Craig family genealogy

Arms: Gu. a fesse erm. betw. three crescents ar. Crest: A lion's head vert, collared or.

DAVID, the youngest son of Malcolm the Third, King of Scotland, was an ancestor of Craig.

109. Malcolm the Third, King of Scotland; died, A.D. 1094.

110. David, King of Scotland: his youngest son.

111. Prince Henry: his son.

112. David (2): his son.

113. Isabel: his daughter; married Robert Bruce, called "The Noble," who competed with Baliol for the crown of Scotland.

114. Robert Bruce: their son; earl of Annundale, and of Carrick.

115. Robert Bruce: his son; called "King Robert the First," of Scotland.

116. Margery: his daughter; married to the Mór Mhaor Leamhna or "Great Steward of Lennox"—namely, Walter, the lord "steward" of Scotland, who was ancestor of Stewart and Stuart.

117. Robert Stewart: their son.

118. John: his son.

119. James: his son.

120. Ninion: his son.

121. James (2): his son.

122. Ninion (2): his son.

123. James (3): his son.

124. Christian: his son.

125. Ninion (3): his son.

126. William: his son;

127. Mary: his daughter.

128. Mary Dickson: her daughter.

129. Matilda Bailie: her daughter.

130. Stewart Craig: her son; married Mary Graham, and had issue seven sons and three daughters. The sons were—1. Thomas-Henry; 2. Robert-Stewart; 3. Rev. Stewart-Baillie, Vicar of St. Mark's, Hull, Yorkshire; 4. John; 5. William-Graham, 19, Waterloo-road, Dublin; 6. Rev. Graham, Rector of St. Catherine's, Tullamore; 7. Hugh-Dunbar. The daughters were—1. Sarah; 2. Mary; 3. Maud, who died, January, 1877.

This Thomas Henry Craig (1) married Mary Charlotte Jenkins, and died October, 1872, leaving issue—1. Stewart-Charles, 102nd Regiment, who died in Naples, 1876; 2. Elizabeth Helen, who married Captain Marra, Italian Navy, and had issue one daughter named Violet. Robert-Stewart (2) married Emily Mary Noble, and had issue: 1. Edwin-Stewart, (2) Robert-Annesley. Rev. Stewart-Baillie (3) married Mary Alder, and had issue —1. John-Alder, 2. Stewart-Graham, 3. Graham. John (4) married Madelina-Louisa Boys, and had issue—1. Graham-Stewart-Lowther, 2. Dunbar, 3. John. William-Graham Craig (5) married Harriett-Ada Lawless; no issue. Rev. Graham (6) married Hellen Noble, and had issue—1. Robert-Stewart, 2. Henry-Graham, 3. Herbert-Newcombe, 4. William-Arthur, 5. Alan. Sarah Craig (1) married James Henry (deceased) and had issue—1. Robert, 2. Stewart: both of whom are also deceased. Mary (2) was (in 1877) unmarried.

131. Robert-Stewart Craig, of Belfast; son of Stewart Craig; living in 1877.

132. Edwin-Stewart Craig: his son; living in 1877.