Thomas Moore's Irish Melodies

Thomas Moore

Restored and arranged by Charles Villiers Stanford


Title Page




After the battle. Air: Thy fair bosom

And doth not a meeting like this. Air: Unknown

As a beam o'er the face of the waters. Air: The young man's dream

As slow our ship. Air: The girl I left behind me

As vanquished Erin. Air: The Boyne Water

At the mid hour of night. Air: Molly, my dear

Avenging and bright. Air: Cruachan na feine

Before the battle. Air: The fairy Queen

Come o'er the sea. Air: Cuishla machree

Come, rest in this bosom. Air: Lough Sheeling

Come, send round the wine. Air: We brought the Summer with us

Dear harp of my country. Air: New langolee

Desmond's song. Air: Unknown

Drink of this cup. Air: Paddy O'Rafferty

Drink to her. Air: Heigho! My Jacky

Echo. Air: The Wren

Erin, oh Erin. Air: I am asleep and don't waken me

Erin! The tear and the smile in thine eyes. Air: Aileen Aroon

Fairest put on awhile. Air: Cummilum

Farewell! But whenever you welcome the hour. Air: Moll Roone

Fill the bumper fair. Air: Bob and Joan

Fly not yet. Air: Planxty Kelly

Forget not the field. Air: The lamentation of Aughrim

From this hour the pledge is given. Air: Renardine

Go where glory waits thee. Air: Maid of the valley

Has sorrow thy young days shaded. Air: Sly Patrick

How dear to me the hour. Air: The twisting of the rope

How oft has the benshee cried. Air: The dear black maid

I'd mourn the hopes that leave me. Air: The Rose tree

If thou'lt be mine. Air: The winnowing sheet

Ill omens. Air: Kitty of Coleraine

In the morning of life. Air: The little harvest rose

I saw from the beach. Air: Miss Molly

I saw thy form. Air: Donnel O'Greadh

It is not the tear. Air: The Sixpence

I've a secret to tell thee. Air: Oh southern breeze

I wish I was by that dim lake. Air: Shule Aroon

Lay his sword by his side. Air: If the sea were ink

Lesbia hath a beaming eye. Air: Nora Creina

Let Erin remember the days of old. Air: The little red fox

Love and the novice. Air: Black-headed deary

Love's young dream. Air: The old woman

My gentle harp. Air: The caoine or dirge

Nay, tell me not, dear. Air: Dennis, don't be threatening

Ne'er ask the hour. Air: My husband's a journey to Portugal gone

No, not more welcome. Air: Luggelaw

O think not my spirits. Air: John O'Reilly the active

Oh! Arranmore. Air: Killdroughalt fair

Oh banquet not. Air: Planxty Irwin

Oh! Blame not the bard. Air: Kitty Tyrrel

Oh! Breathe not his name. Air: The brown maid

Oh, could we do with this world. Air: Basket of oysters

O'Donoghue's mistress. Air: The little and great mountain

Oh! Doubt me not. Air: Yellow Wat and the fox

Oh for the swords. Air: Unknown origin

Oh! Had we some bright little isle. Air: "Shiela na guira"

Oh, the sight entrancing. Air: Planxty Sudley

Oh, where's the slave. Air: Down beside me

Oh, ye dead! Air: A plough tune

On music. Air: The Banks of Banna

One bumper at parting! Air: Moll Roe in the morning

Quick! We have but a second. Air: Paddy O'Snap

Remember thee. Air: Castle Tirowen

Remember the glories of Brien the brave. Air: Molly McAlpin

Rich and rare were the gems she wore. Air: The summer is coming

Sail on, sail on. Air: The humming of the Ban

Shall the harp then be silent. Air: Macfarlane's lamentation

She is far from the land. Air: Open the door softly

She sung of love. Air: The Munster man

Silence is in our festal halls. Air: The green woods of Truigha

Sing, sing, music was given. Air: The old Langolee

Sing, sweet harp. Air: Unknown

Song of Innisfail. Air: Peggy bawn

Song of the battle eve. Air: The Cruiskeen lawn

St. Senanus and the lady. Air: The brown thorn

Sublime was the warning. Air: The black joke

Sweet Innisfallen. Air: The captivating youth

Take back the virgin page

The dream of those days. Air: I love you above all the rest

The fortune teller. Air: Open the door softly

The harp that once thro' Tara's halls. Air: Molly my treasure

The Irish peasant to his mistress. Air: I once had a true love

The legacy. Air: The Bard's legacy

The meeting of the waters. Air: The old Head of Dennis

The minstrel boy. Air: The Moreen

The mountain sprite. Air: The mountain sprite

The night dance. Air: The nightcap

The Origin of the harp. Air: Gage Fane

The Prince's day. Air: St. Patrick's day

The song of Fionnuala. Air: Arrah, my dear Eveleen

The song of O'Ruark. Air: The pretty girl milking her cow

The time I've lost in wooing. Air: Pease upon a trencher

The wandering bard. Air: Planxty O'Reilly

The wine-cup is circling. Air: Michael Hoy

The young May moon. Air: The Dandy O!

Thee, thee, only thee. Air: The market-stake

There are sounds of mirth. Air: The priest in his boots

They know not my heart. Air: Coulin dhas

They may rail at this life. Air: Noch bonin shin doe

This life is all chequer'd. Air: The bunch of green rushes that grew at the brim

Though humble the banquet. Air: Farewell, Eamon

Though the last glimpse of Erin. Air: The Coulin

'Tis gone, and for ever. Air: "Savourneen deelish"

'Tis sweet to think. Air: Thady, you gander

'Tis the last rose of Summer. Air: The Groves of Blarney

To ladies' eyes. Air: Faugh-a-ballagh

'Twas one of those dreams. Air: The song of the woods

We may roam thro' this world. Air: Garryowen

Weep on, weep on. Air: The song of sorrow

What the bee is to the floweret. Air: The yellow garron

When cold in the earth. Air: Limerick's lamentation

Whene'er I see those smiling eyes. Air: Father Quinn

When first I met thee. Air: O Patrick fly from me

When he who adores thee. Air: The Fox's sleep

While gazing on the moon's light. Air: Oonagh

While history's muse. Air: Paddy whack

Wreathe the bowl. Air: Norah Kista

Yes, sad one of Sion. Air: I would rather than Ireland

You remember Ellen. Air: Were I a clerk