Breslin family genealogy

Arms: Az. two lions ramp. combatant supporting a garb or, in dexter base a crescent ar., and in the sinister, the harp of Ireland.

CONALL GREANTA, brother of Fogartach who is No. 95 on the "Fogarty" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Brislain; anglicised Breslin, and Brislane.

95. Conall Greanta ("greanta:" Irish: neat, handy): son of Neal; a quo Grant.

96. Neal: his son.

97. Fergus: his son.

98. Cearnach: his son; whose brother Muredach was the ancestor of Spillane; and other brother Olioll, the ancestor of O'Braonan, anglicised Brenham.

99. Muldroman: son of Cearnach.

100. Brislann ("bris:" Irish, to break; Heb. "peras," to break; "lann," Irish, the blade of a sword): his son; a quo O'Brislaine.