Canavan family genealogy

Of Connaught

CAHERNACH, brother of Ficheallach, who is No. 99 on the "Fihilly" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Canamhain; anglicised Canavan.

99. Cahernach: son of Conbhach.

100. Flaitheimhan ("flaith:" Irish, a chief; "eimh," active; "an," one who): his son; a quo O'Flaitheimhain, anglicised Fleming, and modernized De Fleming.

101. Cormac: his son.

102. Maolmordha: his son.

103. Canamhan [1] ("can:" Irish, to sing; Heb. "gan-a," a reed or cane; Arab, "gan-i," to sing; Lat. "can-o;" Hind. "gan-i," to chant; and "amhan:" Irish, a river): his son; a quo O'Canamhain.

104. Aodh: his son.

105. Murtach: his son.

106. Aodh (2): his son.

107. Moriach: his son.

108. Teige: his son.

109. John: his son.

110. Fercobhra O'Canavan: his son.


[1] Canamhan : This word is compounded of the Irish can. "to sing," and amhan, "a river" (Lat. amn-is; Welsh, avon; Corn. avan; and Arm. aun).