Leeson-street, Upper

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Sussex-terrace to Donnybrook-road.

P. St. Peter Without.—1 to 75, and 76 to 119, Township of Rathmines.—County.

1 O'Conor, Roderick, barrister, and j.p. of Milltown, Roscommon, 50l.

„ O'Conor, Alfred J. esq.

2 Deering, Lucius H. wine merchant, agent to the Scottish Union Insurance Co. and Foreign Office passport agent—counting house, 52 Dame-street, 54l.

3 Patterson, James, esq. and 37 Westmoreland street, 47l.

4 Fottrell, Edward, esq. 47l.

5 Houston, Miss, select sem. & finishing classes for young ladies, 47l.

„ Houston, Mrs. E.

6 Stoney, Mrs. 47l.

7 M'Cully, Alex. sol. &103 Capel-st. 48l.

„ M'Gloin, John, esq. &103 Capel-st.

8 Parr, Jacob, esq. 40l.

9 Thompson, Miss S. C. 40l.

10 Clibborn, Geo. merchant, 39l.

11 Blake, Mrs. H. M. 39l.

12 Ball, Charles, solicitor—office, 20 Hatch-street, 38l.

„ Ball, Mrs.

13 Campbell, Mrs. Isabella 39l.

„ Campbell, Rev. Edward George

14 Crawford, William, esq. and Constabulary office, Castle, 39l.

15 Ringwood, Mrs. William, 39l.

16 Jeremy, Rev. Danl. Daves, minister of Eustace-st. meeting house, 39l.

17 Ryan, Michael, m.d. f.r.c.s.i. 42l.

New Road to Charlemont-street.

18 Scott, Mrs. Anne, 32l.

19 Wolfe, Miss, 29l.

20 Stewart, The Misses, 29l.

21 Hoare, The Misses, 29l.

22 Wyse, George, esq. Divisional Magistrate, 29l.

23 Wolseley, Rev. Cadwallader, chancellor of St. Patrick's, & rector of St. Werburgh's, 40l.

24 Fleury, Rev. Chas. M. d.d. chaplain of Molyneux Asylum Chapel, 40l.

25 Brenan, Captain Alex. r.n. 38l.

26 Joly, Mrs. Julia, 38l.

27 Crawford, John Cane, 38l.

28 Luther, Guy, esq. 38l.

29 Sibthorpe, John, esq. 47l.

30 Hughes, William, esq. 32l.

31 Fannin, Mrs. Emily, 31l.

„ Fannin, Thomas Eustace, esq.

32 Lynch, Stanislaus, J. esq. & Landed Estates Court, 33l.

33 Gaskin, William, esq. 31l.

34 Rigby, Mrs. J. 31l.

35 Butler, Mrs. H. J. 31l.

36 Sibthorpe, Charles, esq. 47l.

37 Gray, William Howe, esq. 32l.

38 Lloyd, Arthur F. esq. 32l.

39 Darcy, Mrs. Henrietta, 32l.

40 Durham, Mrs. Jemina, 32l.

41 Jellett, Miss, 31l.

„ Williamson, Mrs.

42 Moffett, Mrs. 42l.

43 Ball, Mrs. 31l.

44 Building ground


45 Wight, Colonial, and 23 Eustace-st. 46l.

46 Kelly, Richard W. esq. 39l.

47 Heney, Mrs. Hannah, 30l.

48 Evans, Mrs. Frances, 42l.

49 Vacant, 42l.

50 Smith, Mrs. Elizabeth, 44l. 10s.

51 Le Febure, Joseph M. esq. 55l.

52 Connor, Rev. R. M. f.t.c.d. 49l.

53 Sullivan, William K. professor of chemistry in the Catholic University and Museum of Irish Industry

54 Townsend, Rev. Richd. f.t.c.d. 49l.

55 Allen, Richard Simon, esq. 49l.

56 Hyndman, Mrs. John L. 46l.

57 Banks, The Misses, 44l.

„ Banks, Charles, solicitor

58 Moller, Capt. Champion Chas. C. 44l.

59 Shekleton, Robert, m.d. 46l.

The Appian Way.

Tivoli House—Roberts, Sam. & Sons, builders, 77l.

Roberts, Samuel, builder

1 Cooke, George, esq. Bank of Ireland, 23l. 5s.

2 Russell, Wm. esq. and 32 Lower Abbey-street, 22l.

3 Building ground

4 Tandy, Shapland Norris, solicitor

5 Fisher, Mrs.

„ Fisher, Thos. m.d. assistant librarian t.c.d.

6 Vacant


(See Winton road.)

60 Winter, Richd. esq. General Registration office, Queen's Inns, 36l.

61 Campbell, Dugal, esq. 39l.

„ Campbell, John R. esq.

„ Evans, Rowland B. esq. deputy comptroller, g.p.o.

62 Moran, James, solicitor, and 12 Lower Ormond quay, 35l.

63 Fitzgerald, Mrs. 40l.

„ Harrymount, Martin L. esq. 26l.

64 Percy, Mrs. Anne, 33l.

65 Barlow, Mrs. Anne, 33l.

„ Fetherston Haugh, Miss Jane

66 D'Alton, Rev. George William, assistant minister of the Episcopal chapel, Up, Baggot street, 33l.

67 Eyre, Marmaduke R. esq. g.p.o. 33l.

68 Smyth, Daniel K. esq. 33l.

69 Hamilton, Mrs. H. S. 33l.

70 Lucas, Mrs. Olivia, 48l.

71 Adams, Mrs. Benjamin, 46l.

72 Jukes, J. Beete, m.a. f.r.s. director of the Geological Survey of Ireland, Stephen's-green, 48l.

73 Brennan, Mrs. 45l.

74 Wright, George, esq. 45l.

75 Archdall, Mrs. H. Gray, 44l.

„ Archdall, Henry M. esq.

here Donnybrook-road intersects



1 Connell, John F. agent, 50l.

2 Collum, Archibald A. M. solr. 39l.

3 Manly, Thomas, resident sec. to the Scottish Provincial Fire and Life Assurance Company—office, 34 College-green, 39l.

4 Ryan, William, physician, 57l.

5 Kenney, the Misses, 30l.

6 Cameron, Charles A. m.d. professor of chemistry, editor of the Agricultural Review and of the Dublin Farmers' Gazette, 30l.

7 Perrott, Charles Leslie, solicitor—office, 11 Up. Ormond-quay, 30l.

8 M'Gusty, Steph. Chapman, esq. 30l.

„ Pattison, Mrs. Colonel

9 Atkinson, Holland, esq. g.p.o. 33l.

10 Moore, the Misses, 30l.



1 M'Dermott, Mrs. 33l.

2 Stephens, Mrs. Susanna, 33l.

3 Saurin, Miss Isabella, 30l.

4 Pendleton, Mrs. Edmund C. 30l.



1 Sillery, Mrs. 27l.

„ Frazer, Miss

2 Holmes, Mrs. Jane, 27l.

„ Armstrong, Mrs. Fanny

3 to 7 Building ground

8 Heather, Mrs. 25l.

9 Lindsay, Mrs. William, 31l.

10 Stewart, Mrs. H. S. 29l.

11 Germyn, Mrs. Mary, 29l.

Sun Lodge, Mrs. Browne, 37l.

Tullamaine villa, Mrs. Maher

Annaville, George Beale, esq. 36l.

Woodville, Bryan M'Swiney, esq. 36l.

New Road.

Sidney Terrace.

1 Lloyd, Henry William, esq. 35l.

2 Sibthorpe, Thomas S. esq. 35l.

3 Meredith, Captain Boyle, 42l.

4 Marsh, Lady Mary Henrietta, 42l.

Upper Leeson-Street, continued.

76 Wardlaw, John, stationer and bookseller, 20l.

77 M'Intire, Mrs. 20l.

78 Hoyne, Mrs.

79 Prior, Hugh Edward, esq.

80 Harvey, Brothers, tea and coffee dealers, 26l.

„ Harvey, William Fennell, esq.

„ Harvey, Mrs. Joseph

„ Harvey, R. Henry, tea & coffee dealer

81 Carter, Wm., civil engineer, 26l.

82 Du Bedat, Henry, esq. 26l.

83 Stewart, Mrs. Maria, 26l.

84 Clarendon, Mrs. Eliza, 26l.

85 Murray, Mrs. 26l.

86 Whitestone, Miss Elizabeth, 21l.

87 Neily, M. Robert, 21l.

88 Edgeworth, Miss, 21l.

89 Betty, Mrs. Stewart, 20l.

90 Boyle, L. M. esq. Landed Estates Court, 20l.

91 Clarke, Mrs. 20l.

92 Partridge, Miss, professor of the pianoforte, 25l.

„ Partridge, Robert, esq.

93 Bolton, Edward, com. traveller, 25l.

94 Lamprey, Charles, esq. and Bank of Ireland, 25l.

95 Pemberton, Mrs. Elizabeth, 25l.

96 Lee, Mrs. Jane, 25l.

97 Barber, Miss, 14l.

98 Hayes, Jeremiah, confectioner, 14l.

99 Walsh, Michael, prov. dealer, 16l.

100 Kerford, John, provision dealer, 18l.

101 Cavanagh, John, dairy, 6l. 10s.

102 Woods, Richard, bootmaker, 14l.

103 M'Manus, John, haberdasher and Berlin wool worker, 14l.

„ Byrne, Mrs. dressmaker

104 Field, Andrew, victualler, 23l.

105 Brereton, William, coal factor, 28l.

106 Byrne, John, dairy, 15l.

„ Bolger, Miss M. A. haberdasher

107 Kelly, Edward, provision dealer and gardener, 9l. 10s.

108 Tenements, 31l.

109 Moran, William, grocer, 22l.

110 O'Toole, T. provision dealer, 22l.

111 Staunton, Thomas, grocer, 33l.

112 Murphy, Miss, 35l.

113 Ward, Miss Jane, 24l.

114 Hayden, Mr. Michael, 24l.

115 Cooper, Mrs. 25l.

116 Walsh, Mrs. 25l.

117 Nolan, William, esq. 25l.

118 & 119 O'Reilly, Mrs. 24l., 44l.

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