Counihan family genealogy

TIGHEARNACH, son of Muredach (or Muireadach), son of Eoghan, son of Niall of the Nine Hostages, the 126th Monarch of Ireland, and No. 87 on the "O'Neill" (of Tyrone) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Connaghain; anglicised Counihan, Cunigham, Cunigan, Cunnigham, Cunnivane, Conyngham, and Conway.[1]

87. Niall of the Nine Hostages, the 126th Monarch of Ireland.

88. Eoghan (or Owen): his son.

89. Muredach: his son; had a brother named Eochaidh Binné.

90. Tighernach: son of Muireadach.

91. Daire (or Darius): his son.

92. Cunaghan ("cu:" Irish, the hound, or warrior; "an-agha," of the battles): his son: a quo O'Connaghain.

93. Conall: his son.

94. Amhailgadh: his son.

95. Teige: his son.

96. Aodh: his son.

97. Owen: his son.

98. Murtagh: his son.

99. Owen (3): his son.

100. Murtagh: his son.

We are unable to trace this pedigree down to the undermentioned Rodger O'Cunnivane, who was born, A.D. 1680.

1. Rodger (or Roady O'Cunnvane; born 1680.

2. Timothy: his son.

3. Darby: his son.

4. Mihil (or Michael): his son.

5. Thomas: his son.

6. Michael Cunningham, of Ennis, county Clare: his son.

7. John Cunningham, of Dublin: his son; living in 1887. Had three brothers and three sisters: the brothers were—1. Thomas (d. 1879); 2. Michael; 3. Terence. The sisters are—1. Mary-Anne, m. to Patrick Dunne; 2. Margaret; 3. Sarah. This John was, in July, 1877, married in St. Mary's Catholic Church, Haddington Road, Dublin, to Mary-Elizabeth (d. 1st Jan., 1880), second daughter of John O'Hart, Dublin, the Writer of this Work. Surviving issue of that marriage, one daughter named Elizabeth, living in 1887.


[1] Conway: Of this family is the Most Rev. Dr. Conway, Catholic Bishop of the diocese of Killala; living in 1887.