Merrion-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Merrion-sq. West, to Merrion-row.

P. St. Anne, 1 to 17.—Trinity W.—P. St. Peter, 18 to 32—South Dock W.—City.

1 Kennedy, Evory, m.d. j.p. and Belgard castle, Tallaght, county Dublin, 120l.

2 Massey, Hon. John, 80l.

3 Deane, Sir Thomas, & Son, architects, 60l.

„ Deane, Sir Thos. architect, r.h.a.

„ Deane, Thos. Newenham, architect

4 Geoghegan, T.G. m.d. f.r.c.s.i. 95l.

5 Berwick, Hon. Judge, and St. Edmondsbury, Lucan, 120l.

„ Berwick, Edward, barrister, president of the Queen's College, Galway

„ Berwick, John R. j.p. land agent, and Coolfadda house, Bandon

6 Her Majesty's Stationery Office—William Robinson, esq. superintendent, 160l.

7 Hildige, Jas. Graham, f.r.c.s.i. 76l.

8 Duncan, James F. m.d. t.c.d. 65l.

9 M'Grath, William Henry, solicitor, crown solicitor for the counties of Fermanagh and Tyrone, 65l.

10 Hunt, Mrs. Elizabeth, 65l.

11 Athill, Lombe, m.d. f.k.q.c.p. ex-assistant physician, Rotundo, 55l.

12 Blakeney, Mrs. 55l.

13 Boyle, Alexander, esq. 60l.

here Lacey's-lane intersects

14 Brown, Rev. Peter, & The Rectory, Ahascragh, co. Galway, 52l.

15 Porter, Frank Thorpe, esq. j.p. 65l.

16 Henn, Jonathan, q.c. 55l.

17 Lynch and Co. wholesale and retail stationers, 48l.

here Merrion-row and Baggot-street, Lower, intersect.

18 O'Neale, Miss, 54l.

19 Martin, The Misses, lodging-ho. 54l.

20 Jay, Mr. Walter, lodging-house, 54l.

21 Murray, E. state dentist, 85l.

„ Garstin, John Ribton, esq. a.m.

„ Garstin, William, esq.

22 Sullivan, Mrs. 107l.

„ Shedden, Captain Godrich

23 Smyly, John Geo. q.c. solicitor of Inland Revenue, 124l.

24 Mornington House—Office of the Ecclesiastical Commissioners—sec. Thomas Bushe, bar. Furry Park, Raheny, 255l.

„ Lefroy, George, barrister, and treasurer to the Ecclesiastical Commissioners—res. 18 Leeson-st. lr.

„ Mason, Rev. Samuel H. ll.d.

here Fitzwilliam-lane intersects

25 Law, Robert, m.d. King's professor of institutes of medicine in School of Physic in Ireland, and visiting physician of Dundrum Central Lunatic Asylum, 85l.

26 M'Connell, Mrs. boarding ho. 110l.

27 Vacant, 72l.

28 Moore, Robt. f.r.c.s.i. dentist, 72l.

29 Vignoles, Mrs. Samuel, 46l.

30 Dames, Fras. T.Longworth,bar. 63l.

31 Vacant, 55l.

32 Fitzgerald, Percy Hetherington, esq. barrister, 55l.

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