Mount-street, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Merrion-sq. E. to Warrington-pl.

P. St. Peter.—South Dock W.—City.

1 Magee, John, purveyor, 14l.

2 Stephenson, Claudius, wax and tallow chandler, 26l.

3 O'Brien, Michael, esq. first clerk in the Crown and Hanaper Office, 29l.

4 Worrall, Maunsell, solicitor, and 17 Leinster cham. Dame st. 25l.

„ Worrall, William, solicitor

„ Carey, William, solicitor

„ O'Donnell, Herbert Eyre, solicitor, and Kinsale

5 Bridges, Mrs. Anne, 37l.

6 Fleming, Ellen, milliner, 37l.

7 Nolan, Patrick, Italian and general provision warehouse, 15l.

8 Ryan, Pat. groc.& spirit dealer, 28l.

here Stephen's-place intersects

9 Duggan, Mrs. 50l.

10 Ryan, Mr. Patrick, 48l.

11 Power, Mrs. Mandeville, 48l.

12 O'Brien, Robert Jos. senior clerk Receiver's dept. Constabulary, 48l.

13 Fry, William, solicitor to the Mining Co. of Ireland, 60l.

14 Lodge, Christopher, solicitor, 63l.

15 Watson, William, esq. 63l.

16 Byrne, Josh. James, surveyor and valuator, 60l.

17 Vacant, 60l.

18 Blum, Gobert, merchant, 60l.

19 Smith, John Chaloner, c.e. 60l.

„ Bagnell, John J. contractor

20 Smith & Whitestone, solicitors, 55l.

„ Whitestone, Luke W. m.d. f.r.c.s.i.

„ Whitestone, Berkley E. solicitor

„ Smith, Arthur, sol. and Waterford

21 Swift, Mrs. 57l.

22 Dowse, Wm. lodging house, 57l.

23 Walsh, William, solicitor, 42l.

24 Kennedy, John Pitt, barrister, 42l.

25 Orpin, Basil, solicitor, and Marston, Ballyduff, Lismore, 36l.

26 Wallace, Mrs. Isabella, 37l.

27 Byrne, P. J. coal merchant, 33l.

28 Vacant, 33l.

29 Leland, Mrs. 33l.

„ Cree, George, barrister

30 Lawless, Richard D. solicitor and proctor, 38l.

here Verschoyle-court intersects

31 Reid, William, m.d. 27l.

32 Doyle, Mrs. J. grocer & spirit deal. 22l.

33 Barry, Mrs. 20l.

„ Barry, Miss, professor of singing

34 Mainey, Stephen, tailor, 25l.

35 Sullivan, John, lodging-honse, 25l.

36 Thompson. Maria, lodging ho. 26l.

„ Garde, William, solicitor

37 Boyce, Mrs. Eliza, 25l.

38 Murphy, Mr. Daniel, 25l.

39 Dolan, Michl. importer of encaustic tile, and encaustic and mosaic tile agent, 25l.

40 Atkinson, Thomas H. agent, 25l.

„ Seed, Stephen, solicitor, Crown sol. for cos. of Meath and Kildare, and Sarahville, Killiney

41 Bartley, Mr. Denis, 30l.

42 Davidson, Ellen, private lodg. 22l.

„ Martin, Wm. Edward, architect

here Power's-court intersects

43 Joy, Miss Mary Anne, 38l.

44 Whitsitt, Wm. coach builder—res. 56 Baggot-street, lower, 33l.

45 Dooner, John, solicitor, and Barton lodge, Rathfarnham, 36l.

„ Heighington, the Misses

46 Vacant, 42l.

47 Cockburn, Major William, 35l.

48 Fowler, Richard, esq. 35l.

49 Keogh, John, wine merchant, 36l.

50 Parker and Parker, solicitors, Tallow & Youghal, co. Waterford, 35l.

„ Parker, Matthew, solicitor

„ Parker, William H. solicitor

51 Vernon, Charles, esq. 63l.

„ Williams, Jas. Edmund, inspector-general H. M. forces, principal medical officer, Ireland

52 MacDonough, Rev. Albert Irwin, ll.b., s.t.c.d. and 10 College, 36l.

53 Fitzgerald, Charles, solicitor, 36l.

54 Mullaly, William, lodging-ho. 40l.

55 Austin, Captain H. R. 36l.

„ Anderson, J. J. civil engineer

„ Byron, Mrs. C. and Brookville, Merrion

56 Carroll, Miss, 35l.

„ Carroll, J. Rawson, architect

57 Leech, Samuel, builder, 39l.

here Warrington-place and Merrion-square, North, intersect.

58 Tufnell, Jolliffe, f.r.c.s.i. surgeon to City of Dublin Hospital, 85l.

59 Byrne, Henry G. civil engineer and architect, 60l.

60 and 61 Sewell, Edward, commission and livery stables, and veterinary surgeon, and Boyne-street, 120l.

62 Saunders, Mrs. 44l.

63 Shaw, Charles, barrister, 60l.

64 Browne, Valentine, civil engin. 50l.

64A Litton, Edward, esq. Master in Chancery, 95l.

65 Scott, Miss Agnes, 56l.

66 Bridgford, Thomas, r.h.a. portrait painter, 55l.

67 Comyn, Francis, esq. 63l.

68 Freke, William J. solicitor, 52l.

„ Johnson, William Forbes, barrister

„ Johnson, Robert M. wine merchant

69 Buchanan, Mr. William, 52l.

here Grants-row intersects

70 Stanhope, Mrs. Charles, 54l.

71 Blum, Joseph, merchant, 25l.

72 Edwards, Mrs. 45l.

here Grattan-street intersects

73 De Moleyns, Edward, solicitor, 48l.

74 Cairnes, John E. barrister, and professor of jurisprudence and political economy, Queen's Col. Galway

75 Stapleton, Edward, solicitor, 48l.

76 Douglas, Miss Charlotte, 48l.

77 Gorman, Mr. Henry, 37l.

„ Delmege, Edward, barrister

78 L'Estrange, F. F. esq. 37l.

79 Ferguson, Charles, esq. 26l.

„ Johnston, Mrs.

„ Ferguson, Andrew W. esq.

80 Neal, Mr. James, 35l.

81 Kenny, Michael, grocer and spirit merchant, 25l.

82 Connell, Miss Mary, 25l.

83 Swaine, Mrs. 25l.

84 Davidson, Mr. John, 25l.

here Grattan-court intersects

85 Browne, Mary, pawnbroker, 45l.

86 Browne, Mr. Michael, 30l.

87 Eaton, Mrs. Ellen, 27l.

88 Durdin, Robt. Garde, solicitor, and commissioner of affidavits, for the county of Carlow, for all the superior courts, 33l.

88B Thompson, Mrs. Mary Anne, 36l.

89 M'Calley, Jno. teacher of the pianoforte and violoncello, & organist St. Anne's church, 28l.

„ M'Calley, Mrs. ladies' seminary

90 Byrne, John, lodging house, 24l.

91 Needham, Sarah, court dress and habit maker, 24l.

„ Needham, Gilbert, carpenter

92 Gaskin, Mrs. Ellen, lodging-ho. 21l.

93 Burton, Joseph, chandler and tobacconist, 25l.

94 Hall, Brothers, builders & contractors, and coal merchants, 30l.

here Love-lane intersects

95 Butler, Mrs. 50l.

„ Hamilton, Lieut. Chs. Pratt, staff-adj. and Aldborough Barracks

„ Hamilton, John B. doctor

96 Carew, Lynn, solicitor, 54l.

97 Kingsmill, Henry, esq. and Sidmonton, Bray, 63l.

„ Kingsmill, Henry, jun. barrister

„ Kingsmill, Thomas Wm. architect

„ Bradford and Phillips, builders

98 Baker, Mrs. M. 50l.

99 Echlin, Henry, esq. 50l.

100 Barlow, James Wm. barrister, 50l.

101 Vanhomrigh, B. solicitor, 50l.

„ Wolseley, Lady Alice

„ Wolseley, Clement J. bar. England

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