Davin family genealogy

Lords of Fermanagh

Arms: A lion pass. guard. or.

CAIRBRE an-Daimh Airgid, who is No. 91 on the "O'Hart" pedigree, was ancestor of O'Daimhin; anglicised O'Davin, Davin, Davine, O'Devin, Devin, and Devine.

91. Cairbre an Daimh Airgid ("airgiod:" Irish, silver; Lat. "argentum;"Gr. "arg-uros"), King of Orgiall.

92. Daimhin: his son. This Daimhin had a brother named Nadsluagh, who was the ancestor of MacMahon, Princes of Monaghan; and another brother named Cormac, who was the ancestor of Maguire, Princes of Fermanagh.

93. Lochlann: his son; had a brother named Tuathal Maolgharbh, and another named Clochar.

94. Fergus: his son.

95. Maoldun: his son.

96. Daimhin ("daimh:" Irish, a poet; Gr. "daem-on," a learned man, and "daio," to know; Heb. "deah," science): his son; a quo O'Daimhin.

97. Foghartach; his son.

98.Eochaidh Leamhradh O'Daimhin ("leamhradh:" Irish, a foolish saying): his son; a quo O'Leamhraidh, anglicised Lavery, Laury and Laurie; was the first of the family who assumed this sirname.

99. Dubhthire: his son.

100 Eochaidh (2): his son.

101. Cathal: his son.

102. Muireadhach: his son.

103. Cumascach: his son.

104. Fiacha O'Daimhin:[1] his son; the last lord of Fermanagh of this family.


[1] O'Daimhin: The O'Daimhin family were, in 1427, chiefs of Tirkennedy, in the county Fermanagh.