Canon (No.2) family genealogy

According to MacFirbis

Arms: Same as "Canon" (No. 1).

AODH (or Hugh) Munderg, son of Flaitheartach the 159th Monarch, and brother of Moroch, who is No. 97 on the "Mulroy" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Canannain; anglicised Cananan, Canon, Gannon, and Canning.

97. Hugh Munderg: his son.

98. Donall Cleiric: his son.

99. Longseach: his son.

100. Flaithbeartach: his son.

101. Canannan ("canadh:" Irish, to sing; "an," one who): his son; a quo O'Canannain.

102. Maolfabhil: his son.

103. Cuileann: his son.

104. Longseach: his son.

105. Flaithbeartach: his son.

106. Ruadhri: his son.

107. Donall: his son.

108. Donoch: his son.