SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Stoneybatter to Prussia-street.

P. Grangegorman.—Arran-quay W.—City.

1 Tenements, 5l. 10s.

2 Sheridan, Richard, victualler, 11l.

3 and 4 Tenements

5 M'Donough, Pat. tin-plate worker

6 Leonard, Michael, victualler, 8l.

7 Carolin, James, tailor, 7l.

8 M'Cabe, Michael, coal factor, 19l.

9 M'Gorian, Patrick, teacher, 12l.

10 and 11 Waste ground, 2l.

12 Dempsey, Patrick, prov. dealer, 21l.

13 O'Donnell, Mrs. 14l.

14 O'Lawler, Mrs. 14l.

15 Rigny, Mr. Denis, 14l.

16 West, Alfred Endle, esq. Adjutant-General's office, Royal Hsptl. 15l.

17 Fawcett, Geo. crier of Q. Bench, 15l.

18 to 27 Ground for building

28 Harris, Mr. David, 16l.

29 Harty, Lewis, solicitor, 16l.

30 Moore, Jas. Campbell, esq. junior clerk, Judge Hargrave's chamber, Landed Estates Court, 16l.

31 M'Cabe, Thomas, coal factor, 16l.

32 and 33 Tenements, 3l., 7l.

here Shea's-lane intersects

34 Little, Mr. Alexander, 14l. 10s.

35 White, Jas. F. Ordnance Survey, 14l.

36 Little, Mr. Robert, 14l.

37 Aikman, Jas. engraver, Ordnance Survey office, 14l.

38 Fitzsimon, Patk. acting inspector, Metropolitan Police, 14l.

39 Coen, Mr. Michael, g.p.o. 14l.

40 Ryder, Mrs. 33l.

41 Haverty, Anne and Honnor, straw bonnetmakers, 10l.

42 Binning, James, engraver, 10l.

43 Knox, William, engraver, 10l.

44 Halpin, Rev. Robert. C. chaplain to H.R.H. the Duke of Cambridge & the forces, garrison ch. Arbour h. 33l.

45 O'Keeffe, Patrick, Mr. 18l.

46 McCarthy, C. provision dealer, 10l.

„ M'Entyre, C. provision dealer

47 Dowling, Thomas, carpenter and provision dealer, 10l.

here Prussia-street intersects

48 to 50 Tenements, 3l. 10s. to 9l.

51 Dunne, Margaret, mangling, 3l.

here Aughrim-st. and Manor-buildings intersect.

52 Howe, William, engraver, 12l.

53 M'Donough, Terence, carpenter, 12l.

54 Carton, Patrick, grocer, tea, wine, and spirit merchant, and Italian warehouse, 11l.

55 Mahony, Robert, Ordnance map engraver, 11l.

56 Bow, William, hatter, 11l.

57 Kerr, Wm. esq. half pay, army, 11l.

58 Barber, Robert, watchmaker, 11l.

59 Owens, Joseph, watchmaker, 11l.

60 Bell, Mr. George, 11l.

61 Shern, William, agent, 12l.

62 and 63 Tenements, 10l., 13l.

64 to 70 Nixon's-Buildings.

64 Checkets, George, druggist, 16l.

65 Keville, Edward, engraver, 16l.

66 Beere, George, solicitor, 13l.

67 Sykes, George, esq. 13l.

68 Mathew, Mr. Thos. Wellington, 11l.

69 Atkinson, Samuel, clerk, 11l.

70 Lucas, Hen. Inland Rev. office, 10l.

71 Rowlatt, Mr. Charles Thomas, 10l.

72 M'Cormick, Mr. Michael, 12l.

73 Finn, Miss, seminary, 14l.

74 Higgins, John, officer of Inland Revenue

75 Gernon, Robert, superint. of police

76 to 80 Temple-terrace.

81 to 86 Kinallen-terrace.

[87 to 96—5l. to 12l.]

87 & 88 Bates, Patk. coal fact.

89 Tenements,

90 Gibney, Mrs.

91 to 93 Tenements,

94 Clarke, Joseph, dairy,

95 Halpin, Mary, prov. dealer,

96 Derham, John, prov. dealer

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