SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Arbour-hill to Royal Military Infirmary-gate.

P. St. Paul.—Arran-quay W.—City.

1 Richardson, Miss Susan, 32l.

„ Richardson, Thomas, esq.

2 Meehan, Anne, nursetender, and midwife, 9l.

3 Murray, Edward, prov. dealer, 13l.

4 to 7 Tenements, 8l. to 17l.

8 Dunne, Mrs. Frances, 8l.

9 MacNamara, Joseph, carpenter, 14l.

10 Vacant, 24l.

11 Fitzherbert, Joseph and William, livery stables, 21l.

„ Maguire, George Charles, esq.

12 Johnson, Rev. Benj. H. a.m. 42l.

13 Kelly, Mrs. John, 13l.

14 Shea, Mrs. Anne, 17l.

15 Ruins

16 Shinkwin, Rd. A. G. S.& W. Rail. 30l.

„ Vance, Rev. Robert

16½ Boake, Mr. John F. G. S. & W. Railway, 36l.

17 Grosse, J. B. 1st Company, Surgeon-Major, 11th Hussars

18 Vacant

19 Atkinson, Wm. currier, japanner, patent leather, coach leather, and army accoutrement manufac. 28l.

19½ Murphy, James, dealer in horses

Ordnance Stores—Mr.Dvd. M'Phinn, overseer, 100l.

„ Hollwey (Hollway£), George, engineer

20 M'Grane, William, esq.

here Circular-road intersects

21 to 29 Building ground

30 Russell, Mr. Edward, 14l.

31 Davis, Jones Hy. G. S. & W. railway officer, 18l.

32 Bulkeley, Mr. R. J. 15l.

33 Tenements, 13l.

34 Whitaker, William, esq. 15l.

35 Ward, Thomas Henry, of G. S. & W. Railway, 16l.

36 Du Boenix, Mr. William, 14l.

37 Hurford, Thomas, Staff Assistant-Surgeon, 13l.

38 to 41 Building ground

42 Grant, Mrs. Jane, 8l.

43 Hanlon, Mr. John, 8l.

44 Pettigrew, Thomas, esq. 25l.

45 to 49 Tenements, 6l. to 17l.

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