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From An Illustrated History of Ireland by Margaret Anne Cusack

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Kadlubeck, historian of Poland, 48.
Keating, the historian, 531.
Keating on Erinn, 43n.
Keating, quotations from, on the division of Ireland, 60.
Keating on descent from the Scythians, 68.
Keating on the battle of Bealagh Mughna, 193.
Keating, books referred to by, 45.
Keating on colour, as a distinction of rank, 89n.
Keating on battle of Dundalk, 203.
Keating, burial-place, 532.
Keating, inscription in honour of, 533.
Kennedy, Prince of Munster, 202.
Kildare, Earl of, and Henry VII., 384.
Kildare, Earl of, accused of treason, 384.
Kildare, Earl of, last Catholic Earl of, 387.
Kildare, Earl of, letter of, 388.
Kildare, Monastery of, 132.
Kilian, St., 177.
Kincora, Brian's "Happy Family" at, 209.
Kincora—destruction of, 226.
Knights of the Royal Branch, 128.
Kunrann the poet, 187.


Lacy, De, made Viceroy of Ireland, 289.
Lacy, De—endeavours to become King of Ireland, 291.
Lacy, De—cruel death, 293.
Lacy, De—family become extinct, 311.
Lady physicians, 66.
Laeghaire, King, holds a pagan festival, 119.
Laeghaire, King—receives St. Patrick at Tara, 120.
Laeghaire, King—his oath, 129.
Laeghaire, King—his death, 129.
Laeghaire, King—his burial, 129n.
Lammas-day, 164.
Landing of the Picts, 79.
Landing of Partholan, 58.
Landing of Ceasair, 57.
Lanfranc, Archbishop of Canterbury, 228.
Langton, Stephen, Archbishop of Canterbury, 301.
Language of ancient Erinn, 147.
Language—writing in pre-Christian Erinn, 148.
Language—Ogham writing, 150.
Laws, the Brehon code of, 144.
Laws, Brehon—its peculiarities, 145.
Laws of the Innocents, 172.
Laws of succession, 146.
Laws of ancient Erinn, 144.
Leix, St. Patrick's visit to, 124.
Leix—cruelties of the deputy of, 417.
Lewis, Sir G. C, 85n.
Lhind, quotations from, 95n.
Lia Fail, 76.
Lia Fail—or Stone of Destiny, 165.
Lia Fail—mention of, 165.
Life, social, previous to the English invasion, 237.
Limerick, siege of, by Ireton, 506.
Limerick, siege of—by William of Orange, 566.
Limerick, siege of—by Ginkell, 571.
Linen trade, 251, 540.
Literary ladies in Ireland, 374.
Literary men of the seventeenth century, 531.
Livin, St., 178.
Londres, Henry de, made Governor of Ireland, 306.
Londres, Henry de—surnamed Scorch Villain, 306.
Louvain collection, 46.
Louvain—friars, 52.
Loyola, St. Ignatius, 120n.
Lucas, his life, 607.

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