SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Eden-quay to Britain-street, Great.

P. St. Thomas.—1 to 42 & 90 to 113 North Dock W. 43 to 89 Mountjoy W.—City.

1 Inland Department City of Dublin Steam Packet Co. 14l.

here Abbey-street, Old, intersects

2 Vacant, 27l.

3 and 4 Whyte, William, Irish glass warehouse, and 9 Lower Sackville-street, 47l.

here Abbey-street, Lower, intersects

5 Kelly, Eliza, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, and 10 Abbey st. lr. 29l.

6 M'Dermott, John, prov. dealer, 24l.

7 Brady, Owen, prov. dealer, 6l.

8 Devlin, Hugh, provision dealer, 12l.

9 Stafford, Rich. edge-tool mkr. 19l.

10 M'Weeny, Jn. stained glass & patent sash works, & zinc & lead wks. 21l.

11 Gaffney, Michael, printseller, 17l.

12 Kennedy, Michael, builder, 26l.

„ Kennedy, Ml. jun.carpenter & build.

„ Kennedy, Mr. Edward

13 Shea, Henry, painter, glazier, &c. 28l.

here Potter's-alley intersects

14 Brady, Terence, dairy, 10l.

15 Harden, Richard, lodgings, 12l.

16 Arnold, Laurence, board and lodging-house keeper, & prov. dlr. 16l.

17 Hanegan, Thos. provision deal. 13l.

18 Reilly, James, tailor, 13l.

19 Emmett, Wm. tinplate worker, 15l.

20 Burke, Mrs. S. trimming shop, 13l.

21 D'Arcy, John, provision dealer, 17l.

here Marlborough-place intersects

22 Souter, Robert G. printer, 23l.

23 Brennan, Owen, brass founder, 32l.

24 Columbine, Henry, bookbinder, 33l.

„ Wyatt, John, paper ruler

25 Goldrick, Andrew, tailor, 32l.

here Talbot-street intersects

26 Porteous, John, printer and lithographer

Lending Library and School for the Blind—-Pettigrew, Miss, manager. Open every week day (Saturday excepted) from 10 to 3

27 Sullivan, Marcus and John, school book & educational depository, 37l.

28 Book stores of Commissioners of Education, 34l.

Tyrone HouseOffice of Commissioners of National Education in Ireland, and Model Schools—The Rt. Hon. Alex. M'Donnell, resident commissioner

29 Female Drawing School of Commissioners of Education, 41l.

30 O'Callaghan and Dempsey, wine merchants, 47l.

31 The City Midnight Mission and Female Refuge, 45l.

32 Asylum for Aged and Unmarried Females—Mary Sherwin, matron, 36l.

here Mecklenburgh-st. Upper, intersects.

33 Keogh, Laurence, grocer and wine merchant, 33l.

34 Hanlon, M. painter, 27l.

35 Egan, Maryanne, dressmaker, 26l.

36 Quigly, Mr. Joseph, office of National Education, 23l.

37 Mangan, James, dyer, 23l.

38 Tenements, 22l.

39 Duncan, J. m.d. and Finglas, 23l.

„ Yorke, Anne, French stay wareh.

40 Fitzgerald, Mrs. John, 24l.

„ Burke, Mrs. ladies' nursetender

41 Cuniffe, Mr. Thomas B. 24l.

42 Reilly, Elizabeth, dressmaker, 22l.

„ Campbell, E. merchant tailor

here Gloucester-street, Upper, intersects.

43 Bennett, Saml. house painter, 30l.

44 Rogers, John, coal factor, 25l.

„ Carroll, Mrs, ladies nursetender

44 M'Cabe, Mrs. ladies' nursetender

45 Larkin, Mr. Thomas, 22l.

46 Finigan, Thos. merchant tailor, 26l.

„ Farrell, Miss Margaret, dressmkr.

47 Jones, John, die sinker and medallist, 26l.

48 Carroll, P. military mer. tailor, 25l.

49 Power, Miss, 23l.

50 Tenementt, 22l.

51 Fannin, Thomas, pawnbroker, 34l.

52 Thompson, Miss, milliner and dress-maker, 29l.

„ Gaynor, Miss C. dressmaker

„ Fennell, Mr. J.

53 Ledwidge, Mr. Joseph, 37l.

54 Robinson, E. St. G. colliery agent & licensed ship broker; office, 25 City-quay, 42l.

55 Keith, Mr. Robert, 30l.

56 Cunningham, H. brush wareho. 24l.

57 Conolly, O. T. draper, 28l.

here Britain-street, Great, intersects

58 Ryan, Brothers, distillery stores, 13l.

59 Carroll, Joseph, merch. tailor, 22l.

60 M'Guinness, Michl. hairdresser, 23l.

61 Day, A. M. milliner, 28l.

62 Vacant, 35l.

63 Egar, Mrs. Mary, & Son, painters, paper hangers, decorators, &c. 30l.

„ Egar, Mr. Edward

64 Tarleton, Edward F. architect, surveyor, and measurer, 25l.

65 Farrell, Thomas, silk and woollen dyer, charcoal and iron liqueur manufac. and 33 Watling-st. 29l.

65½ Maher, W. vintner

here Gregg's-lane intersects

St. Thomas's Church—Rev. Chas. S. Stanford, rector; Thos. Jones, sexton, 2 Whitworth-row; Anne Smith, sextoness, 12 Lower Gloucester-street

66 Farrell, Mrs. Bridget, job coach and undertaker, and 50 Mabbot-street. James Doyle, manager and agent, 42l.

67 Marr, Mr. William E. 12l.

68 Duffy, Mr. Edmond, 15l.

69 Lynch, Mr. Edward, 25l.

70 Cloirec, J. painter, 24l.

71 Kinsella, D. upholsterer, 34l.

72 Church, John Charles, esq. 33l.

73 Parker, Robert, builder, 30l.

74 Nuzum, Thomas, coal agent, and 17 Luke-street, 28l.

75 Nolan, John Patrick, veterinary surgeon, and livery stables, 30l.

76 Walsh, John, baker, 35l.

77 Cavanagh, Francis, painter and decorator, importer of French room-paper, and manufacturer of artificial marbles, Mosaic altars, &c. 24l.

78 Conolly, Thomas, fancy bread and biscuit baker, 32l.

79 Goodwin, Son, and Nethercott, letter-press printers, 48l.

„ Goodwin, Thomas H. letter-press printer

„ Nethercott, Richard, letter-press printer

80 O'Loughlin, Louisa, milliner, dress & corsetmaker to the Queen, 32l.

„ O'Loughlin, Edm. Catholic bookseller, stationer, church decorator, and statuary warehouse

81 Monks, William, Catholic bookseller and stationer, 34l.

Tablet newspaper publishing office

82 Boyle, Richard B. carver and gilder, 33l.

„ Casey, J. & D. stained glass artists

83 Metropolitan Roman Catholic Chapel, or Presbytery House—Rev. Thomas Pope, canon, admins.; Rev. Walter Murphy; Rev. Thomas Butler; Rev. Wm. Irwin; Rev. Patrick O'Neill; Rev. William Purcell; Rev. Nicholas O'Farrell; Rev. Denis Heffernan, curates 68l.

Metropolitan R. C. Chapel, or Church of the Conception.

here Elephant-lane intersects

84 Model Lodging House for single men—Michael Banks, superintendent, 38l.

85 Queely, John, general agency and discount office 43l.

„ Rothwell and Co. drapers

86 Lazarus, Henry, jeweller, 38l.

87 Office of the Official Irish Travelling Guide—John Sproule, esq. compiler; Robt. G. Souter, printer, 33l.

88 Donnelly, Michl. grocer & spirit dlr. and 7 Tisdal-st. Enniscorthy, 18l.

89 Nolan, Mrs. Margt. confectioner, 10l.

here Earl-street, North, intersects

90 and 91 Railway hotel and shell-fish tavern, Henry Rourk, prop. 20l.

92 Fitzharris, Mrs. Bridget, baker, 37l.

93 Monks, Francis, dairy, 23l.

94 Wright, Jas. boot & shoe mak. 20l.

95 Collins, Joseph, plumber and brass founder, 20l.

96 Whelan, Bartholomew, grocer, 20l.

97 Fitzsimons, Patrick, fish factor, 24l.

98 Storehouse of Mr. Wilson, Nelson-lane

99 Reilly, Michael, prov. dealer, 22l.

100 The A La Mode hotel and commercial boarding house & tavern, 24l.

101 Walsh, Richard, hairdresser, 23l.

102 Whelan, B. grocer

103 Brooks, Maurice, wholesale ironmonger, window glass, paper hangings, oil and colour dealer; agent to Chance, Brothers, & Co. glass works, Birmingham, 23l.

104 Leonard, John, grocer, spirit, and ling merchant, and No. 100, 27l.

here Sackville-place intersects

105 Ryan, Edward, hotel, tavern, and coal factor, 21l.

106 M'Intyre, Elizabeth, prov. dlr. 23l.

107 Long, James, hairdresser, 20l.

„ Legget, James, glass merchant

here William's-lane intersects

108 Troy, William, board and lodging house, 29l.

here Abbey-street, Lower, intersects

109 M'Adam, John, type founder, 26l.

110 Reilly, A. dressmaker, 35l.

111 M'Dermott, Cornelius, temperance hotel, 35l.

here Abbey-street, Old, intersects

112 Notley, Mrs. Anne, Bristol and Glasgow tavern, 44l.

113 Doran, A. & P. grocers and spirit merchants, & 140 Up. Abbey st. 44l.

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