SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Henry-street to Great Britain-st.

P. St. Mary.—North City W.—City.

1 Fitzpatrick, Terence, vintner, 28l.

2 Tenements, 20l.

here Clarke's-court intersects

3 Tenements, 16l.

4 Egan, Patrick, grocer, 20l.

here Mulligan's-court intersects

5 Rooney, James, tinplate worker, 16l.

6 Walsh, James, baker, 3 Dorset-st. lower, and Ninch, co. Meath, 26l.

7 Dowling, John, tinplate worker, 23l.

8 M'Cabe, George, dairy, 23l.

9 Vacant, 17l.

here Off-lane intersects

10 M'Nulty, Laur. pawnbroker, 26l.

11 Metcalf, Thomas, hairdresser, 17l.

12 Keenan, William, baker, 28l.

13 to 15 Tenements, 16l. to 20l.

16 Plant, Anthony, carpenter, 18l.

17 Tenements, 20l.

18 Phillips, Thomas, grocer, 20l.

19 M'Donald, John, china and delph warehouse, & 16 Nth. Earl-st. 27l.

20 Behan, Patrick, victualler, 30l.

21 Walsh, J. green grocer, 26l.

22 Fitzpatrick, Patrick, victualler, 26l.

23 Walsh, James, baker, 46l.

24 Behan, John, fishmonger to the Lord Lieutenant, 36l.

25 Newland, J. china, delft, and glass wareh. & Seapoint-ter. Clontarf, 34l.

here Sackville-lane intersects

26 Lawler, Michael, vintner, 35l.

27 Aspel, P. fishmonger, 26l.

28 Huban, P. and J. prov. dlrs. 26l.

„ Connell, Pat. dairy

29 Byrne, F. J. purveyor, 18l.

30 Aerated Bread Co. 9l.

30½ Murphy, C. fishmonger 7l.

here Britain-street, Great, intersects

31 Carroll, Jane, green grocer, 25l.

32 Hall, Bernard, green grocer, 25l.

33 Bennett, Michael, victualler, 25l.

34 and 35 Leedom, Hampton, and Co. wax and tallow chandlers, and agents for Price and Co.'s patent candles, 69l.

36 Byrne, John, poulterer, 23l.

37 Costello, Patrick, victualler, 23l.

38 Mooney, James, victualler, 15l.

here Riddall's-row intersects

39 Boomer, Geo. victualler in ordinary to the Lord Lieutenant, 20l.

40 Dunn, John, poulterer, 22l.

41 Keogh, Edwd. grocer, Italian and provision merchant, 28l.

here Moore-street market intersects

42 Connolly, James, victualler, 26l.

43 Fegan, Bernard, victualler, 30l.

44 The Ballinasloe House—J. Somers and Co. bread and biscuit bakers, butter, egg, & cheese mers. 34l.

45 Ward, Patrick, victualler, 44l.

46 Keegan, Lawrence, grocer & spirit dealer, & 43 & 61 Britain-st. gt. 30l.

47 Balfe, Edw. Italian warehouse, 27l.

48 Ward, John, victualler, 25l.

49 Manders, Richd. and Co. bakers, 36l.

50 Byrne, D. butter & bacon stores, 24l.

here Moore-place to Cole's-lane intersects.

51 Hanbridge, Lau. victualler, 24l.

52 Wall, Jas. victualler, & Sutton, 27l.

53 Newtownperry, Askeaton Lock, and Carberry Mills Bakery 18l.

54 Egan, Patrick, grocer, 24l.

here Sampson's-lane intersects

55 Kellett, John, provision dealer, 22l.

56 Seavers, Patrick, dairy, 25l.

57 Wright, Elizabeth, tea and coffee dealer, 27l.

58 Hooks, Patk. provision dealer, 20l.

59 Burden, Mrs. Honora, grocer, &c. 28l.

60 M'Robins, Christopher, dairy, 18l.

61 Ternan, Js. wax & tal. chandler, 18l.

62 Gogan, John, provision dealer, 20l.

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