Conway family genealogy

Arms: Az. a lion pass. guard. paly of six ar. and or, betw. three gauntlets of the second all within a bordure engr. of the last.

CREAMTHANN, a brother of Breanan who is No. 90 on the "Fox" (of Meath) pedigree, was the ancestor of MacConmeadha; anglicised Mac-Conmy, Conmy, MacConway, and Conway.[1]

90. Creamthann: son of Brian.

91. Anmireach: his son.

92. Ronan: his son.

93. Forannan: his son.

94. Cronmaol: his son.

95. Maolduin: his son.

96. Feargal: his son.

97. Flann: his son.

98. Suibhneach: his son.

99. Dubron: his son.

100. Cearnach: his son.

101. Laoghacan: his son.

102. Anbioth: his son.

103. Ruarc: his son.

104. Conn: his son.

105. Giolla Channigh: his son.

106. Cumeadh (meadh: Irish, metheglin): his son; a quo MacConmeadha.

107. Sitreach: his son.

108. Cumeadh: his son.

109. Ronan MacConmeadha: his son.


[1] Conway: In the Province of Connaught the Irish sirname O'Connaghain has also been anglicised Conway.—See the "Counaghan" pedigree.