SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Dawson-street to Kildare-street.

P. St. Anne.—1 to 22 Royal Exchange W. 23 to 46 Mansion-house W.—City.

1 and 2 Birch, Eliza, hairdresser and perfumer to the Lord Lieut.—res. Roseneath Ho. Sandymount, 64l.

„ Birch, Edwin, woollen draper, and Roseneath House, Sandymount

3 Dunn, Wm. solicitor, & Laburnum lodge, Vernon-av. Clontarf, 36l.

„ Jones, Alfred G. architect and civil engineer

„ Dillon, Miss, milliner

„ Mallard, Monsr. prof. of languages

„ Mallard, Madame, de Paris, milliner and dressmaker

„ Campling, Henry, esq.

4 Worn, Austin, die engraver and stationer

„ Simpson, Richard A. solicitor

5 Coulter, Robert Henry, m.d. surgeon and accoucheur, 30l.

„ Henry, David Wm. wine merchant

6 Corless, Ellen, vintner, 26l.

7 Harwood, William, carpenter and builder, 26l.

8 Fitzharris, M. A. chandler, 25l.

9 Edwards, Patrick, bootmaker, 35l.

„ Mosley, Julius, jewellery, carving, and general fancy warehouse

here Frederick-street, South, intersects

10 Keogh, Thomas, grocer, wine, and spirit dealer, 45l.

11 Hardwick, Alfred, military & merchant tailor, 43l.

„ Martin, Patrick, barrister, Crown prosecutor, Home Circuit

12 Archbold, Mrs. Elizabeth, 46l.

„ Eason, William M. solicitor

13 Grimshaw, Wrigley, surgeon dentist, f.r.c.s.i. 78l.

„ Grimshaw, Thomas W. m.b. t.c.d. master in surgery

14 Greene, The Misses, 46l.

15 Louch, John, arch. & surveyor, 45l.

16 Beeby, Mr. Thomas, 52l.

„ Welsh, Frances, ladies' academy

17 Geale, The Misses, millinery and dress warerooms, 50l.

18 Ridgeway, Kate, millinery, dress, and court dress warerooms, 50l.

„ Ridgeway, Samuel G. importer of foreign embroideries, laces, and French cashmeres, &c.

„ Hartstonge, Lorenzo Weld, solicitor

19 Campbell, William, Private Family hotel, 65l.

„ Knox, Charles George, barrister

20 Bagnalstown and Wexford Railway Comp.—W. W. Hughes, secretary—res. Marevesta, Williamstown-avenue, Blackrock, 63l.

Wexford Steam, Ship Co. limited—W. W. Hughes, secretary—res. Marevesta, Williamstown-avenue

„ Dombrain, Sir James and The Hill, Monkstown

„ Dombrain, James R. esq. and The Hill, Monkstown

Irish South-Eastern Railway Office—W. W. Hughes, secretary—res. Marevesta, Williamstown-avenue

Waterford and Tramore Railway Office—Geo. Vesey Wood, secretary—res. 25 Richmond, Fairview

Wexford Harbour Embankment Co.—George Vesey Wood, secretary

21 Hunt, James, importer of cigars, 68l.

22 Percival, A. B. esq. 63l.

here Kildare-street intersects.

23 Phillips and Co. tailors to the Royal Family, 32l.

„ Phillips, Thomas G. agent to the London & Yorkshire Life Assur. Co.

„ Balcomb, Thomas, esq.

24 Horsman, Mrs. 36l.

25 & 26 Morrison, Mrs. Eliza, 88l., 65l.

27 Vacant, 53l.

28 Osbrey, Gerald, surgeon, 55l.

„ Madden, Edward

29 Vacant, 70l.

30 Buswell, Thos. private hotel, 70l.

31 Burke, Wm. Malachy, m.d. physician to Dr. Steevens's hospital, 67l.

32 Macdona, Geo. and Co. agent for Nicholl's London registered garments, 85l.

„ Macdona, George, treasurer to the Parochial Visitors' Society

„ Brown, James, esq.—res. 1 Sandy-cove avenue, Kingstown

33 Lawler, Mrs. Hannah, Lisle boarding house and family hotel, 105l.

34 Graydon, Mrs. 78l.

35 Vacant, 70l.

36 Trainor, Jas. commis. agent, 38l.

37 Duff, Wm. surgeons' artist (see advertisement) 36l.

38 Connolly, Miss, dress warerooms, 28l.

here Molesworth-place intersects

39 to 44 Parish Schools—Richd. Fitzgerald, master; Elizabeth Fitzgerald, matron; Miss Smith and Miss Emerson, mistresses

45 Association for Relief of Distressed Protestants—Rev. C. M. Fleury, d.d. and Rev. Thomas Mills, a.m., hon. secs.; Mr. Smart, sec. 25l.

46 Coles, John, tailor and draper, 38l.

„ Little, S. solicitor, and Wexford

„ Elgee, R. W. solicitor

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