Mercer-street, Lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Stephen-street to York-street.

P. St. Peter.—East side, 1 to 16 Royal Exchange W. West side, 17 to 23 Mansion-house W.—City.

Mercer's Hospital—Jonathan Osborne, m.d. physician; James Shaw, resident apothecary and registrar; Mrs. Mary Murray, matron

Site of St. Stephen's Hospital Church

1 Ward, Mary, grocer & tea deal. 25l.

2 Cosgrave, Wm. house painter and decorator, 20l.

3 to 6 Tenements, each 20l.

7 Sayers, Michael, cabinetmaker, 26l.

8 Tenements, 24l.

9 Magill, James, coachmaker, 38l.

10 North, Wm. carpenter & builder, 30l.

11 Flanagan, Denis, lime and sand stores, 14l.

12 Cahill, James, sculptor, 16l.

13 Hatch, Patrick, bottle dealer, 14l.

here Bow-lane intersects

14 and 15 Tenements, 12l., 9l.

16 Butler, Edward, tailor, 11l.

here York-street intersects

17 & 18 Vacant, valued with 45 York-st.

19 and 20 Tenements, 13l., 16l.

here Glover's-alley intersects

21 Malt houses, 90l.

22 Vacant, 23l.

23 Tenements, 10l.

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