Callan family genealogy

[1] Arms: Or, on a bend gu. three martlets ar. Crest: A demi griffin ramp. gu.

AONGUS, brother of Suibhneach, who is No. 92 on the "Colman" (of Meath) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Cathalain; anglicised Callan.

92. Aongus (or Aeneas): son of Colman Mór.

93. Maolumha: his son.

94. Fablden: his son.

95. Muiltuile: his son.

96. Congal: his son.

97. Fallain; his son.

98. Fiachra: his son.

99. Aeneas: his son.

100. Broghad ("broghad:" Irish, opulent): his son.

101. Cathalan ("cathal:" Irish, valour), meaning "little Charles:" a quo O'Cathalain, in this family anglicised Callan.[2]


[1] Callan: Of this family was the Very Rev. Nicholas Callan, D.D., Professor of Natural Philosophy in Maynooth College, who was born at Dromiskin, in the county Louth, in 1799. He entered college in 1817, and remained there till his death, a period of forty-seven years. Much of his leisure was devoted to the translation into English of works of piety, particularly those of St. Liguori. He died at Maynooth in 1864.

[2] Callan: See the "Carlton" pedigree which is also derived from an O'Cathalain family.