SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Nassau-street to Lincoln-place.

P. St. Mark, 1 to 4. P. St. Anne, 5 to 18.—Trinity W.—City.

1 Ennis, Mary, purveyor and Italian warehouse, 30l.

2 Hughes, Mr. James Wilson, and Kildare-street Club, 60l.

„ Lyons and O'Keeffe, carvers and gilders,

„ Close, Samuel T. esq.

„ Reeves, Robert, esq.

3 Hogan, J. law & railway agent, 54l.

„ Johnson, William Moore, barrister

4 Packer, William, & Co. dyers and scourers, 54l.

here Lincoln-place and Clare-st. intersect.

5 Wilson, Gustavus, Irish linen warehouse, and general house furnishing linen merchant, 150l.

6 Stewarts & Kincaid, land agts. 130l.

„ Stewart, James R. land agent, and Gortleitragh, Kingstown

„ Kincaid, J. land agent, and 3 Herbert-street

„ Kincaid, John H. land agent—res. Brighton cottage, Monkstown

7 O'Brien, Timothy, fancy bread and biscuit baker, and Frankfort, Merrion, 112l.

8 Marks, William C. cabinet maker, upholsterer, French plate glass importer, carver and gilder, auctioneer, and valuator, 120l.

9 Morrow, Hamilton, general stationery warehouse, & Nassau-st. 88l.

10 Carroll, John W. sur. & apothec. 96l.

11 Farrelly, John, tea & wine mer. 120l.

here Leinster-lane intersects

12 Large, Thomas, saddler and harness manufacturer, 52l.

13 Sharp, Chas. wax and tallow chandler, soap boiler, & lamp oil mer. 50l.

14 O'Neill and Keogh, milliners and general drapers, 60l.

„ Caffrey, Mrs. French stay & corset maker

„ De Solla, J. & Son, manufs. of the royal Lilliputian alarm clocks

15 Polson, Thos. A. confectioner to the Lord Lieutenant—res. 3 Longwood-avenue, 60l.

16 Riddill, John, wholesale and retail perfumery depot, comb, toy, and brush warehouse, 30l.

17 Barrett, Fredk. brush, comb, and umbrella manufacturer, & sponge importer, 40l.

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