Mountjoy-square, West

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Gardiner-street, Middle, to Gardiner-street, Upper.

P. St. George.—53 and 54 Mountjoy W. 55 to 69 Rotunda W.—City.

53 Hawkins, Mrs. 70l.

54 Owen, Jacob, esq. architect and civil engineer, 72l.

here Grenville-street intersects

55 Wiley, William, barrister, ll.d. Registrar Court of Prerogative, 48l.

„ Wiley, C. Ormsby, esq.

„ Wiley, John, barrister, Registrar Court of Probate, and Burdett av. Kingstown

56 Jackson, William Henry, solicitor. and Killarney house, Bray, 65l.

57 Falkner, F. R. esq. 68l.

58 Duggan, Austin W. barrister, 65l.

59 Vacant, 70l.

60 Henderson, Acheson T. barrist. 70l.

61 Kennedy, James Barron, solicitor, and land agent, 77l.

„ Kennedy, Hugh Vincent, solicitor

62 Smith, Mrs. 72l.

63 Hobart, Mrs. 58l.

64 Cornwall, W. C. solicitor—chambers, 17 South Frederick-street, & Richmond, Monkstown, 80l.

65 O'Driscoll, W. Justin, barrister, & Belcourt, Bray, 70l.

66 Vacant, 55l.

67 Lindesay, Frederic, bar. j.p. and d.l. for co. Tyrone, and Loughry, Dungannon, county Tyrone, 62l.

here Gardiner's-place intersects

68 Keogh, Philip, barrister, 42l.

69 Baker, Arthur, esq. Balheary house, Swords, and Frankfort Castle, Dundrum, 95l.

„ Clerke, Maj-Gen. St. John Aug. k.h.

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