Darcy family genealogy

[1] Arms: Gu. three cinquefoils ar. a label az.

FIACHRA, an elder brother of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the 126th Monarch of Ireland, who is No. 87 on the "O'Neill" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Dorchaidhe; anglicised Dorcey, Dorcy, Dorsey, Darcy, Darkey, and D'Arcy (of the county Galway).

87. Fiachra: son of Eochy Moyvane, the 124th Monarch of Ireland.

88. Dathi: his son; the 127th Monarch.

89. Eochaidh Breac: his son.

90. Laoghaire: his son.

91. Seanach: his son.

92. Diarmaid: his son.

93. Dioma Cron: his son.

94. Dluthach: his son; had a brother named Cuimin.

95. Dorchadh ("dorchadh:" Irish, dark): his son; a quo O'Dorchaidhe; living in 1417.

The first of the "Darcy" family who settled in Galway was Bhaiter Riabhach (baiter: Irish, water), a quo Atkins, and Atkinson.

1. Bhaiter Riabhach.

2. Tomas: his son.

3. Padraic: his son.

4. Conchobhar: his son

5. Nioclas: his son.

6. Seamus Riabhach: his son.

7. Nioclas: his son.

8. Seamus Riabhach: his son; had a brother named Doiminig [Dominick]: both living in 1666.


[1] Darcy: Patrick, Count Darcy, an engineer officer, was born at Galway, on 27th September, 1723. He was sent to an uncle in Paris in 1739. There he studied under Clairaut, and at the age of seventeen distinguished himself by the solution of some extremely difficult mathematical problems. He made two campaigns in Germany and one in Flanders—being Colonel in the Irish Brigade at Rosbach in 1757. His essay on artillery and on scientific questions display genius and solidity of judgment. He died in Paris, of cholera, on the 18th October, 1799, aged 56 years. A eulogium was pronounced upon him by Condorcet.—WEBB.