SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Merrion-street, Up. to Stephen's-green, North.

P. St. Anne, 1 to 10. Trinity W.—P. St. Peter, 11 to 19. Mansion-house W.—City.

1 Broderick, John, fruiterer, 20l.

„ Mathews, Chs. vint. hotel & tav. 50l.

2 Dunn, William G. victualler, 58l.

„ M'Mullen, John, poulterer

3 Walsh & Co. general drapers, boot and shoe warehouse, 63l.

here Merrion-place intersects

4 Brannan, Joseph, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 65l.

5 Flavelle, Thomas, mercer, 65l.

6 Boyd & Goodwin, druggist and spice merchants, 65l.

„ Goodwin, John, chemist & druggist

7 Hughes, Geo. stationer & printer, 48l.

„ Brady, James H. house painter

„ Brady, Helen, regis. for governesses

8 Kinkead, E. M. and J. millinery, 60l.

„ Krahmer, Oscar, profes. of modern languages

„ Krahmer, Rev. Oscar

9 Flanagan, Stephen, baker, 58l.

10 Burial Ground of the French Protestants

here Stephen's-green intersects

11 & 12 Kennedy, John, plumber, brass founder and gas fitter, 44l., 26l.

13 Johnston and Co. bakers, 24l.

14 Mannix, Robt. house painter, 30l.

15 Wade, Ignatius and Edward, family grocers and wine merchants, and 64 and 65 Charlemont street, 42l.

16 O'Callaghan, John M. baker, 40l.

„ Broham, Nicholas, dentist

17 Furlong, Thomas, licentiate apothecary and accoucheur, 40l.

18 Graham, Mrs. Jane, baby linen, French corset, and ladies' outfitting warehouse, 38l.

19 Carey, Pierce, wax & tallow chandler, & coal factor, & 24 Ely-pl. 42l.

Post Office Receiver—Pierce Carey, receiver

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