Colgan family genealogy

Of Offaley

Arms: Az. a lion rampant or, betw. three pheons ar.

CUMASACH, brother of Aeneas, who is No. 100 on the "O'Conor" (Faley) pedigree, was the ancestor of Clan Colgain; anglicised "Clan Colgan," a quo Colgan, MacColgan, and Swords.

100. Cumascach: son of Florence.

101. Colgan ("colg:" Irish, a sword; "colgan," a swordsman): his son; a quo Clann Colgain.

102. Cumascach (2): his son.

103. Conor MacColgan: his son; first assumed this sirname.

104. Cathal: his son.

105. Fionnghon: his son.

106. Mulcoscrach: his son.

107. Donall: his son.

108. Cucogair MacColgan: his son.