Mount-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Merrion-square E. to Herbert-street.

P. St. Peter—South Dock W.—City.

1 O'Connor, Mrs. 27l.

„ Latouche, Edmd. R. Digges, bar.

2 Kyle, Miss, 27l.

3 Cavanagh, Miss, 27l.

4 Meredith, Richard Martin, major, late H. M. 13th Light Infantry, 35l.

5 Finch, John, esq. 52l.

6 Montgomery, N. architect, 49l.

7 Crampton, George R. barrister, 54l.

8 Newman, Mrs. Anne, 60l.

here Stephen's-place intersects

9 Jones, T. A. esq. r.h.a. 60l.

10 Elliott, James, solicitor, 60l.

11 Hodson, Mrs. 60l.

12 Lloyd, Mrs. Edward, 72l.

13 Johnston, James, esq. 72l.

14 Wetherall, Col. Edwd. Robert, c.b. D. Q.-M. General, 72l.

15 M'Mahon, Thomas, solicitor, 72l.

16 Jervis, Mrs. 72l.

17 Sankey, Mrs. 72l.

18 Franks, Robert F. barrister, 68l.

19 Molony, Mrs. Weldon, 66l.

20 Rogers, James, barrister, q.c. 65l.

21 Chapman, Miss, 58l.

22 Reeves, Samuel S. solicitor—office, 22 Merrion-square, south, 58l.

23 Bloomfield, William, solicitor, and 25 Eustace-street, 58l.

24 Tuthill, William, solicitor, and Gortmore, co. Tipperary, 58l.

25 Trevor, Maj.-Gen Art. Hill, k.h. 58l.

26 Montgomery, Mrs. Catherine, 58l.

27 Filgate, Miss Emily, 74l.

28 Farrell, Thomas, esq. 74l.

29 Richards, John Hen. barrister, 74l.

30 Woodroofe, Henry Philip, solicitor, and Gorey, 74l.

31 Jessop, The Misses, 75l.

„ Jessop, John Harward, barrister, and Marlfield, Cabinteely

32 Warren, Robert R. barrister, 75l.

here Mount-st. Cres. & Herbert-st. intersect.

33 and 34 Building ground

35 Rolleston, Charles, barrister, chairman, Quar. Sessions, co. Mayo, 86l.

36 Verschoyle, Miss Margaret, 95l.

37 M'Swiney, Peter Paul, mercht. 95l.

38 Ellington, the Misses, 86l.

39 Greene, Molesworth, esq. 86l.

40 Berkeley, Robert Jas. q.c. 86l.

41 Billing, Theobald, solicitor, and 61 Dawson-street, 86l.

42 Kirwan, Richard A. H. j.p. of Co. Galway, 86l.

43 Murphy, William, esq. 86l.

44 Duckett, Richard M. sol. special commissr. for taking acknowledgments by married women, 86l.

„ Duckett & Gordon, solicitors

„ Duckett, William S. m.d.

„ Duckett, John T. solicitor

45 King, Lady, 86l.

46 Atkinson, Mrs. 86l.

47 Gayer, Arthur Edward, q.c. ll.d. Ecclesiastical Comm. and Vicar-General of dioceses of Meath, Ossory, & Waterford, and Mount Anville cottage, Dundrum, 90l.

48 Henn, Thomas R. q.c. 94l.

49 Wilson, Mrs. 94l.

„ Wilson, W. F. esq.

50 Murphy, Jeremiah John, q.c. master in Chancery, 94l.

51 Radcliffe, Jos. ll.d. vicar-gen. and Judge of Consistorial Court, 94l.

52 Boyce, Joseph, esq. d.l. and j.p. for co. and city of Dublin, Russian consul—con. office, 9 Eden-qy. 94l.

53 Kelly, Thomas L. esq. 94l.

54 Browne, R. ranger of Curragh, 94l.

here James's-street, East, intersects

55 Hitchcock, William, solicitor, 62l.

56 Hargrave, Wm. m.b. surgeon to the City of Dublin Hospital and professor of surgery, r.c.s.i. 62l.

57 Vacant, 62l.

58 Webber, William Downes, esq. 45l.

59 Carroll, Mrs. 45l.

60 Roper, Wm. bar. j.p. Sorrento villa, Sutton, Howth, and Knockmane, Roscommon, 40l.

61 Murphy, James, barrister, 40l.

„ Griffin, Edward Lysaght, barrister, registrar of friendly societies

62 Vacant, 65l.

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