Breen family genealogy

Lords of Brawney

Arms: Or, a dexter hand couped at the wrist gu, on a chief of the last a mullet betw. two crescents ar.

CRIMTHANN, brother of Aodh (or Hugh) who is No. 91 on the "Fox" pedigree, was the ancestor of O'Braoin; anglicised Breen, and Brawne.[1]

91. Crimthan : son of Breannan.

92. Donall: his son; had a brother named Maolfogartach, who was the ancestor of Magawley; and a brother named Anmire, who was the ancestor of Macnamee, Corgawney, Slaman, etc.

93. Flanchaidh: son of Donall.

94. Rorc: his son.

95. Braon ("braon": Irish, a drop): his son; a quo O'Braoin, lords of "Brawney," near Athlone.

96. Eachtighearna: his son.

97. Florence: his son.

98. Sitric: his son.

99. Eachtighearna O'Braoin (or O'Breen: his son.


[1] Brawne: Of this family the Arms are: Ar. three bars sa. on a canton gu. a saltire of the field.