SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Capel-street to Liffey-street, Up.

P. St. Mary.—North City W.—City.

1 Lynch, Jas. boot & shoemaker, 18l.

2 Mooney, John, boot & shoe mkr. 30l.

3 Heade, Anne, dairy, 20l.

4 Murtagh, T. M. leather deal. &c. 25l.

5 Berk, L. picture frame and fancy warehouse, 20l.

here Jervis-lane intersects

6 Sweetman, Patk. prov. dealer, 28l.

7 Barden, Miss F. milliner, 15l.

8 Evans, Robert, trimming warehouse, 16l.

9 Boles, George, umbrella & parasol manufacturer, 16l.

10 M'Keever, Patk. merch. tailor, 18l.

11 Lynam, Edward, musical instrument seller, 8l.

12 & 13 Beakey's cabinetmaking and upholstery establishment, 17l., 24l.

here Stafford-street intersects

St. Mary's Church—Rev. E. S. Abbott, rector

here Jervis-street intersects

14 Cullen, J. Wm. grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, 28l.

15 Henry, James, boot & shoemak. 20l.

„ Henry, Mary, dressmaker

16 Evans, Mary, confectioner, 23l.

17, 18, 19, and 20 Tickle, Geo. cabinet-maker & upholsterer—factory and wholesale warehouse, 57 and 58 Jervis-street, 21l., 30l., 37l.

21 Long, W. & Sons, coach builds. 110l.

„ Long, William, esq. j.p.

22 Dickson, Hogg, and Robertson, seed mers. and nurserymen, 52l.

„ Robertson, James, seedsman

23 Bewley, Henry, wholesale druggist, & manufacturer of mineral waters, 230l.

„ Draper, Carter E. druggist

24 Keenan, Charles, dlr. in leeches, 37l.

25 Durham, Francis, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and auctioneer, 44l.

26 and 27 Vacant, 50l., 70l.

28 Phair, John, house painter & paper stainer, 38l.

29 Haslam, James B. wax and tallow chandler—res. 21 Cullenswood-avenue, 33l.

„ Edwards and Co. commission agts.

30 Scott, Wm. boot and shoe mk. 28l.

31 Hagarty, Frances, strawbonnet maker, and 115 George's-street, Kingstown, 26l.

„ Farrell, Thomas, tobacconist

32 O'Brien, Catherine, wine and spirit dealer, 24l.

here Lifey-street, Upper, and Denmark-street intersect.

33 Woods, M. groc. & spir. mer. 55l.

34 Frew, Mrs. Lucinda, French stay maker, 35l.

35 Staunton, Cath. furrier, &c. 45l.

„ Byrne, Eliza, confectioner

36 Barnardo, John M. furrier to the Lord Lieutenant, 58l.

37 Torkington, John, upholsterer, cabinetmaker, and auctioneer, 65l.

„ Bergin, D. C. solicitor

38 Doyle, Jno. boot & shoe manuf. 60l.

39 Moffatt and Thomson, tailors and drapers, 44l.

40 Apothecaries' Hall—Charles Titchborne, r.e. analytical chemist—res. 13 Waltham-terrace, Blackrock, 130l.

41 Evans, The Misses, baby-linen warehouse, 48l.

„ Might, Barbor, professor of music

42 Caldwell, James, cabinetmaker, upholsterer, and undertaker, 48l.

43 White, Edw. A. surgeon, m.r.c.s.i. 36l.

43½ Vacant, 27l.

44 M'Cullagh, F. & J. ladies and children's shoe warehouse, 38l.

45 Fraser, Simon Rich. house furnishing ironmonger & gen. merch. 80l.

„ Lemmon, Lyon, church ornament and vestment manufacturer

46 Boyd, Samuel, drug, oil, and colour merchant, manufacturer of fancy soap and perfumery, and Sloperton, Monkstown, 105l.

47 Todd, Burns, and Co. silk mercers, shawlmen, linen and woollen drapers, tailors, hatters, boot and shoe makers, upholsterers, carpet warehousemen, cabinetmakers, haberdashers, jewellers, lacemen, hosiers, glovers, outfitters for emigration purposes, and for family and general mourning complete, &c, and 24, 25, & 26 Jervis-st. 768l.

„ Todd, Wm. esq. Orwell, Rathgar

„ Burns, Gilbert, esq. Knockmaroon

here Jervis-street intersects

48 Campbell, Jas. & Co. brassfounders, gas fitters, lamp makers, bronzists, and contractors for general house fittings, and 56 Jervis-street, 55l.

49 Gibson, Jas. glass-stainer, French glass shades, &c., window and plate glass warehouse 46l.

50 Gibson, James, house decorator and paperhangings manufacturer, and 6 Stafford-st. 38l.

51 & 52 M'Dowell, Hugh, cabinet mkr. upholsterer, undertaker, & valuator—manuf. 7 & 8 Ryder's-row, 58l.

here Stafford-street intersects

53 Bracken, Thomas, outfitter, 28l.

54 Reynolds, John, merchant tailor and clothes broker, 38l.

55 Daniel, Wm. house furnishing ironmonger, smith, brassfounder, gas-fitter, and general contractor—works, 1 and 2 Jervis-lane, 63l.

56 Turpin, A. and E. milliners, 26l.

57 Vacant, 24l.

58 Byrne, Richard, and Son, tailors and drapers, 28l.

here Jervis-lane intersects

59 Ennis, James, clothier, 20l.

60 Kelly, Matthew, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 24l.

61 Martin, P. clothes broker, 23l.

62 Tenements, 24l.

63 Foresman, Andrew, clothier, 18l.

64 Carr, Alex, wine & spirit stores, 23l.

65 M'Donagh, Simon, tobacco & snuff manufacturer, 30l.

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