Dublin City Directory, 1850 - N

AuthorSamuel Lewis
SourceNew City Pictorial Directory
SectionAlphabetical City Directory

NAGHTEN, Joseph L. 41 Richmond street, South
Nagle, Patrick, 25 Earl street, North
   Thomas, 19 Charlemont mall
Naggs, James, 29 Summer street, North
Nalty, John, M.D., 6 Clare street
Nangle, Edward, 18 Thomas street
   James, 4 Cranmer place
   Rev. Edward, 14 Holles street
   James, 22 Tighe street
   Thomas, 5 Queen street
Nannetti, Giacomo, 6 Great Brunswick street
Napier, Joseph, Q.C., M.P., 17 Mountjoy sq., Sth.
   Richard, 1 Rehoboth place
Nash, Llewellyn, 1 Northumberland road
   Mathew, 127 James's street
   Redmond C. 24 Ormond quay, Lower
   Robert, Rosemary lane
   Mrs. 16 Warrington place
Nathan, George, 5 Buckingham place
National Bank of Ireland, 34 College green
   Art Union, for Ireland, 115 Grafton street
Navigation Stores, Grand Canal Harbour
Neal, Edmund, 7 Newcomen terrace
   C. 5 Moore street
Neale and Pattison, 14 Grand Canal place
   Miss, 11 Wellington street
Neary, Denis, 17 Pill lane
Neaton, Jane, 17 Whitefriar street
Needham, John Leigh, 70 Stephen street
   Mrs. 91 Lower Mount street
   Thomas, 14 Francis street
Neilan, William, 7 York street
Neil, Mrs. 8 Coburgh place
   Peter, 1 Charlemont avenue
   Thomas, do
   Owen, 9 Tighe street
Neill, Andrew, 65 Mary street
   C. and Sons, 11 Usher's quay
   Samuel, 9 do
   Patrick, 9 Fitzwilliam lane
   Denis, 22 Francis street
   Patrick, 16 George's quay
Neilson, William, 104 Middle Abbey street, and 1 Cowley place
Neligan, John Moore, M.D., M.R.I.A., 16 Leeson street, Lower
Nelson, Horatio, 95 Grafton street
   Mrs. 4 Webster place, Haddington road
   William, 42 Lower Ormond quay
   Wellington, 28 Gloucester street, Upper
   Bridget, 8 James's street
   John, 64 Mecklenburgh street, Lower
   S. 41 Mary street
Neerey, James, 58 Beresford street
Nerwich, M. 12 Crow street
Nesbitt, George, 1 Seville place
Nethercott, Richard, 79 Marlborough street
Netterville, Viscount, 9 Pembroke place, Upper Baggot street
Neville, Arthur, and Son, 40 York street, and Frescati, Blackrock
   Arthur R., L.R.S.C.I. and E. 22 Brunswick street, Great
   Miss, 7 Percy place
   Miss Maryanne, 33 Rutland street Upper
   Parke, 40 York street
   Samuel, 30 Stafford street
   Samuel, 9 Denmark street
   William, 19 Mary's abbey
Nevin, Charles, 20 Moss street
   Edward, 6 Lower Camden street
   James, 3 Harrington street
Nevins, Rev. James, 44 Wellington street
Newcombe, Misses, 15 Richmond place, North
   Mrs. R. J. Tracton house, 39 Stephen's green, East, and Eden villa, Glasthule, Kingstown
   R. J. 39 Stephen's green, East, and Eden villa, Glasthule, Kingstown
   William, jun. 11 Mespil parade, and 64 Middle Abbey street
Newenham, G. 12 Lower Mount street
Newman, Clements John, 98 New street
   James, 38 Great Britain street
   Jane, 21 South Great George's street
   Joseph, do
   James, 36 Smithfield, and Cardiff's bridge
   John, 5 Park street, East
   Samuel, 5 Anglesea street
   William George, 5 Foster place, and 1 Haigh terrace, Kingstown
Newton, Andrew, 67 Upper Abbey street
   Hibbert, 39 York street
   Willoughby, 9 Harcourt terrace
Ney, Margaret, 87 Thomas street
Niblett, A. W. and Co. 9 Lower Sackville street
Nicholl, A. 2 Sir John Rogerson's quay
Nicholls, James, 11 Gregg's lane
   Thomas, 4 George's quay
   John, 49 Dawson street, and Boromme lodge, Dollymount, Clontarf
Nicholas, Thomas James, 31 Manor street
Nicholson, Charles B. 4 Nassau street
   John, 5 and 6 Cook street, and 31 Winetavern street
   Samuel, Leinster Chambers, 43 Dame street
   Thomas, 22 Fishamble street
   Thomas, and Son, 57 Grafton street
   J. 11 Trinity place
    - 27 Fleet street
   Mrs. 30 Lennox street
   Mrs 2 Sackville garden
Nickson, Michael, 27 Stephen street, and Donnybrook
Nisbett, George, 124 Lower North Gloucester st.
   Mrs. 124 Lower North Gloucester street
Nixon, Edward, 16 Lotts
   Frederick T. 19 Lower Dominick street
   James A. 1 Salem place
   James, 9 Northcourt cottages, North lots
   John, 70 Great Britain street
   Robert Law, M.D. 1 Gardiner street, Lower
   Charles, 209 Great Britain street
   James, 210 Great Britain street
   John 142 Abbey street, Upper
   John, 142 King street, North
   Mary, 53 Mabbot street
Nolan, Daniel, 9 Mountjoy street, Lower
   Edmond John, 3 King's Inns' quay
   James, 125 Abbey street, Upper
   John, 13 Dawson street
   John, 14 Mary street
   John J. 80 Townsend street, and 93 Grafton street
   Mathew, 2 Palmerstown place
   Michael, 145 and 146 James' street
   Michael, 2 Adam court
   Moses, 123 Dorset street, Upper, and 7 Drumcondra hill
   Mrs. 16 Pembroke place, Upper Baggot street
   Mrs. 7 Hamilton row
   Mrs., 93 Grafton street
   Patrick, 3 King's Inns' quay
   Patrick, 29 Sackville street, Lower, and 63 Kevin street, Lower, and Shamrock hill, Donnybrook
   Patrick, 101 Lower Mecklenburgh street, and 1 Gloucester place
   Simon, 7 York street
   James, 1 Adam court
   Laurence, 21 Great Strand street
   M. 16 Townsend street
   Maryanne, 20 Bride street
   Mrs. Anne, Annesley place
   Stephen, 19 Great Ship street
   Thomas, 45 Coombe
   William, 90 Talbot street
Noonan Norah, 51 Charlemont street
   William, do.
Noone, James R. 34 City quay
Nordle, John, 11 Montague street
Norman, Francis, 63 Dominick street, Lower
   Mrs. Luke, 29 Frederick street, North
   Thomas, 18 Christ Church place
Norrie, Mrs. 81 Harcourt street
Norris, James, 1 York street
   Patrick, 10 Phibsborough road
North, Edward, 28 Eden quay
   David, 4 Russell place
   Isaac, 36 Amiens street
   William, 35 Pill lane, and 11 Blackhall street
Northwood, Peter, 33 Jervis street
Norton, Mrs. 8 Dominick street, Lower
   Denis, 19 Portland street,
   John, 52 Golden lane
   John, 49 Golden lane
   John, 7 do.
   Patrick, 17 Exchange street
   John, 91 Thomas street
Norwood, Michael, 23 Little Denmark street
   Robert, 11 Nelson street
   Benjamin, do.
   John, do.
Noultan, Margaret, 16 Charlemont street, Lower
Nowlan, James, 36 New row, West
   Anthony, 74 Great Britain street
   Francis, 19 Kevin street, Upper
   John, 10 Exchange street, Lower
   James, 65 Bride street
   James, 45 Stephen street
   John, 20 Kevin street, Upper
   John, 3 Meredyth place
   Edward, 13 New Bride street
   Michael, 43 Townsend street
   Stephen, 8 Montgomery street
   John, 66 New street
   William, 12 Francis street
   Martin, 1 Patrick's Close, North
   Eliza, 51 Denzil street
   Edward, 28 Mary's abbey
   John, 9 and 10 Rogerson's quay
   Samuel, 10 Mary's abbey
Nugent, D. and W. 9 Denmark street, Lower
   Edward, 36 Lower Gardiner street
   James, 30 Parkgate street
   John Francis, 35 Cook street
   Rev. Edmund, 158 Gloucester street, Nth. Lr.
   E. R. Broadstone
   Felix, 141 Stephen's green
   Felix, 1 King street, South
   F. 32 Mary street
   John, 29 Castle market
   William, 10 Wellington quay
   Walter, 19 George's hill
Nulty, Owen, 27 King street, North
Nun, Misses, 26 Holles street
   Richard, Q.C., 26 Fitzwilliam street, Upper