Mountjoy-street, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Blessington-street to Dominick-street, Upper.

P. St. Mary.—Inns-quay W.—City.

1 Sinnott, John, provis. dealer, 20l.

here Wellington-street intersects

2 Smith, Mrs. 20l.

3 White, Mrs. 22l.

5 to 8 Building ground

here Maunsell-place and Brady's-row intersect.

9 Nolan, Daniel, sol. and proctor, 36l.

10 Taylor, Mr. James, 30l.

„ Hudson, Henry Dix, barrister

11 Curtis, S. P. barrister, 30l.

12 Mills, Mrs. Wilson, 40l.

„ Black, P. A. esq.

13 Briscoe, Fetherston H. solicitor, and a commissioner for taking acknowledgments of deeds by married women, 48l.

14 to 32 Building ground

here St. Mary's-place intersects

St. Mary's Chapel of Ease—Rev. Thomas Tomlinson, a.b. chaplain,

here St. Mary's-place and Dominick-street, Upper, intersect

33 and 34 Tenements, 13l., 15l.

here Mountjoy-street, Middle, intersects

43 Small cottage

44 Hunt, Joseph, esq. 24l.

45 Smith, Mr. Edward, 20l.

„ Donelan, Anthony, solicitor

46 Black, Rev. John, curate of St. Mary's, 33l.

47 Macintosh, Charles Henry, 70l.

48 O'Farrell, John Emanuel, solicitor and clerk of the crown for the Co. of Longford, and Edgeworthstown, co. Longford, 25l.

„ Wilson, John, sol. and Longford,

„ Reynolds, Christopher, jun. solicitor, and Longford

here Roarke's-cottages intersect

53 White, T. Fell, solicitor, 35l.

54 Foster, Henry H. esq. 37l.

55 Hassard, William, land agent, 37l.

56 Cooney, Henry, esq. 30l.

57 Bashford, Edward T. clerk, 27l.

here Wellington-place intersects

64 Byrne, Francis M. esq. 20l.

65 Young, Mr. John, 20l.

66 Cunningham, Mr. John, 21l.

67 Trotter, Hamilton E. esq. 21l.

68 Sweeny, Michael, esq. 21l.

69 Darcy, Mrs. 26l.

here Wellington-street intersects

72 Domigan, Rd. job car & Brougham carriage prop. coal merchant, and curled hair manufacturer, 8l.

Mountjoy-street Male, Female, and Infant Schools

73 Lemon, Adam, cabinet maker, 18l.

74 Bergin, William, grocer, 33l.

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