Cahill (No.1) family genealogy

Of Corkcashinny, or the Parish of Templemore

Arms: Ar. a whale spouting in the sea ppr. Crest: An anchor erect, cable twined around the stock all ppr.

CATHAL, brother of Lochlann, who is No. 103 on the "O'Connor" (Corcomroe) pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Cathail, anglicised Cahill.

103. Cathal ("cathal:" Irish, valour): son of Conor Mear (also called Conor [1] na Luinge Luaithe) a quo O'Cathail.

104. Conor: his son.

105. Donall Dana [2] ("dana:" Irish, bold; Pers. and Arab, "dana," a poet): his son.

106. Teige O'Cahill: his son; first assumed this sirname.

107. Brian Bearnach: his son.

108. Cathal (2): his son.

109. Murtogh: his son.

110. Edmond: his son.

111. Donall Dunn: his son.

112. Tomhas na Sealbuidhe ("seal:" Irish, a seal), meaning "Thomas of the Seals:" his son; a quo O'Sealluidhe or O'Seala, anglicised Shelly and Sales.

113. John: his son.

114. Murtogh: his son.

115. Edmund: his son.

116. Teige Laidir ("laidir:" Irish, strong): his son; a quo Lauder, Strong,[3] and Stronge.

117. Tomhas O'Cahill: his son;living A.D. 1700.


[1] Conor na Luinge Luaithe: This name, anglicised, means "Conor of the Swifter-Sailing Ship" ("luath," comp. "luaithe:" Irish, quick): a quo O'Luaithe, anglicised Quick, and by some Lowe.

[2] Dana: This Donall was the ancestor of Dawney, and, it is said, of Dane and Deane.

[3] Strong: While some genealogists derive this sirname from "Strongbow," others are of opinion that Strong and Stronge are Bedfordshire or Border names-derived from the Anglo-Norman Storange.