SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

(Late Park-street.)

From Merrion-street, Lr. to Leinster-street.

P. St. Mark, 19 to 3l. P. St. Anne, 1 to 18. Trinity W.—City.

1 Sweny, Mark, m.d. general medical practitioner and accoucheur, 60l.

„ Magrane, Thomas, wax and tallow chandler

„ Maginniss, William, the new China tea store

2 Meehan, Thomas, home and foreign fruiterer, 15l.

3 Fitzgibbon, James H. chemist and druggist,

4 to 14 Turkish Bath Co. limited—Stephen Stokes, superintendent; Miss Cranwell, matron, 250l.

15 Olin & Muret, Cafe de Paris, French restaurante, attached to Turkish baths

16 Buman, A. French lampiste

„ Williams, Miss, dress warerooms

17 Stables

18 Ennis, Richard, victualler, 14l.

19 M'Kenna, Geo. gro. & spirit dlr. 36l.

20 Mellon, Edward, house painter, glazier, and paper stainer, 36l.

„ North, D. ironmonger

21 Magee, Jas. purveyor, and Italian warehouse, and Rathgar, 34l.

22 Byrne, Thomas, victualler, 35l.

23 Farrelly, Owen, wax and tallow chandler, 40l.

24 Sherwood, Richard R. watchmaker, jeweller, and electro-plater, 40l.

„ Shannon, Mrs. court dressmaker

25 O'Donohoe, Mrs. Maria, 44l.

„ Farrell, Isaac and W. R. architects and civil engineers

„ Farrell, Wm. Robert, architect and civil engineer, & No. 1, Herbert-terrace, Ball's-bridge

„ Nugent, James, architect and c.e.

„ Nugent, James, esq. g.p.o.

26 Burke, Wm. tea & wine merch. 24l.

Entrance to James Nichol's job and funeral establishment

here College-lane intersects

27 Digges, Joseph, & Co. ecclesiastical and general upholsterers, 40l.

„ Digges, Joseph, cabinet maker, undertaker, and valuator

28 Cerri, Carlo & Co. Italian sculptors' warehouse, 28l.

29 Byrne, K. & S. & Co. outfitters, 30l.

30 Entrance to the University Medical Lecture Rooms

31 Roper, William, esq. Rathfarnham dairy, 30l.

32 St. Mark's Ophthalmic HospitalW. R. Wilde, esq. surgeon, 50l.

„ Winton, Charles, state cupper, St. Mark's Ophthalmic Hospital

here Westland-row & Harcourt-pl. intersect

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