Liffey-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Abbey-street, Upper, to Henry-st.

P. St. Mary.—North City W.—City.

1 Horan, G. furniture dealer, 15l.

2 O'Toole, Lawrence, cabinetmaker and upholsterer, 5l.

3 to 5 Rooney, John, furniture broker, 30l., 25l., 20l.

6 Byrne, Joseph, furniture broker,and 43 Abbey-street, 35l.

here Hotel-yard intersects

7 M'Grade, Patk. furnit. broker, 13l.

8 Harrison, Jas. furniture broker, 26l.

9 &10 Kelly, Patk. cabinetmkr 15l., 12l.

here Proby's-lane intersects

11 Brady, Patk. mattress maker, 15l.

12 and 13 Tenements, each 17l.

14 Lawler, Pat. furniture broker, 16l.

15 Magan, James, turner, 16l.

16 Reaney, Joseph, carpenter, 10l.

here Henry-street intersects

17 and 18 Warren, Peter, furniture broker, 8l., 18l.

19 Campbell, J. furniture broker, 18l.

20 Curtis, Wm. furniture broker, 12l.

21 Walsh, Nicholas, cabinet maker, 18l.

22 Murphy, Adw. furniture broker, 8l.

23 Mulligan, John, furnit. broker, 18l.

24 Boulger, James, furnit. broker, 20l.

25 Keough, C. furniture broker, 22l.

26 Reilly, John, broker, 24l.

26½ Conway, James, broker, 8l.

27 Kavanagh, Michl. furnit. brkr. 22l.

28 Gilchreest, Peter, broker, 22l.

29 Carroll, John, furnit. broker, 22l.

30 Rooney, Joseph, furnit. broker, 15l.

31 Coleman, John, furnit. broker, 28l.

32 Gallagher, Mrs. furnit. broker, 16l.

33 Butler, Patk. furniture broker, 15l.

34 Roth, Wm. furniture broker, 15l.

35 Doherty, Edward, broker

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