Dublin City Directory, 1850 - C

AuthorSamuel Lewis
SourceNew City Pictorial Directory
SectionAlphabetical City Directory

CABINA, Monsieur Louis, 9 Amiens street
    Stephen, 9 Nassau street 
Cade, Thomas B., 55 Lower Mount street 
Caffrey, John, 26 Ellis's quay
    Henry, 41 Clarendon street
    John and Son, brewers, 1 John street, South
    Nicholas, James, and John, 3 Usher's quay, and 16 Bridge street
    Alicia, 48 Bride street
    Nicholas James, Esq., 86 Stephen's green South, and 3 Usher's quay
    Mathew, 1 Lower Kevin street
    Mrs. 14 Leinster street
    Philip, 12 Clarence street, North
    William, 120 King street, North 
Cahill, Patrick, 52, 53, 54, and 55 Bride street
    Andrew, 81 Great Britain street
    Denis, 7 Anglesea street
    Patrick, 17 Wellington quay
    Peter, Byrne's hill, and 1 and 3 Grand Canal place
    Andrew, 30 Earl street, North
    Hugh, 168 Capel street
    Patrick, 38 Charlemont street
    Wm. 47 Lower Mount street 
Cairn, Mrs. 14 Corn market
    Patrick, 42 New street 
Cairnes, William, 17 Abbey street, Lower 
Calcraft, John William, Esq., 26 Herbert place 
Caldbeck, Mrs, 25 Harcourt street 
    William Francis, 25 Harcourt street 
Calderwood, James, 22 Duke street
    Thomas and Son, 14 North Earl street
    Thomas, 16 D'Olier street 
Caldwell, James, 31 Frederick street, South
    Mathew, 31 Frederick street, South
    Robert, 204 Brunswick street, Great 
Callaghan, Geo., Portobello
    Denis, 5 King street, South
    Edward, 73 Montgomery street
    John, 27 Grafton street
    John, 12 Meath street
    Mrs. 8 Portland street, North
    Thadeus. 36 Great George's street, North
    John Gardiner, 15 South Browne street
    James W., 77 Capel street
    James, 77 Capel street
    Mary, 15 Charles street
    Peter, 12 Essex street, West 
Callan, Margaret, 38 King street, North
    Owen, 15 James's street, East
    William, 41 Wicklow street 
Callanan, Thomas, 4 Foster terrace 
Callow, Robert, 18 Kevin street, Upper 
Callwell, Nathaniel, Esq., 41 Fitzwilliam places South 
    Robert, 25 Herbert place, office, 10 Bachelor's walk 
Callwells and Horner, 10 Bachelor's walk and Lotts
Calendar, Michael, 50 Golden lane 
Calvert, William, 111 James's street—residence, Seafield lodge, Seafield place, Monkstown
Camon, Anne, 86 Richmond street, Great 
Cameron, John, 11 Pembroke place
    Robert and Co., 11 Dame street 
Campbell, Adam, Esq., 1 Webster place
    Alexander, 4 Gloucester place
    and Howe, 51 Dame street
    and Keating, 18 Merchant's quay
    Arthur John, 15 Fitzwilliam square, West
    George J., 51 Dame street and 11 Haddington terrace, Kingstown
    George, 87 Camden street, Lower
    Geo., 2 Richmond parade, Summer hill
    James, 54 Upper Sackville street
    John and George, 58 Upper Sackville street
    Mrs, 12 Portland street, North
    William, M.D., surgeon, 15 Fitzwilliam square, West
    Anne, 36 Rogerson's quay
    Rev. Andrew, 6 Cranmer place
    Bessy, 12 Cash row
    Hannah, 1 Anne street, South
    James, 7 Upper Liffey street
    John, 143 Upper Dorset street.
    Michael, 68 Pill Lane
    Nicholas, 62 Patrick street
    Hobart, 41, Great Britain street
    Mrs. Sarah, 100 James's street
    Patrick, 11 Tighe street
    Sophia, 4 Gloucester place 
    Wm. 22 Golden lane
Canley, Richard and Co., 72 Great George's street 
Campion, Michael, 76 Phipsboro' road 
    Henry, 34 Seville place
Canavan, James, 16 Cash row
    Mr, 3 Lower Leeson street
Candler, Richard and Son, 29 Dominick street, Lower
    Richard, 27 Corn market
    Samuel, 27 Thomas street
    Thomas, 18 New row, Thomas street 
Cane, Arthur B., Esq., 61 Dawson street 
    Mathew, 28 Stafford street, and 3 St. John's terrace, Clontarf
    Richard, Esq., 59 Dawson street and St.Wool-stan's
    Richard and Co., 61 Dawson street 
    Richard, 11 Clanbrassil terrace
    Margaret, 192 Townsend street 
Cannock, White, and Co., 14 Henry street 
Cannon, Edward, 55 Watling street and 70 Marrowbone lane
    John, 11 Leinster street 
    John, carpenter, 1 Charles row
    William, 110 Upper Leeson street
    Ross, 5 Norfolk market
Cantwell, John M., 24 Lower Dominick street 
    Misses, 6 Hardwicke place 
Capper, Wm., 6 Golden lane 
    John William, Esq., 42 Jervis street 
Carberry, John, 3 Windsor terrace, Canal bank, Portobello
    Nicholas, 10 Camden street, Lower, and 41 Heytesbury street
    J., 33 Amiens street 
Card, Mrs, 24 York street
    Richard, 3 Richmond cottages
    William, Annesley place
    Francis James, 24 York street
Card, Stephen John, 24 York street 
Cardiff, Edward, 3 Charlemont place
    John, 16 Fleet street 
Cardot, Mrs., 34 Kildare street 
Carew, Lynn, 16 Mount street, Lower
Carey, Edward, 62 Capel street
    James, 22 Hendrick street and 3 Lincoln lane
    John, Esq., 11 Usher's island
    Mrs., 5 Smith's Buildings, Ely place
    Michael, 19 Peter street
    Paul, 133 Francis street
    Patrick, 8 Marlborough street
    Pierce, 19 Merrion row, and 24 Ely place
    William, Esq., 10 Ely place and Nenagh
    William and Co., 94 Capel street
Carlahan, Martin, 10 James's street, East
Carleton, Cornelius, 25 Eden quay and 2 Proby square, Blackrock
    Edward C., 16 Kildare street and Laurel lodge, Roundtown
    George S., 18 Eustace street
    John William, 13 Gloucester street, Lower
    Miss, 87 Upper Leeson street
    Mrs, 9 Fitzwilliam square, West
    William and Son, 43 Castle street 
Carlisle, Thomas, 7 Great Brunswick street
Carlile, Walter, 7 New Bow, West 
Carmichael, Evory, 42 Fitzwilliam place, South
    George, 7 Upper Temple street
    Hugh, 18 Hume street
    Hugh, 128 Stephen's green, West, and 4 Waltham terrace, Blackrock
    James, 87 Stephen'8 green, South, and Sydney lodge, Sydney parade, Merrion
    Richard, 24 Rutland square, North
    Thomas, 7 Temple street, Upper 
Carmelite Convent, William street, North, Mrs. Watson, superioress 
Carmelite Convent, Warrensmount 
Carnes, Paul, 2 Aldborough court 
Carney, Rev. Mr., 88 Meath street 
Carolan, James, 31 Smithfield 
    Henry Gore, 189 Great Brunswick street 
    Mrs. Eleanor, 15 Grenville place 
Carolin, John, 29 Tighe street
    John, 19 George's quay
    J., 35 Amien's street
    Thomas, 19 Mary's lane
    Edward George, Esq., Castle Forbes, Sheriff street, and 73 Talbot street
    Frederick, 11 Talbot street
    John, 60 Lower Gardiner street and 16 Lower Abbey street
    Robinson, 22 D'Olier street
    Robinson and John, 14, 15, and 16 Abbey street, Lower
Carpenter, John, 9 Cash row 
    James, 46 City quay   
    James, 61 Amiens street 
    Miss Anne, 4 Ryder's row
    Samuel Bell, 111 Lower Gardiner street and Mallow
    M., 80 Amiens street
    Asylum, 35 Lower Gloucester street, North 
Carpenter, William, Esq., 2 Florinda-place, North Circular Road
    J., 37 Amiens street 
Carr, Edward, Leinster Chambers, 43 Dame street
    John, 22 Stephen street
Carr, John, 3 Haddington road
    John, 46 Old Church street
    John, 25 Gloucester place, North
    John, 13 Montgomery street
    Mrs. 96, Gardiner street, Lower
    Patrick, 24 French street
    Walter, 23 Hanover street, East
    William, 24 Denzille street
    William, 38 Denzille street 
Carrick, John, 5 Mary's abbey—residence Pear-mount, Donnycarney
    Michael, 29 Wellington quay
    Robert Given, 30 Prussia street 
Carroll and Co., 36 Wicklow street
    Anne, 44 Thomas street 
    and O'Neill, 52 Fleet street
    Christopher G., 5 Waterloo buildings, North strand
    Christopher, 51 Mary street
    Daniel William, 44 Sackville street, Lower, and 77 Abbey street, Upper—residence, 1 Eccles street
    Denis, 2 Mary street, Little
    Edward A , 11 Eccles street
    Francis, 52 Dawson street
    Frederick, 11 Eccles street.
    James, 31 Moore street
    John, 6 Church street, Old
    James, 1 Mecklenburgh street, Upper
    John, 1 Fleet market
    John, 1 Albert Court, East
    John, 40, Golden lane
    John, 2 Trinity street
    John William, 24 Heytesbury street
    Laurence, 20 Mary's lane
    John, 62 Thomas street
    F. G., 100 Townsend street
    Mathew, 53 Francis street
    William, 49 Summer hill
    ————— 26 Patrick street
    Edward M. 4 Hardwicke street
    Gerald, 14 Anglesey street
    John, 18 Earl street, North
    John Walter, 10 Leinster street
    Mary and Son, 41 Patrick street
    Miss, Smithfield
    Mrs. Elizabeth, 9 Mecklenburgh street, Upper
    Mrs., 29 Stafford street
    Patrick, 12 Swift's alley
    Patrick, 71 Upper Dominick street
    Philip, 20 Montgomery street
    Patrick, 1 Pitt street
    Nicholas, 41 Tighe street
    Richard, 48 High street
    Thomas, 29 Stafford street
    W. 178 Townsend street
    ——— 23, Temple bar
    W. 11 Eccles street
    William, 24 Cross Kevin street
    William, 17 New Row, South
    Thomas, 22 Erne street, Upper
    William Hales, 11 Harcourt street, and 15 Westland row.
    William, 2 Nassau street
    William, 95 Meath street 
Carolin, Hugh, 11 Halston street 
Carolan, John, 2 Queen Square, west 
Carson, Mrs., J Cumberland street, North, Lower
Carson, Rev. Joseph, F.T.C.D., 18 Fitzwilliam st.
    Wm. 51, Grafton street, residence, 4 Sandy-mount avenue.
    William, 3 Cork hill
    William, 27 Sir John Rogerson's quay, and Dalkey
Carruthers, Charles W. 17 Richmond street, north 
Cartan, Andrew, 53 and 54 Cuffe street, and 57, Kevin street, Lower
    Barry, and Synnott, 111 Middle Abbey street
    Robert, 9 Aldboro' court 
Carter, Geo. 10, Annesley bridge
    Henry, 18 City quay
    John, 54, Lower Mount street 
Carthy, Catherine, 11 Hawkin's street
    Mrs. A. 4 Britain street, Little
    John, 10 Andrew street
    John, 78 Francis street
    Patrick, 1 Albert place, East
    Wm. 2, Albert court, East 
Cartland, Nathaniel Joseph, 35 Stafford street
Carton, Denis, 16 Halston street 
    Thos. 5 Upper Liffey street 
Cartwright, Amelia, 8 Merrion square, West 
Cary, Mrs., 16 William's place
    Patrick, 6 Grand Canal street 
    Henry, 10 Hatch street
    Mrs. Henry, 15 Ely place
    Pierce, 24 Ely place 
Carthy, Wm. 96 James's street
Case, Arthur, 1 Cash row 
    George, 4 and 6 do 
    George, 55 Dorset street, Upper
    John, 11 Abbey street and 53 Jervis street
Casey, Patrick, 65 Pill lane
    Denis, 86 Dorset street, Upper
    James, 19 Anne street, North
    John, 136 North King street
    Misses, 38 Meath street
    Paul, 8 King street, South
    Walter, 218 Great Britain street
    Andrew, 79 Camden street, Lower
    Denis, 39 Essex street, East
    John, 16 Moore street
    Mrs. S., 132 Stephen's green, West
    Myles, 18 Queen street
    Robert, 24 Marlborough street and 7 Tivoli terrace, Kingstown hill
    W. C. and G., Marshal lane, Bridgefoot street and Liverpool 
Cash, John, 51 Poolbeg street
    George, 17 Mecklenburgh street, Upper 
Cashell, George, 29 Great Charles street
    Henry, 57 Abbey street, Middle
    Michael, 8 Meath street
    Henry, Esq. 29 Charles street, Great 
Cashill, Richard, Hunt's alley, Brabazon street, and 5 Wesley place, Clanbrassil street
Cass, James, 18 High street 
Cassan and Waring, 10, 11 and 12 Fownes's street Edward, 35 Dame street 
Casserly, Peter, 16 Stafford street and Dollymount
Cassidy, James, 29 Thomas street 
    Christopher, 15 Meath street
    J. 51 James's street
    John, 77 North King street.
    Robert, 54 South King street
    Andrew, 6 Georges place, South
    James, 1 Lower Camden street
Cassidy, John, 2 Wellesley place, Russell street
Castellote, B. 3 Adelaide place
Castle Mews, Lower Castle yard
Castles, Blacker, Esq, 68 Charlemont street
Cathcart, James, 13 Clarence street, North
    George Lambert, 16 York street
    Nassau R. Esq. 16 York street Cathelin, Antoin, 3 Nassau street
Catholic Institution for Deaf and Dumb 10 Wellington quay 
Caulfield, Henry, 11 Patrick street
    George, 22 Winetavern street
    Michael, 8 Pill lane
    Thomas, 124 Thomas street
    James Peter, 26 North Great George's street
    Michael, 57 Meath street 
Cavanagh, Mary, 110 Phibsborough road
    John, 67 Thomas street
    Margaret, 182 King street North
    and O'Hagan, 19 Fitzwilliam street Lower, and St. John's, Blackrock
    Mrs. 4 Adelaide place
    and Bull, 2 Smithfield
    Miss Theresa, 1 Hamilton row
Cavendish, John, 19 Erne street, Upper
Central Board of Health, 64 Lower Gardiner st. 
Chadwick, Henry, 34 Montpelier hill 
Challoner, John, 138 Dorset street Upper
    Henry, Newcomen lodge, Newcomen bridge
Chamberlain, Robert Stephen, 57 Jervis street
    Wm. T. Mount street Upper 
Chamber of Commerce, Commercial Buildings 
Chambers, Captain Daniel, 5 Wilton square, Baggot street
    Edward Elliot, jun. Upper Queen's Inn Chambers, Henrietta street
    James, Esq. 3 Gardiner's row
    John, 4 Abbey street Upper, and Willbrook house, Rathfarnham 
Chambers, John, jun and Co., 1 Capel street
    John, 18 Frederick street, North
    Misses, 26 Hardwicke street 
Chamney, John, 14 George's place, North
    John Edward, 14 George's place, North
    John, 13 North Strand
    William, Queen's Inn Chambers, 9 Henrietta street
    William, 14 George's place, North. 
Chancellere, William, 4 Hamilton row 
Chapman, Edward, 35 Lower Erne street
    Joseph, 15 Essex quay 
    Lady, 34 Merrion square, North
    Misses, 19 Leeson street, Lr.
    Robert, Esq., 1 Queen's square, West 
Charitable Protestant Orphan Union; 8 Suffolk street 
Charlemont, Earl of, 22 Rutland square, North, and Marino, Clontarf
Charles, G. 8 Cope street 
    James, 61 Abbey street, Middle
    William, Sheriff street, Upper
Charitable Bequests Office, 35 Gardiner street Lower
Charitable Infirmary, 15 Jervis street 
Chartres, Archibald, Esq., 30 Charles street, Great 
    John, 31 Wellington quay
    Miss, 1 Mary's place 
Cheevers, Patrick, 12 Nicholas street 
Cherry, Robert William, 31 Summer hill
Cheetham, Samuel 8 Montague street
Chesnaye, Lieutenant John C. R.N. 3 Aldborough place, North strand
Cheyne, Alexander, 22 Hatch street 
Chisholm, Kenneth, 14 Anglesea street—residence, Sandymount
and Co., 14 Anglesea street
Chisnall, Mrs. Rachael, Yorkshire, 22 Talbot street
    —residence, 1 Montgomery street 
Chittick, James, 5 Dominick street, Upper
Christian, Isaac, 4 Northcourt cottages, North lots 
    John, 2 Victoria terrace, Canal bank, Phibsborough
    Jonathan, Q.C. 42 Leeson street, Lower, Chief Secretary's Office, Castle yard, Upper 
    Thomas Henry, Esq., 2 Nelson street 
    Thomas R., 3 Hamilton row 
    Thomas, 20 Nelson street 
Christie, James, 177 James's street
    James, 42 King street, North 
Christy, Henry, 18 Jervis street 
Churchill, Fleetwood, M.D.. 137 Stephen's green, West
City of Dublin Steam Packet Company, P. Howell secretary—office, 15 Eden quay; stores North wall
Clampett, George, 42 Erne street, Upper 
Clanchy, John Daniel, 24 Grenville street 
Clancy and Foley, 24 College green 
    F. J. and M. 17 Thomas street 
    James, 54 Stephen's green, East 
    James, 6 Crampton quay 
    John, Esq., 3 Fitzwilliam square, South
    John, 31 Gardiner street, Middle 
    Michael William, 6 Harcourt place 
    William Henry, 54 Stephen's green, East
    William, 117 Stephen's green, West—office 16 Anglesea street
Clanmorris, Lady Sarah 17 Gardiner street, Mid
Clanon, John. 3 and 5 Abbey street, Old 
Clare, Henry, Esq. 14 Warrington place.
    Lewis, 23 Gloucester street, Upper—residence 14 Warrington place
Clarges, Green, & Son, 52 Lower Dominick street 
Clark, Henry, 4 Wentworth terrace 
    Bernard, 122 King street, North 
    Daniel, 76 Dame street 
    Edward, 28 Westmoreland street 
    Hallwood, (late Holmes & Clarke) 48 Mary st and 56 Jervis street 
    James, 50 Amiens street 
    James, 1 Merrion square South 
    James, 144 Townsend street 
    John, F. 15 Chatham street 
    John, Egg market 
    John, 9 Moore street
    John, 2 Beechmount terrace, Grand Canal st 
    Jonathan, 13 Upper Pembroke street 
    Laurence, 45 Cook street 
    Joshua, 13 Herbert street 
    Mary, 26 Ushers island 
    Michael, 19 Upper Dominick street 
    Matthew, 64 Abbey street Middle 
    Michael, 165 King street North 
    Matthew, 111 King street North 
    Michael, 33 New street 
    Miss and Miss R. 10 Caroline row, Summer hill 
    Mrs. 36 Stephens green North
Clask, Mrs. 19 Ellis's quay
    Mrs. 19 Frederick street, South
    Nicholas, 58 Britain street, Great
    Nicholas, 61 Lower Kevin street
    Patrick D. 11 Anne street, South
    Patrick, 126 Thomas street
    Patrick, 108 and 109 Cork street
    Peter Roe, 2 Crampton quay
    Patrick, 185 King street, North
    Sir Arthur, M.D. 45 North Great George's st. Lower Temple street
    Thomas, 16 Charles street
    Thomas, 8 Shaw street
    George, 51 Bride street
    William, 28 Upper Buckingham street
    William, 207 Britain street, Great
    William, 21 Moore street
    William and George, 10 Caroline row
    William, 75 Francis street
    William, 7 Nicholas street
Classon and Duggan, 2 Ushers Island
    John, Eden quay, Northumberland buildings
    Thomas, 29 Strand street
    John, 180 New street
Clay, William, 21 Peter street
Cleary, Anne, 51 Lower Kevin street
    James, 11 Great Ship street
    James, 7 Wexford street
    John, 66 Amiens street
    John, 12 Mabbot street
    John, 102 Great Britain street
    Patrick, 18 Thomas Court
    Abraham, 5 Sheriff street
    Thomas, 110 Thomas Court
    William, 5 Patrick street
Clements, Dixie, Esq. 11 Phibsborough
    Edward, Lower Queen's Inn
    Catherine, 7 Anglesea street
    Elizabeth, 182 Great Britain street
    Elizabeth, 50 Rogersons quay
Clemings, Miss, 98 Upper Leeson street
Clerk, William, 12 Denzille street
    Miss Jane, 10 Charlemont place
    Mrs. Heathfield, 50 Upper Leeson st
    Mrs. 10 Charlemont street
Clifford, John, 33 Capel street
    Patrick, 9 and 10 Copper Alley
    Thomas, 1 Platanus Buildings
Clinch, Mrs. Anna Maria, 8 George's place, North
    John, 5 Summer Hill
    William, 115 Summer Hill
    Christopher, 37 Wicklow street
Clinchy, Philip, 1 Townsend street
    Philip, 39 Church street
    Philip, 40 Mary's lane
Clinton, Archer and Co. 39 Fishamble street
    Mrs 4 Newcomen terrace
    Michael, 36 Montgomery street
Clones, Alfred, 27 Dame street
Close, George, 15 Kevin street, Upper
    James Stratherne, 2 Gardiner's row
    Rev Robert S., Upper Leeson street
Clouston, Wm., 13 Lower Ormond quay
Clugston, Kerr, 27 Exchequer street
Cluskey, Patrick, 95 Upper Dorset street
    Patrick, 20 Chatham street
    Patrick 20 Exchequer street
Clynch, Robert Richard, 41 Dorset street, Upper
Coall, Henry, Esq., 43 Gloucester street, Upper
Coate, Arthur, 8 Westmorland street
    Charles, 3 Hatch street
    Abraham, 5 Talbot street
    James, Esq. 3 Percy place
Cobbe, J. M., 41 Dawson street
Cochrane and Inglis, 64 William street
    Jane, 5 Dawson Circus
    Thomas, 8 City quay
Cockburn, Major William, 18 Merrion st, Upper
    Gilbert, 179 Brunswick street and 6 Vesey place, Monkstown
    Joseph, 4 Lower Oriel street
Cockson, Thomas, 6 High street
Codd and Brennan, 168 and 169 Townsend street
    James, 25 Frederick street, South
    Thomas and Nephews, 67 Britain st. Great
    Thomas and Co., 4 Linenhall street
Coddington, Mrs. H., 8 Rutland square, East
Cody, K., 39 Watling street
    John, 11 Ryder's row
    Joseph, 130 Townsend street
Coffey, Christopher, 32 Smithfield and 86 King street North
    David, 54 Lower Dominick street
    Maurice, 31 Lower Bridge street
    Hotel and livery stables, 11 Upper Dominick street
    John, 5 Lower Dorset street
    Richard, 5 Bridge street Lower
    Peter, 1 Pembroke quay
Cogan, Patrick Owen, 39 George's street, Great, North
Coghlan, Allan, 7 Albert place, East
    James, 17 Anne street, North
    Hannah, 176 King street, North
    James, 102 Marlborough street
    John, M.D. 19 Nelson street
    John, 45 Pill lane
    William, 9 Shaw street
Cohen, Lewis, 60 Dame street
    Joseph W., 14 Queen square, West
Colburn and Bennett, 41 North Great George's street
Colclough and Co., 23 Duke street, 9 Duke lane, and 3 Little Grafton street
    and Heney, 38 Smithfield
    Mrs., 4 Portland row, Summer hill
    Patrick, Esq. 91 Harcourt street
Cole, Mrs. M., 48 Mountjoy street, Lower
    Mrs. J., 29 Mabbott street
    Mrs., 45 Mount street, Upper
    Thomas N., 34 Westland row
Coleman, Wdw., 66 Dame street
    B., 5 College street
    Francis, 23 Wexford street
    Francis, 2 Camden row
    James, Schoolhouse lane
    James, 13 Robert street
    John, 20 Mercer street
    Ellen, 75 1/2 Great Britain street
    John, 9 Flag alley
    Patrick, 44 South King street
    Richard, 91 Church street, Old
    James, 9 Dominick street, Upper
    John, 23 Boot lane
    Miss Jane, Tivoli terrace, Kingstown hill
    William, 80 Capel street
Coles, John, 26 Heytesbury street
Colgan, Michael, 1 and 2 Strand street, Great
Colgan, Daniel, 32 Francis street
    James, 31 Patrick street
    Robert, 10 Frederick street, South
    Catherine, 156 Thomas street
    Edward, 15 St. Andrew street
    William, 47 Poolbeg street
Colhoun, Isaac, 13 Ormond quay, Upper
    Samuel, 13 Ormond quay, Upper
College of St. Frances Xavier, No. 6, Great Denmark street
Colles, Graves C., 21 Stephen's gn. N. and 21 Merrion street
    Henry, 14 Ely place
    John, 42 Stephen street
    William, M.D., 21 Stephen's green, North
Collier, Bernard, 16 Usher's quay
    M., 49 Henry street
    Richard Nelson, 42 Wicklow street
    Richard, 15 Nicholas street
    Thomas, Esq. 2 Anna villa, North Circular road
    W. and J. 10 Parliament street
Collins, Michael, 57 Pill lane
    Andrew, 45 Newmarket
    Catherine, 30 Cuffe street
    Barry, Esq. 15 Richmond street, North
    James R., 6 Flood's Buildings, North Strand
    James, 1 Royal Canal bank
    Mrs., 32 Charlemont street, Great
    Mary, 58 Marlborough street
    James, 4 Rutland street, Lower
    James, 95 Marlborough street
    Joseph, 32 Temple bar
    M. and A. 91 Britain street, Great
    Mrs. Grace, 10 Denzille street
    Robert, M.D., 2 Merrion square, North
    Robert, 39 Heytesbury street
    Thomas, 10 Henrietta street
    Thomas, 48 William street
    William, 22 Andrew street and Kingstown
    William, 5 Amiens street
    Hariett, 147 Great Britain street
    Richard, 66 Francis street
    Richard, 136 Abbey street, Middle
    Thomas, 88 Stoney batter
    Thomas, 32 King street, North
    William, 24 Denzille street
    William, 18 Richmond street, North
Collis, Maurice, A.M. 19 Merrion square, North
Collum, John, 16 and 17 Green street
    John, 70 Talbot street and Enniskillen; 75 Lower Gardiner street
Colthurst, William, Esq. 2 Mount street crescent
Coltsmann, John, Esq. 8 Fitzwilliam square, N.
Colville, William C and Son, 7 Bachelors' walk and 7 Lots
Colvin, John Henry, Esq. 24 1/2 Ormond quay, Lr
Comerford, James, 5 Nixon street
    Patrick, 46 Townsend street
    James, 75 North King street
    John, 15 Peter's row
Commercial Buildings, Dame street
Commissioners of National Education, 34 Great George's street, North
Commissariat Office, Castle Yard, Upper
Commins, John, 58 Henry street and Adelaide cottage, Sandymount strand
Compton, Mrs. 21 Lower North Gloucester street
Comyn, Francis, Esq., 16 Upper Fitzwilliam street
Comyn, Miss, 17 Mountjoy square, North
    William, printer, 25 Hardwicke street
Comyns Alexander, 10 College green, and 1 and 2 Anglesea street—residence, Tudor cottage Glen-na-geragh, Kingstown
    Joseph, 28 Parliament street, and 1 Cork hill
Conan and Byrne, 3 Eustace street
    Joseph 29 Eustace street
Conaty, A., 25 Denzille street
    Patrick, 4 Rehoboth place
Concanen, Mathew, 18 Upper Dominick street
    Mrs. 18 Upper Dominick street
Condran, Michael, 20 New row, West
    Mr., 3 Stoneybatter
Condy, Mrs., Charlemount terrace, 93 Ranelagh road
Conel, Charles T., 24 Coburg place
Condell, Edward, 28 Mary's Abbey
Conlan, Thomas, 10 Williams place
    William, 95 Thomas street
    Eliza, 39 James's street
    John, 31 Mecklenburgh street
    Patrick, 42 Poolbeg street
    William, 4 Mary's lane
Connell, Ellen, & Co., 26 Gloucester place North
    Henry, 12 Crampton court
    Daniel, 30 Thomas court
    James H., Esq., 4 George's place, Circular road, and 79 Abbey street, Middle
    John, 24 Eden quay
    Mrs., 25 Summer hill
    Robert, 34 Summer hill
    Thomas, 6 Bull lane
    Thomas, 1 D'Olier street
    William, 34 French street
Conliff, Richard, 6 Phibsborough road
Conneely, Mr., 2 Harcourt road
Connery, James, 15 Fleet street
    Richard, 12 and 13 Rogerson's quay—residence 99 Lower Mount street
Connick, Julia, Purveyor, 176 Great Britain street
    James, 199 King street, North
    William, 1 King's Inns quay
Connolly, Bartholomew, 53 Great Britain street
    Thomas, 28 Cook street
    Daniel, 36 Fitzwilliam place
    Christopher, 46 Cook street
    John, 28 Brunswick street, North
    Eliza, 44 Cook street
    James, 14 Ellis's quay
    James, 42 Moore street
    Misses, 7 Fitzwiliam place
    Thomas, 6 Chancery place
    Caleb, 2 Cutpurse row
    Hamilton, Esq., R.E. 15 Wentworth place
    James, 7 Crampton court
    Miss, 78 Marlborough street
    Miss, 29 Grafton street
    Miss, 38 New Church street
    Michael, 26 South King street
    Thomas, 3 Upper Abbey street
    T., 44 Poolbeg street
    John, 30 Princes street, North
    Owen, 8 Summer hill, North
    Myles, 6 Essex street, East
    John, 8 Temple bar
    J., 35 Townsend street
    Thomas, 1 Dispensary lane
     ————, 4 Denmark street, Little
Connolly, Patrick, 54 Capel street
    Thomas, 64 Upper Gardiner street
    Thomas, 78 Marlborough street
    William, 18 Bachelor's walk
Connor, Daniel, 20 Castle market
    George, 27 Brunswick street Great, and 29 Northumberland avenue, Kingstown
    John, 13 Kevin street
    John, 35 Lower North Cumberland street— residence, 20 Eccles street
    Christopher, 12 North Strand
    Maryanne, 62 Montgomery street
    Henry, 23 Cook street
    John, 53 Fishamble street
    John 55 Montgomery street
    John, 18 Chamber street
    John, 83 Francis street
    Joseph, 7 Clanbrassil place
    Eliza, 83 Patrick street
    Thomas, 64 Pill lane
    Nicholas, 41 Knight street, North
    P., 26 George's quay
    John Stewart, 25 Ship street
    Maurice, 12 and 13 Patrick street
    Mrs., 18 Synnot place
    Patrick, 9 Castle street
    Peter, 30 Wexford street
    Thomas, 39 Westland row
    Patrick, 36 Wexford street
    J., 38 Tighe street
    James, 182 Townsend street
    Thomas, 60 Mary's lane
    Michael, 38 Denmark street, Little
    William, Esq., 6 Russell place
    William, 32 Charlotte street
    William, 10 and 11Anglesea market
Conran, A. and A, Western Counties Hotel, 10 Ryder's row
    John, 7 Mary street
    Misses, 67 Camden street, Lower
Conroy, John, 30 French street
    Mrs, 124 Brunswick street, Great
Conraby, Laurence, 27 Rutland street, Upper
Conservative Registration Office, 5 College street
Constabulary office, Castle yard, Lower
Conry, Thomas, 20 Dominick street, Lower, and Dollymount
Considine, Patrick Daniel, 24 Usher's island
Constable, Joseph, 15 Ellis's quay
Conway, Bartholemew, 60 Wellington street
    dward, 12 Portland place
    James, J. 3 George's place, North
    John, 9 Charlotte street
    John, 57 Montgomery street
    Robert, 20 York street
Conyingham, Joseph, 2 Wormwood gate
Cooke and Larkin, 24 Harcourt street
    Bernard, 81 Meath street
    George, 24 Harcourt street
    George, 1 Granby place
    Mrs. Eleanor, 9 York street
    Michael, 14 Mary's lane
    Nicholas B. 23 D'Olier street
    Patrick, 28 Liffey street, Upper
    Peter, 100 Summerhill
Cooney, Edward, 115 Leeson street, Upper
    James, 14 Mary's abbey
    James, 30 Clanbrassil street
    Joseph John, 24 New row, Thomas street
Cooney, Mary, 40 Marlboro street
    Nicholas, 32 Stoneybatter
    William, 41 Wellington street
    Patrick, 15 Caroline row, Summerhill
Coonan, George, 15 Marlborough street
    Patrick, 64 Montgomery street
Cooper, Charles, 93 Summer hill
    Edward Wilson, 73 Abbey street, Middle—residence, Glenchree, Old Merrion
    Eliza, 49 Henry street
    Henry, 27 Mary street
    James, 20 North strand
    Jonathan Sisson, Esq., 9 Merrion street, Up.
    Mrs. 44 Manor street
    Mrs. 63 Summer hill
    Rev. Peter, 83 Marlborough street
    Richard, 18 Leeson street. Upper
    Robert Esq., 27 Mary street, and Hartstown, Clonee
    William, 19 Pembroke street, Upper
    William Joseph, 9 Clare street
Coote, Dawson Richard, Esq., 6 Herbert street
    Mrs. Charles street, Great
    Edward, 10 Nicholas street
    Thomas, 7 Werburgh street
Copperthwaite, Robert H. 82 Gardiner street, Lr.
Coppin, Morney, 88 Great George's street, South
Coppinger, Christopher, 6 Mount square, West
    Mrs. 26 Richmond street, South
    Stephen, 58 Amiens street
    Francis, Esq. 17 Rutland square, North
Corbet, David, 11 Ormond quay Upper
    Edward L'Estrange, 5 Fitzwilliam street, Lr.
    Dl. M.R.C.S. 33 Westmoreland street
    Henry, 106 Summer hill
    Joseph, M.D. 98 Stephen's green, South
    Miss, 10 Mecklenburgh street, Lower
    Robert, 5 College green—residence, Sandy-mount castle
    William, 20 College green
    William St. John, Esq., 7 Richmond place, Mountjoy square
Corcoran, Daniel, 11 Kevin street, Upper
    Edward, 2 Gardiner street, Lower
    D. and E. 43 Lots
    James and Son, 29 James's street
    John, 3 Wellington street
    Michael E., 2 Gardiner street, Lower
    Patrick, 88 Britain streets Great, and 34 Sackville street, Lower
    Patrick, 2 Haddington road
    Thomas, 26 Palmerston place
    William P., 17 Hawkins' street
    William, 2 Cook street
    William P., 92 Mount street, Lower
Cordner, Robert D. and Co., 15 Parliament street
Cordon, Mrs., 4 Sussex terrace
Corker, George, 68 Great George's street, South
Corley, J. A., 5 Werburgh street
    Mary, 6 Castle street
Cornish, James, 18 Grafton street
Cornwall, A., 77 Townsend street
    John, junr., Esq., 36 Rutland square, West, and Castle park, Slane, county Meath
    Thomas, 77 Townsend street
    William C., 17 South Frederick street—residence, 36 Rutland square, West
Corr, Henry, 60 Jervis street
    Luke and Henry, 8 Ormond quay, Upper
Corr, Mary, 9 Pembrokequay
Corri, Alexander, 21 Camden street, Upper
    Hayden, 51 Queen's square, East
    Valentine, 51 Queen's square, East
    Thomas, 18 Anglesea market
Corrigan, Daniel, 40 Charlemont street
    Dominick John, M.D. 4 Merrion square, West
    John, 40 Patrick street
    Patrick, 6 Synott street
Cosgraves and Connolly,—office, 2 Cecilia street
    Frederick, 15 North Great George's street
    Henry, 69 Eccles street
    James, 59 Henry street
    Patrick and Andrew, 18 and 19 King street South
    William, 15 Great George's street, North, and Emsworth, St. Dolough's
    William Alexander, 69 Eccles street
Cosgreave, John, Esq., 8 Newcomen terrace, North strand
Cosgriff, Richard, 221 Britain street, Great
Cossart, Mrs. William, 36 Harcourt street
Costello, C. 15 Hardwicke street
    James, 25 Nelson street
    James, 9 Gloucester place, Lower
    Miss, 25 Eustace street
    Patrick, 37 Moore street
    Stephen, 68 Lower Mecklenburgh street
    Thomas, 6 North wall quay
    Thomas, 7 Wellington street
Costigan, Robert, 21 Ormond quay, Lower
    John, 30 Mary's lane
Cottingham, James C., Esq., 14 Russell street
    Mrs. 9 Sherrard street, Lower
Cottle, John, 23 Usher's island
Cotton, W. and A. 20 Bridge street, Lower
Coughlin, Patrick. 19 Charles street
Coughlin, E., 43 Patrick street
Coughlin, D., 3 Synnott street
Coulter, George, 49 Brunswick street, Great
    John, 46 York street
    William, 14 Royal Canal terrace, Phibsborough
    Robert, M.D. 5 Molesworth street
Counsel, L., 19 Richmond street, North
Council chamber and office, Castle yard, Upper
Counties of Dublin and Meath Conservative registration Society, 5 College street
Courtney, Thomas, 14 Fitzwilliam square, East—office, 13 Bachelors' walk
    William, 23 North Gloucester street, Upper
Courtney, Edward, 36 Hardwicke street
    David, 14 Eccles street
    Eliza, 27 Wellington street
    Henry, Esq. 24 Fitzwilliam place
    Henry Esq. 1 Usher's island
    Henry, 98 M. Abbey street, and Tolka vale iron works, Finglas bridge
    Michael, 4 Halston street
    Mrs. 10 Great Denmark street
    Mrs. 8 Haddington terrace
    Robert, 77 Gardiner street, Lower
    William, 16 George's place, North
Cowan & Co. 16 1/2 D'Olier street
    1 Hawkins street
    James, 4 Upper Sackville street
    John, 3 Mount brown
Cowell, 17 Denmark street, Little
    George, 34 Capel street—residence, Prospect house, Miltown
Cowen, Catherine, 44 Patrick street
Cowley, James, jun. 24 Temple street, Upper
    John, 11 Christchurch place
    William, B. 50 Charles street, Great
    William, 4 & 5 Sandwich street
Cowper, Joseph, and Son, 32 and 33 Anglesea st.
    Joseph. Esq. 88 Leeson street, Lower, and 32 and 33 Anglesea street
Cox, Bridget, 22 Whitefriar street
    Bond, 12 Harcourt street
    James, 8 Talbot place
    James, 49 Church street, Old
    Henry O'Neill, 7 Upper Prince Edward terrace, Blackrock—office 16 Fleet street
    John, 38 North William street
    Nicholas James, 45 Abbey street Middle
Coyle, James, 65 Mary's lane
    Coyle and Freeman, 71 Queen street
    Thomas, 21 Tighe street
    Richard, 78 Abbey street, Middle
    Patrick, 56 Watling street
    Thomas, 31 French street
    Mrs. 74 Marlborough street
    P. 16 Lower Cuffe street
Coyne, Charles, 31 Capel street
    John, 64 Mary's lane
    Laurence, 3 Great Brunswick street
    Michael, 18 Mary's lane
    R. 168 Church street, Old
    Maurice, 149 Thomas street
    Raymond, 46 Pill lane
    Francis, 13 Fownes' street
    Laurence, 100 Great Britain street, and 1 Earl street, North
    Richard, 141 Capel street
    Thomas, 8 Eden quay
Cracour, Charles, Esq. 8 Russell street, North
Craddock, William, 12 Tighe street
Craig, Joseph, I. 26 Upper Ormond quay
    James, 47 Great George's street, South
    John, 3 Park street, East, Merrion square
    Patrick, 30 Mountpelier hill
    Robert 4 Summer street, North
    Thomas, 29 Brunswick street North, and 26 Upper Ormond quay
Cramer, Miss Catherine, 13 Sherrard street, Lower
    Oliver, Esq. 13 Sherrard street, Lower
Crampton, John, 3 Mountrath street
    George, Lower Queen's Inn Chambers, 3 Henrietta street
    Hon. Philip Cecil, 3 Kildare place
    Mrs. 44 Kildare street
    Nathaniel, Esq, 15 Holles street
    Samuel, Esq. 15 Holles street
    Sir Philip, bart. 14 Merrion square, North
    Thomas, 6 Hamilton row
Cranfield, Thomas, 20 Tonley terrace
    Thomas, 115 Grafton street
Cranny, Patrick, 74 Great George's street, South
Cranson and Hall, 18 Hardwicke street
    William, 48 Temple bar
Cranwill, Thomas, 43 King street
Crawford, Andrew, Esq. 74 Leeson street, Lower
    Arthur, J. Sharman, 9 Herbert street
    Edward, 6 Wellington quay
    George, 74 Leeson street, Lower
    George, 94 Gardiner street, Lower
    Henry and Stephen, 111 Grafton street
    James, Esq, 74 Leeson, street
Crawford, Major Ninian, 3 Portland street, North
    Mrs. 10, Mountjoy square, East
    and Russell, 46 Lower Gardiner street
Crawley, Hugh, 174 and 175 Brunswick street, Great
    John Wm. 174 Great Brunswick street
Cray, Oliver M. 10 Chancery place
Creagh, Eliza, 12 Pembroke place
    Lieut.-Col. 1 Mespil View, Wellington road
    Michael, 3 Gloucester street, N. Up.
    Pierse, 52 Charles street, Great
    Simon, 6 Holles street
Creamer, M, 5, Charlemont mall
Creagan, J C, 16 Summer hill
Crean, John Joseph, Portland place
    Miss, 29 Portland place
Creedy, John, 8 Kevin street, Upper
Creeth, John, 61 Thomas street
Cregg, Wm. 29 Little Mary street
Creighton, Hon. Mrs , 37 Rutland square, West
    Alexander, 21 Clarence Place, Great
    Bridget, Lower Temple street
    Wm., 5 Oriel Place
    James, 1 Charleville Mall
    David, 17 Trinity place, and Seapoint Terrace, Irishtown road
    Geo. W. 8 Harcourt terrace
    Rev. David Hill, 43 Summer hill
    Michael, 42 Golden lane
Creigie, Robert, 14 Montgomery street
Creswell, John, 3 Grand Canal Quay
Crenan, Bartholomew, 1 Royal Canal terrace, Phibsborough
Crichton, Archd. 26 Sackville street, Lower
Critchard, John, 54 Charlemont street
Crickett, Mrs. 1 William place
Crilly, Eliza, 41 Castle street
Crinion, 36 1/2 Charlemont street
    Mat. 27 and 58 Pill lane
Crofton, Chas. Stanhope, Esq., 27 Upper Leeson street
    Drake, 14 Temple bar
    W. 12 Pleasant street
Croggan, Rev Walter Oke, 28 Gloucester street, Lower
Croghan, James, 3 Clanbrassil place
    Rd. 129 Townsend street
Croker, and Codd, 53 Townsend street
    Charles Phillip, M. D. 7 Merrion square, west
    John, 37 Great George's street, North, and 4 Granby lane
    Wm. 7, Merrion square, west
Cromwell, Oliver, 19 Talbot street
Cronhelm, Theodore, 16 College green, and 7 Upper Gardiner street
Cronin, Patrick, 15 Mountjoy street, middle
Crooke, Mrs. 10 Summer hill
    Richard Thomas, 44 George's street, south
Crookes, Margaret, 5 Kings' Inn street
Crooks, Michael, 13 Upper Sackville street
Crookshank, Robert, 105 Lower Gardiner street
Crosbie, Agnes, 1 Crow street
    Anne and Sons, 178 James's street
    J. A. 15 Trinity street
    William, Esq., 45 Rogerson's quay
Crosby, Gustavus, 23 Portland street, North East
    John, 21, Montgomery street
    Miss Charlotte, 94 Dorset street, Lower
Crossley, Wm. 21 D'Olier street
Crosthwait, Leland and Sons, Chapelizod
Crosthwaite, Samuel, 20 Robert street
    Thomas, Esq., J.P. 9 Fitzwilliam street, East and Mulberry hill, Chapelizod
Crothers, Thomas, 1 Prince William terrace Grand Canal street
    and Hodgins 33 George's quay
Crotty, Thomas, 33 Coburgh place
Crowe, Daniel and Sons, 52 and 53 Brunswick street , Great
    Patrick T., 40 Watling street
    Mathew do.
    —— 2 Denmark street, Little
    James, 31 Mabbot street
    William, 11 Prince William terrace, Grand Canal street, and 53 Great Brunswick street
Crowley, James, 10 Lennox street
    Rev. David, 14 Anneville, North Circular road, Phibsborough
Crown Life Assurance Company, Sir John Kingston James, bart., agent, 9 Canvendish row
Crowthers, Elizabeth, 101 Townsend street
Crozier, George, 18 Frederick street, North
    John, 191 Britain street, Great
    Thomas, 15 Granby row, Upper, Rutland sq. West, and Seafield, Stillorgan road
    William, jun., 18 Frederick street, North
Cruise, George R., 54 Capel street
    Francis, 4 Sherrard street, Upper
    James, 177 King street, North
    Henry M., 21 Hardwicke street
    William, 21 Hardwicke street
Cruikshank, George, 14 King street, North
Crummer, William, 49 Lower Rutland street
Cuddy, Thomas, 4 Mark street
Cudmore, Milo, 31 Sackville street, Upper
Cuff, John, Francis street
    Laurence, 5 Smithfield, and 10 Church street, New
Cullen, James, 8 Lower Mecklenburgh street
    Miss, 8 Mountjoy place
    Edward, 2 Chatham row
    Edward, 16 Upper Dominick street
    Edward, 5 Thomas street
    John, 13 Mercer street
    John, 31 Erne street, Lower
    John A., 72 Mountjoy street, Lower
    Denis, 21 Golden lane
    Mrs., 17 Gloucester street, North, Lower
    Mrs. 6 Newcomen terrace
    Andrew, 20 Werburgh street
    John, 16 Dominick street, Upper
    John W. 20 Camden street, Lower
    Thomas, 83 Townsend street
    John and Co., 40 Poolbeg street
    John, 24 Portland place
    Patrick, 8 Nassau street
    Nicholas, 12 Camden street, Lower
    Denis, 22 Bridge street
    Luke, 25 Lower Gloucester street, North
    Richard Plain, 3 Grafton street
Culligan, Michael, 28 Queen street
Cullinan, Martin, 39 Great Britain street
Culloden, Patrick, 49 Pill lane
Cuming, William, Esq., 31 Abbey street, Lower
Cummings, Alexander, 22 Upper Leeson street
Cumming, James, Esq., 92 Amiens street, and General Post Office
Comming, John, 17 Lower Ormond quay and Leeson terrace, 64 Upper Leeson street
Cummins, Charles, 26 Clarendon street
    James, 108 James's street
    James and John, 147 James's street
    Patrick, 60 Pill lane
    Hugh, 1 Meath street
    Mrs., 4 Dorset street, Upper
    Stephen, 57 Watling street
Cunningham, Anne, 128 Francis street
    John, 69 Prussia street
    James J. 3 Merrion row
    Peter, 4 Cutpurse row, and 1 Francis street
Cunningham, Peter, 4 Cutpurse row
    Patrick, 136 Francis street
    William, 67 Church street, New
    Thomas, 16 Lower Kevin street
    Philip, 98 Coombe, Lower
Curran, Christopher, 24 Cross Kevin street
    Henry Grattan, 32 Summer hill
    Edward, 17 King street, South
    James, 84 Church street, Old
    John Adye, 22 Dominick street, Lower
    Mrs., 30 Wicklow street
    Mr., 58 Dawson street
    Peter, 7 Dean street, and 49 Patrick street
    Peter, 80 Pill lane
Curran, William Henry, 9 Fitzwilliam place, and Friarsland, Roebuck
    William, 99 Lower Coombe
Curren, Peter, 1 Patrick street
Currin, Mary, 32 Thomas street
    James, 41 and 42, Dominick street, Upper
Curry, Eliza, 151 Upper Abbey street
    Eugene, Esq. 19 Portland street, North
    William, jun. and Co. 9 Sackville st. Upper
Curly, Wm. Henry, 174 New street
Curtis, Miss, 38 Richmond place
    Patrick, 17 Charles street
    Michael, 15 Albert court, East
    Rev. John, Chapel Upper Gardiner street
    and Woodlock, 42 Dame street
    Patrick, 42 Dame street
    Patrick, Esq. J.P. 9 Fitzwilliam square, South and Coolmen, county Roscommon
    Stephen, 18 Gardiner street, Lower
    Stephen, 26 Dawson street
    William, 28 and 29 Chancery lane
    William, 3 Harcourt street
    William, 20 Liffey street, Upper
Cusack, James, 20 Mountpelier hill
    Bridget, 1 Gardiner street, Middle
    Farrell, 85 Bride street
    Finlay William, A.M. 56 Camden st. Lower
    James William, M.D. 3 Kildare street
    Thomas Alder, 56 Camden street, Lower
Cuthbert, Wm. Hamilton, M.D. 9 George's place, North
    Charles D. do.
Cuthbertson, James, M.D. 60 Upper Dorset street
    Thomas, 6 Swifts alley
    George, 17 Camden street, Lower