Fionn (3): his son.

119. Dermod (3): his son.

120. Maolmorra: his son; lord of Clanmaliere.

121. Cahir (or Cahyr), of Ballybrittas, in the Queen's Co.: his son.

122. Hugh: his son.

123. Dermod (4): his son.

124. Terence (or Tirloch) O'Dempsey: his son; died without issue, A.D. 1578.


[1] Clanmaliere: This territory lay principally on both sides of the river Barrow, in the King's and Queen's counties: it contained parts of the present baronies of Geashill and Philipstown, in the King's County; with part of Portnehinch, in the Queen's County; and part of Offaley, in the co. Kildare, including Monasterevan and the adjoining districts; and, according to Sir Charles Coote in his survey, the O'Dempseys had a part of the barony of Ballycowen, in the King's County.