Carbery (No.1) family genealogy

Of Leinster

Arms: Ar. a lion ramp. gu. between three erm. spots. Crest: A hand couped at the wrist and erect, grasping a sword all ppr.

THIS sirname is derived from Cairbre Cluitheachar, who is No. 87 on the "Dwyer" (of Leinster) pedigree, the stock from which this and the Lee family are descended. Faobrach, a brother of Ogan, who is No. 96 on the "Lee" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Cairbre ("cairbre:" Irish, the chief of the chariot); anglicised Carbery.

96. Faobrach: son of Mal.

97. Gosda: his son.

98. Machair: his son.

99. Erc: his son.

100. Eiran: his son.

101. Saighir: his son.

102. Fionan: his son.

103. Coman: his son.

104. Cronmhal: his son.

105. Flaithbeartach: his son.

106. Urthuile: his son.