Brenan (No.2) family genealogy

[1] Arms: See those of "Brenan" (No.1)

1. Richard Brenan of Ballybrenan, county Wexford.

2. James: his second son.

3. Walter of Rosgarland, county ———; m. Margaret, dau. of James Forlong of Hoartown, co. Wexford; d. 3rd March, 1638.

4. Marck Brenan: his son; m. Margaret, dau. of Francis Talbot of Ballinamony, county Wexford; had one brother and two sisters: the brother was—James; and the sisters were—1. Kathleen, married to Walter Breen of Rosegarlande, 2. Anastace.


[1] Brenan: Of this family were Doctor James Brenan, of the Society of Surgeons, Ireland, who was born in 1685, and died in 1738; and who by his Will directed that his body should be interred in the family burial place in the Parish of New St. Michan's, in the suburbs of Dublin. He bequeathed his anatomical specimens to his brother, Peter Brenan, "Chirurgeon," who was born on the 30th July, 1705 (old style), and died in February, 1767. Said Peter Brenan bequeathed his surgical instruments, books, and anatomical specimens to Michael Keogh, a member of the Society of Surgeons, Dublin, and one of the first members of the College.