Baptism after Death

Patrick Kennedy
1891 (2nd Edition)

The saint was not insensible to the charms of poetry, nor to the merits of the pieces in which the heathen bards of Ireland celebrated the fame of their dead heroes.

He lamented the fate of so many noble-minded and heroic men, who had gone from the earth before the light of Christianity was vouchsafed.

Passing one day by the tomb of one of these heroes lately deceased, he stopped, seemingly disturbed and grieved, and entered into prayer.

Tears fell fast from him as he was on his knees, and when he rose he ordered the tombstone to be removed.

Looking on the serene noble features, he prayed earnestly that life might return for a short time to its former tenement.

The supplication was heard; the now living man half raised himself in his tomb, was instructed by the great-hearted saint, and baptized.

Then laying himself down with heavenly joy stamped on his features, he again surrendered his soul to its Maker.