Beatty family genealogy

[1] ACCORDING to Tipper's "Collection of Pedigrees," written in the Irish language, A.D. 1713, Goffrey, one of the princes from Scotland, who, siding with the Irish Monarch Brian Boru, fought at the battle of Clontarf, in 1014, was the ancestor of Betagh, modernized Beattie, Beatty, Beaty, Beytagh, and Battie.

1. Goffrey (or Jeffrey).

2. Comhgall: his son.

3. Maolcolum: his son; had a brother named Constantine, who was the ancestor of Tobin.

4. Alpin: son of Maolcolum.

5. Sealbhaidh: his son.

6. Amhailgadh [awly]: his son.

7. Scanlan: his son.

8. Dolbh, of the Orkney Isles: his son.

9. Dolbh, of Loch Broin: his son.

10. Loarn: his son.

11. Constantine: his son.

12. John Mór: his son.

13. William: his son.

14. Richard: his son.

15. Garrett: his son; the first of this family who returned to live in Ireland.

16. John Betagh: his son; first assumed this sirname.

17. Henry; his son.

18. William an Fhiona or ("William of the Wine"): his son.

19. Edward: his son.

20. John: his son.

21. Garrett Beatty: his son.


[1] Beatty: This pedigree is here incidentally given among the families descended from Heremon; but while Beatty and Battie are of Irish origin, the lineage of the family is not yet ascertained. The names are derived from the Irish biadhtach [bee-a-ta], "a public victualler"—For information in relation to the ancient biatachs in Ireland, see Paper "Monasteries," in the Appendix.