Cormack family genealogy

Of Galway

Arms: Az. three bezants in pale betw. two palets ar. a chief or. Crest: a hand couped in fesse holding a sword in pale on the point thereof a garland of laurel all ppr.

CREAMTHANN, a brother of Dalan who is No. 91 on the "O'Kelly" (of Hy-Maine) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Cormaic; anglicised Cormack.

91. Creamthann: son of Breassal.

92. Cormac [1] ("cormac:" Irish, a brewer): his son; a quo O'Cormaic.

93. Secc: his son.

94. Fiontan Uallach [2]: his son.

95. Lachtnan: his son.

96. Fachtnan: his son.

97. Cucaiseal: his son.

98. Folachthach: his son.

99. Ruidhghrin: his son.

100. Maolcobhach: his son.

101. Cearbhall: his son.

102. Niall O'Cormack, of Maonmuighe: his son.


[1] Cormac: This name originally meant " The son of the Chariot."

[2] Uallach: This Fiontan Uallach ("uallach:" Irish, vain, ostentatious), was ancestor of O'Uallaighe; anglicised Howley, and Wallace (of Connaught).