Cummin family genealogy

Arms: Gu. three garbs ar.

FEARADHACH, a son of Muireadhach who is No. 89 on the "O'Neill" (of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of Clan Cumaoin; anglicised Cummin Cuming,[1] and Cumine.

90. Feareadhach: son of Muireadhach.

91. Ferghna Fionn: his son.

92. Cumaoin ("cumaoin:" Irish, fellowship): his son; a quo Clann Cumaoin.

93. Ainmeada (or Anaileadh): his son.

94. Cathmhoghtha: his son.

95. Longseach: his son.

96. Morogh: his son.

97. Mureheartach: his son.

98. Dunaleadh: his son.

99. Dalach: his son.

100. Conangan: his son.

101. Maolfabhal: his son.

102. Aodh: his son.

103. Maolmithid O'Cumaoin: his son; had three brothers—1. Cucaille, 2. Murcha, 3. Giollacolum.


[1] Cuming: Doctor Thomas Cuming was born in Armagh on the 19th March, 1798. His father was a Presbyterian clergyman, and his mother was Eliza Black. Having spent seven years in the Royal School, Armagh, he studied medicine at Glasgow, Edinburgh, Dublin, London,and Paris. Having, in 1819, obtained an M.D. degree in Edinburgh, he came to Dublin, where he studied for three years as clinical clerk to Cheyne, at the House of Industry Hospitals. On the 21st June, 1820, he became a Licentiate; and, on the 10th January, 1854, a Fellow of the College of Physicians. In the latter year he received, honoris causa, the degree of M.D. from the Dublin University. In 1829, he removed to Armagh, where he became Physician to the District Lunatic Asylum. He contributed papers, on Diseased Heart and Caverum Oris, to Vols. III. and IV. of the Dublin Hospital Reports; and, on Pneumonia in Children, in Vol. V. of the "Transactions of the College of Physicians," and has published other papers and reports. Dr. Cuming married, in 1826, Miss Mary Black (deceased), and had two sons, and two daughters; was in 1886, with the exception of Dr. Grattan, the Senior of the Licentiates of the College of Physicians in Ireland.