Mecklenburgh-street, Up.

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Marlborough-st. to Gardiner-st. Lr.

P. St. Thomas.—North Dock W.—City.

1 M'Donnell and O'Reilly, the Misses, bonnetmakers, 5l. 10s.

„ Carolan, James, bootmaker

2 Conway, Mrs. E. furniture brok. 12l.

here Stable-lane, rere of Education house intersects.

3 Booker, Geo. coach-trimmer, 22l.

4 Thompson, Mrs. Isabella, 21l.

5 to 8 Tenements, 21l., 18l., 22l., 21l.

9 O'Brien, James, bootmaker, 10l.

10 Henzell, William Bigoe, agent, 20l.

„ Henzell, J. N. R. civil engineer, and Carrick-on-Shannon

„ Henzell, Robt. Bigoe, and Carrick-on-Shannon and Merrion-avenue

„ Henzell, Miss, and Merrion-avenue

11 Redmond, Mr. P. 21l.

12 Sullivan, Mr. P. J. 18l.

13 North, Thomas, estate agent—res. Nutgrove Park, Sandymount, and Oakland, Enniscorthy, 18l.

14 Kinsella, Denis, upholsterer, 19l.

15 Murphy, John, cooper, 17l.

16 Tenements, 17l.

17 Dunbar, James, painter, 14l.

18 M'Donald, Alicia, cork estab. 13l.

19 Allen, M. lodging-house keeper, 17l.

20 Charleton, Rich. coach trimmer, 18l.

21 and 22 Tenements, 22l., 17l.

23 Walsh, John, builder, 21l.

24 Kilkelly, Mr. James, 26l.

25 Harris, John, tailor, 26l.

26 O'Sullivan, John, auctioneer, 26l.

27 Morrison, John, mercht. tailor, 14l.

„ Humphreys and Co. importers of best cigars—branch establishment

here Gardiner-street, Lower, intersects

28 Fegan, Lucy, gen. drapery mart, 25l.

29 to 31 Tenements, 20l., 23l., 20l.

32 Carthy, Mrs. A. provision stores, 11l.

33 Vacant, 12l.

34 St. Thomas's Female Parochial School —Misses Eliza Jordan and Sarah Russell, mistresses

35 to 37 Tenements, 9l. to 11l.

38 O'Connor, Edward, esq. 10l.

„ Slack, Randal T. solicitor

„ O'Brien, Jno. solicitor, & Waterford

here Cumberland-street, North, Lower, intersects

39 Allen, Mr. Peter, 9l.

„ Cullen, P. grocer

40 M'Keon, Annie B. vintner, 17l.

41 O'Regan. Mr. John, 12l.

42 Murray, William, prov. dealer, 13l.

43 Daly, Thomas, vintner, 13l.

here Mecklenburgh-lane intersects

44 Mooney, P. provision dealer, 5l.

45 M'Dermott, Luke, broker, 3l. 10s.

46 Cummins, M. dairy, 3l. 10s.

47 Bolger, J. P. tobacconist, 3l.

48 Curtis, Mrs. J. leather dealer, 13l.

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