Dublin City Directory, 1850 - T

AuthorSamuel Lewis
SourceNew City Pictorial Directory
SectionAlphabetical City Directory

TAAFFE, Anthony, 131 Old Church street
    Henry, 5 Great George's street, South
    Mary, 13 Capel street and Blackrock
    Patrick Augustus, 5 Great George's street S.
    Robert, 33 Upper Sackville street
    Peter and James B. 15 Mark street
    Francis, 181 King street, North
Tabuteau, Bartholomew Moliere, 124 Abbey street Upper, and 11 Fitzwilliam, place
Tackberry, W., 43 Wellington street
Tacre, Edward, 4 East James' street
Tagart, John, Blenheim lodge, Monkstown, and 36 Townsend street
Tagert, William, 20 French street
Taggart, Bridget, 62 Pill lane
    J. 54 Camden street, Lower
    William, 4 Fitzgibbon street
Talbot, John, 3 Granby place
    Noble, 9 Grand Canal street
    James S. 11 Jervis street
    William, H. 42 Eccles street
    William, 25 Brunswick street, Great
    William, Grand Canal harbour, James' street
Tallon, John, jun. 95 Grafton street, and 23 Cabragh parade, Phibsborough
    M. 153 Capel street
    John, 21 Poolbeg street
    Patrick and Edward, Fish market
    Thomas, 19 Merchants' quay
Tancred, Edward, 73 Mary's lane
Tandys, Newman, and Co. 5 Foster place, and Waterford
    Anne, 3 Sackville garden
Tandy, Charles S., 5 Foster place
    William M., 5 Foster place
Tapscott, W. and Co., 7 Eden quay
Tarpy, Hugh, 16 Nassau street
Tate, Alexander 3 Gardiner's row, and Richmond house, Drumcondra
    John, 17 Wellington quay
Tatlow, Mrs., 45 York street
    William, 83 Harcourt street, and Lismore lodge, Crossdoney
Taylor, Alfred, 185 Brunswick street, Great
    Arthur Creagh, 41 Kildare street
    Cooke, Esq., 20 Herbert street
    and Scotts, Northumberland buildings, Eden quay, and North wall
    and Sons, 18 Ormond quay, Lower
    George, 41 Kildare street
    James, 3 Villa park, Phibsborough, and Usher's quay
    James, Phibsborough road
    John, 66 Grafton street--residence, Woodberry, Merrion
    Edward, 5 King's Inns' street
    Frances, 56 Grafton street
    George, 3 Coppinger's row
Taylor, Henry, 14 Luke street
    John, 3 Great Brunswick street
    John, 39 Moss street
    John, 25 Pembroke road
    John, 34 Temple bar
    Miss, 75 Harcourt street
    Mrs., 15 Ely place
    Mrs., 15 Dominick street, Upper
    Theophilus, 106 Bride street
    Thomas, 56 Prussia street
    Thomas, 73 Queen street
    William, 13 Hardwicke place
    William, Esq., King's bridge--residence, 17 Pembroke street
    William, 119 Francis street
    William, 5 Anna villa, Phibsborough
    William Hugh, 25 Lower Dorset street
    Mrs., 3 Salem place
    Misses, 26 Little Denmark street
    Mrs., 8 Mount street crescent
    Mrs., 6 Webster place
    Theophilus, 19 Charlemont place
Teat, Thomas, 8 Mountbrown
Teeling, Mrs., 6 Oriel street, Lower
Tell, John, 43 Mabbott street
Telford, William, 145 Abbey street, Upper
    William and Son, 110 Bride street
    William and Henry, 109 Stephen's green, W.
Templeton, M., 5 Henry street
Tench, Gerald, Esq., 80 Harcourt court
Tenant, James, 35 Holles street
Ternan, James, 60 Townsend street
    Nicholas, 23 Capel street
    Patrick and Sons, 12 King's Inns' quay
    John, 10 Queen street
Teeven, Michael, 20 Francis street
Thacker, Manley, 80 Dame street
    Richard, Esq., 18 Charlemont mall
Tharel, Peter, 14 Grafton street
The Alliance Gas and Dublin Consumers' Company, 50 Dame street
Thomas and Higginbotham, 11 and 12 Wellington quay
    George, 23 Upper Camden street
    John, 12 Peter's row
    John, 106 Marlborough street
    Patrick, Carlisle court
    Henrietta, 3 Leeson street
    John, 15 New row, Thomas street
    Robert, 34 Merchant's quay, & 15 Redmond's hill
    Robert, 76 Dominick street, Upper
    William, Esq., 12 Wellington quay
    William, 21 George's quay
    William, 14 Albert court, East
Thompson, Arthur G. 67 William street
    Bowen, 32 Camden street, Lower
    D'Olier, and Co., 23 Eustace street--stores, 6 Temple lane, and 9 and 10 Eustace street
    Edward, 19 Trinity place
    George, William, 9 Hume street, and Clonskeagh castle
    Henry, Esq., 13 Fitzwilliam place,and Greenmount, Dundrum
    Andrew, 2 Temple bar
    Alexander, 24 St. Andrew street
    George, 72 Montgomery street
    George, 31 Thomas court
    John, 17 Mercer street
Thompson, James, 9 Nassan street
    James, 6 Hawkins' street
    John, 94 Upper Dorset street, and Victoria park, Donnycarney
    John, Esq., 8 Clanbrassil terrace
    Miss, 7 Grantham street
    Misses, 47 Marlborough street
    Mrs. Margaret, 4 Hamilton row
    Mrs., 36 Lennox street, Portobello
    Rebecca, 1 Mary street
    Robert, Esq., 73 Eccles street
    Robert A., 9 Anne street and 53 Rutland square, west
    Samuel and Co., 7 Henry street
    Thomas, Esq., 74 Harcourt street
    Thomas, H. Esq , 95 Leeson street
    William, Esq., 3 Heytesbury terrace, Wellington road, Upper Leeson street
    William, Greenmount, Miltown--office, 10 Ely place
    William, 48 Dame street
    Joseph, 94 Marlboro' street
    John, 20 Herbert street
    Miss, 4 Duke street
    Mrs., 28 Upper Dorset street
    Mr., 14 Mecklenburgh street Lower
    Michael, 52 Kevin street, Lower
    and Hughes, 31 King street, South
    Walter, 19 Whitefriar street
    William, 6 Stanley terrace
Thorndale, Thomas, 62 Wellington street
Thornton, James, 8 Trinity street
    Mrs. 8 Frederick lane, South
    and Tonson, 11 Liffey street, Lower
    Mrs. 10 Gardiner's place
    Patrick, 66 Wellington street
Thoroughgood, Richard, 87 Prussia street
Thorp, Charles, Esq. 23 Nelson street
    Charles, 26 William street
    Charles, 26 William street and Bagnalstown
    Daniel, 38 Kildare street
    Edward Druitt, Esq. 23 Nelson street
    George Druitt, 23 Nelson street
    Henly, 17 Kildare street
    Joseph Druitt, Esq. 23 Nelson street
    John, 2 Tighe street
Thunder, Andrew, 14 New Church street
    John, 43 Rutland square, West
Thwaites, A. R. and Co. 57 Sackville street, Upper, and St. Alban's place, London
    and Co. 42 Fleet street
Thuthill, Mrs. 50 Lower Leeson street
Tibeaudo, Oliver Anselm, 13 York street
Tickell, Miss, 5 Peter street
    Edward, 10 Clare street
    Thomas, 193 and 194 King street, North
Tiernan, James, 117 James's street
    Thomas, 7 Camden street, Lower
Tierney, Michael, 61 Moore street
    Captain, 6 Coburgh place
    Anne, Townsend street
    Brothers, 3 Christ Church place
    Sir Edward, 44 Lower Mount street, & Churchtown house, and Park Castle, county Cork
    John, 6 Montgomery street
    Elizabeth, 82 Dorset street, Upper
    Francis, 1 Grenville street
    John, 6 Upper Buckingham street
Tighe, Hugh, 52 Pill lane
Tighe, Edward, 46 Leeson street, Lower
    Miss, 72 Prussia street
    John, 6 Hay market
    Mr. 2 Catherine Villa
    Mrs. 48 Montgomery street
    Robert, 14 Fitzwilliam square, North
    Thomas, Esq. 20 Middle Gardiner street
    Thomas, 22 Wentworth place
    Very Rev. H. U.. Dean of the Chapel Royal, Upper Castle Yard
    Wm. 198 Great Britain street
    Robert, 193 Great Britain street
Tilly, Hamilton, and Ormsby, 11 Henrietta street
    Robert, 15 Upper Merrion street
Timmins, George, 43 Mecklenburgh street, Upper
    Wm. 64 Great Strand street
Tims, John, 109 Thomas street, and Inchicore hill, Chapelizod
Tinkler, Francis Green, 9 Gloucester street, North, Upper, and 3 Tivoli Terrace, Kingstown
Tinnelly, John, 129 Coombe
Tipper, Catherine, 2 King street, North
    Sarah, 68, Old Church street
    Anne, 25 Grafton street
Tisdall, Mr. 37 Summer hill
Tobin, John, 1 Church lane
    Mathew, 68 Rogerson's quay
    Mary, 5 George's street, South
    Mary, 31 Merchant's quay
    Thomas, 27 Liffey street, Upper
    Wm. 34 Exchange street, Lower
    Patrick, 15 Temple bar
Tobyn, Myles, 61 and 113 Capel street
    M. 3 Anglesea road
Todd, Burns, and Co. 47 Mary street, and 24 Jervis street
    David, 12 Britain street, Little
    E. Ross, 7 Henrietta street
    Mrs. 37 Heytesbury street
    Thomas, 51 Arbour hill
Todhunter, Thomas Harvey, 19 Sir John Rogerson's quay
Tolekin, James, Esq. 2 Upper Leeson street
Toler, Henry, Esq., 19 Heytesbury terrace, Wellington road
Tomkins, Joseph, 5 New street
Tomblin, James, 21 Pembroke road
Tomlinson, John K. 17 Luke street
Tommey, John, 27 Capel street
Tomb, Daniel, 65 Rogerson's quay
Tomney, Henry, 49 Lower Charlemont street
Tommins, Patrick, 61 Lower Mecklenburgh street
Toole, Thomas, 135 Townsend street
    Dominick, 6 Thomas court
    Elizabeth, 21 Lower Liffey street
    John, 23 Great Britain street
    Edward, 170 King street, North
    Edward, 29 Charles street, West
    Francis, 4 Haddington road
    Patrick, 21 King street, North
    Thomas, 112 Francis street
    Terence, 2 King street, South
    William, 12 Charles street, West
    John, 4 Moore lane,
    James, 4 Cork street
    Peter, 21 Temple bar
    Michael, 31 Cork street
    Widow, 50 Meath street
    and Mackey, 41 Westmorland street
Toole, Charles, 41 Westmorland street
    Christopher, 10 Spitalfields
    Darby, 134 Abbey street, Upper
    Henry, 19 Denzille street
    James Edward, 2 Mountjoy street, Middle
Toomey, James, 110 Lower Dorset street
Toombe, George, 52 Stephen's green, East
Topham, Edward, 33 Grafton street
Torkington, Arthur, 2 Pleasants' street
    Charles, 1 George's street, East
Tormey, Patrick, 23 Stoneybatter
    Patrick, 56 North King street
Torpey, Patrick, 22 Liffey street, Lower
Torrance, George, 4 Essex quay
Torrens, Thomas F., 8 Grenville street
    Hon. Robert, 8 Grenville street
Tottenham, Henry, 18 Merrion street, Upper
    Henry L., 109 Lower Gardiner street
    Mrs., 2 Fitzwilliam square, South
    Wm. D., Esq., Ashfield, Rathfarnham
Townsend, John Fitzhenry, 26 Hatch street
    John Sealy, Esq., Kilvare, Templeogue
    John Sealy, jun., 11 Hardwicke street
    Joseph Henry, 8 Westmorland street, and 1 Fannymount, Dalkey
Tower, Mrs., 86 Upper Leeson street
    Bernard, 65 Old Church street
Tracey, Edward, 6 Chatham row
    John, 6 Malpas street
    Michael, 41 Amiens street
    Michael, 167 North King street
    Thomas H., 56 Gardiner street, Lower
Tracy Brothers, 32 Sackville street, Lower
    John, 5 Harcourt street
    Miss, 12 Royal Canal terrace, Phibsboro'
    Thomas, 117 Townsend street
    William, 34 Eccles street
    Francis, 29 Clarence place
    J. E., 1 D'Olier street
    Mrs. 8 Catherine villa
    Mrs. 11 Portland row
    Wm., 181 Townsend street
Trafalgar hotel and tavern, 5 Burgh quay
Travers, James, 55 Mary's lane
    James F., 23 Mary's lane
    John, 41 Bride street
    Mr. Joseph, 3 James' street, east
Trant, John, 32 Monck place
Traynor, Philip, 2 Castle market
    E. & Co., 161 New street
    Joseph, 90 George's street, South, and 2 Garville avenue, Rathgar
    Edward, 56 Thomas street
Trench, Mary, 41 James' street
    Mrs., 11 Rutland square, East
    Rev. William Le Poer, 1 Mountjoy square, North
Trenor, Hugh, 14 D'Olier street
    Philip, 2 Castle market and 13 William st.
    Dr. 10 Upper Mount street
Tresham, Misses, 17 Fitzwilliam square, North
Trevor, Mrs. Grace, 94 Leeson street, Lower
Tronson, William, 77 Francis street
    James, 18 High street
Trotter, Hamilton, 67 Mountjoy street, Lower
    Peter, 98 Upper Abbey street
Trouton, Edward, 85 Upper Abbey street
    Chas. 10 Lower Gardiner street
Troy, Michael, 4 Charlemont avenue
Troy, John, 30 Poolbeg street
    Catherine, 16 Chatham street
    John, 62 Henry street
Trumbull, Robert, 5 Love lane, South
Tucker, Andrew, 14 Gardiner street Lower
    Thomas, 35 Cork street
    Joseph, 58 Strand street Great
Tubbs, John, 53 Dominick street Lower
Tudor, T. & S , 2 Ormond quay Lower
    Richard, 23 Temple street Upper
Tuffnell, Thomas J., 58 Mount street Lower
Tuite, Francis, 84 James's street, James's gate, and Larkfield and Kilmainham mills
    Mr., 12 Spring garden parade
    Michael, 34 George's quay
    Francis, 163 Thomas street
    P., 10 Halston street
    Philip, 67 Mary's lane
    Nicholas, 63 Amiens street
Tuke, Margaret, 9 Holles street
    Gibbons R., 3 Jervis street
Tully & Butler, 145 Bride street Upper
    John, 38 Wexford street
    Lieut. K., 12 Seville place
    Patrick, 145 Dorset street Upper
Tulty, Peter, 20 Ellis's quay
Tunney & Co., 26 Oriel street Upper
    James, 32 Stephen street
    John and James, 36 Patrick street
Tuohill, Richard, 4 Clare street
Turbett, Messrs. Robert and James, 3 Bachelor's walk, and 2 Lotts
Turkington, John, 56 Henry street
Turley, John, 171 Church street Old
Turner, Johnston, 2 Smithfield
    Wm., 125 Cork street
    Wm., 4 Pembroke road
    Colonel George, Royal Artillery, 14 Rutland square East
    George, 11 Gloucester street Lower
    Thomas, 184 King street North
Turnly, John, 3 Henrietta street
Turpin, Mary, 1 Caroline row
    Anne, 56 Mary street
Tuthill, Edward C., 64 Leeson street Lower
    Wm., 38 Fitzwilliam place
    Wm., 61 Dawson street
    John, 93 Mecklenburgh street Lower
Tweedy, John J., 56 Rutland square West
Twibit, George G., 72 Eccles street
Twigg and Hutton, 6 Dominick street Lower
Twiss, Mrs., 1 Richmond street North
Tynan, Daniel, 1 Neill's court
Tydd, Francis, 129 Dorset street Upper
Tyler, Alexander, 118 Stephen's green West
Tyndall and Co., 21 Jervis street
    Alexander, Esq., 21 Jervis street
    Robert E., 22 Merchant's quay--residence, Russell's buildings, 10 Heytesbury street
    Thomas, 19 Duke street
    Wm., 38 George's street South, Great
    Thomas, 7 Sir John Rogerson's quay
Tyrrell, Anne, 50 James's street
    J. M , 1 Portland street North
    J. P., 20 Merchant's quay
    John, 128 Townsend street
    Henry, 95 King street North
    James, Grand canal harbour
    James, 27 and 30 Hammond lane
    Farrell, Laurence, 66 Mary's lane
    George, 18 George's quay
    Gerard, 52 Sackville street Lower--residence, 3 Temple terrace, Dalkey
    James, 16 Church street, 26 Hammond lane, and Cardiff's bridge iron works--residence, Rose mount, Circular road North
    James, 1 Kildare street