Barnewall family genealogy

[1] Arms: Az. a saltire engr. betw. four crescents ar. Crest: An arm from the elbow vested and holding a martlet betw. two branches of laurel in orle.

BERNARD O'BEIRNE, brother of Gillcoman, who is No. 112 on the "O'Beirne" pedigree, was the ancestor of Barnewall, Barnewell, Barne, Barnes, Bernes, and Berens.

112. Bernard: son of Iomhar.

113. Edward: his son.

114. Edward Dubh: his son.

115. Edward (3): his son.

116. Thomas: his son.

117. Richard: his son.

118. James: his son.

119. Walter: his son.

120. Edward (4): his son.

121. George: his son.

122. Patrick: his son.

123. Edward (5): his son.

124. Sir Christopher: his son.

125. Sir Patrick: his son.

126. Sir Nicholas: his son.

127. Lord Viscount Kingsland:[2] his son; the first peer in this family; b. 1668, d. 1725.

128. Lord Viscount Kingsland his son.


[1] Barnewall: It is claimed for this family that their ancestors came to Ireland originally with Henry II., and received large grants of land in the county of Cork. And it is said that on the first favourable opportunity the O'Sullivan's, who had been previously in possession of those lands, rose and murdered the whole family, save one young man who was absent studying law in England. This young man ultimately returned, and settled at Drimnagh, near Dublin. A descendant of his was John Barnewall, Lord Trimbleston, who rose to high office in Ireland, under Henry VIII., and received grants of land near Dunleer. In 1536, with Lord-Treasurer Brabazon, he made an incursion into Offaley, and drove back the O'Connor Faley, who was then ravaging the Anglo-Irish Settlements. The next year, commissioned by the Privy Council, Lord Trimbleston treated successfully with the O'Neill. He was four times married; and died on the 25th July, 1538.

[2] Kingsland: Nicholas Barnewall, Viscount Kingsland, was born on the 15th April, 1668. The family had been ennobled by King Charles I., on the 12th September, 1645, for loyalty to his cause. Before Nicholas was of age he married a daughter of George, Count Hamilton, by his wife Frances Jennings, afterwards married to the Earl of Tyrconnell. In 1688 he entered King's James's Irish army as Captain in the Earl of Limerick's Dragoons. After the defeat of the Boyne, he was moved to Limerick; and, being in that city at the time of its surrender, was included in the Articles and secured his estates. In the first Irish Parliament of William III., Viscount Kingsland took the oath of allegiance, but upon declining to subscribe the declaration according to the English Act, as contrary to his conscience, he was obliged to withdraw with the other Catholic lords. In February, 1703, he joined with many Irish Catholics in an unavailing petition against the infraction of the Treaty of Limerick. He died on the 14th June, 1725, and was buried at Lusk, in the county Dublin.

Evidently, John Barnewall, Lord Trimbleston and Nicholas Barnewall, Lord Viscount Kingston, mentioned in these Notes, were not of the same family!