No. 5. Crochet Borders

From A Renascence of the Irish Art of Lace-making by A.S.C.

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Crochet lace is one of the more easily made of Irish laces. Its scope of effect is somewhat limited, as the nature of the process does not lend itself to the production of dainty forms, such as those to be found in the preceding plates. Crochet lace, nevertheless, possesses a special cachet, and is capable of considerable variety of effect. Patterns, like those shown, composed of simple geometric forms repeated in an ordered manner, are possibly the more successful. Much Irish crochet goes abroad. In Paris it generally passes under the name of Point d'Irlande. As a rule the better classes of Irish crochet lace are not known in England at all. Indeed, unless fashion somehow favours the adoption in England of Point d'Irlande, as something quite new from Paris, we in England shall probably have no reason to think anything of it.

The specimens here shown were produced by workers at Cork, under the supervision of Mr. Michael Holland (Messrs. Dwyer & Co., Cork).

crochet borders

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