Musical Manuscripts in Trinity College, Dublin

William H. Grattan Flood
Appendix B

(The Number is that as given in Rev. Dr. Abbot's "Catalogue," 1901.)


69 The Psalter in Latin and English. A.D. 1400.

77 Breviarium. 15th century.

82 Kilcormack Missal and Fragment of Sarum Antiphonary (written by Dermot O'Flanagan, a Carmelite Friar of Loughrea, A.D. 1458).

86 Breviarium cum Psalterio. A.D. 1489 (written by Malachy O'Loughlin of Killaloe).

95 Officia B.V.M., et Antiphonae variae. A.D. 1405.

100 Antiphonarium. 14th century.

101 Antiphonale Missarum et Horae. 15th century. 109 Antiphonarium. 15th century.

407 De Arte Musica, by John Travers. A.D. 1572.

408 A Collection of Songs and other Musical Pieces.

409 Musices Libri Tres, by James Dowson of Chester. 1600.

410 Musical Lessons set for the Lute, by Dr. Dallis of Cambridge, 1583 (with Musical Lessons by other hands).

411 Dionysius Chalcus. Hymni harmonici tres sec. modum Lydium, Graece et Latine. Dedicated to James Ussher. With notes by Edm. Chilmead. 17th century.

412 Hymns and Songs set to Music, in four or five parts (ascribed to William Ballet). 16th century.

413 Overtures, Preludes, etc., for three instruments. 17th century.

414 The Psalms in French Metre, with Music. 17th century.

432 "Quant le russinol se cesse," French song set to Music, 15th century.

1177 Traité de la Musique Moderne, par Alphonse des Vignoles. 1702.

1418 A Collection of Irish Songs. 1770.