Mountjoy-square, East

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Belvidere-place to Mountjoy-place.

P. St. George—Mountjoy. W—City.

17 Fenton, John, esq. 70l.

18 Moody, James, chairman of quarter sessions, west riding, co. Cork, 72l.

here Fitzgibbon-street intersects

19 Bulfin, Patrick, esq. and 50 and 51 Thomas street, 77l.

20 M'Gusty, G. M. esq. 77l.

„ M'Gusty, A. Delap, barrister

„ M'Gusty, G. Murray, jun. solicitor

21 O'Brien, Anthony, esq. 80l.

„ O'Brien, John, esq. j.p. and Rahan lodge, King's county

22 Meade, Francis, barrister, 80l.

23 Johnston, Robt. St. George, bar. 75l.

24 Day, Major-General E. F. late Bengal artillery, 75l.

„ Day, Robert G. esq.

25 Hayes, Hon. Edmund, Third Justice Court of Queen's Bench, 105l.

26 Andrews, Robt. q.c. ll.d. chairman of quarter sessions, co. Donegal, and a commissioner of National Education, 90l.

27 Campbell, John, esq. j.p. alderman, 110l.

28 Smyth, Mrs. 65l.

29 Creagh, Pierce, j.p. barrister, 70l.

30 Maxwell, Miss Jane, 67l.

31 Gartlan, P. M. E. esq. and Gaybrook, Malahide, 70l.

here Charles-street, Great, intersects

32 Russell, John, solicitor, 42l.

33 Joy, Henry H. q.c. 56l.

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