Leeson-street, lower

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Earlsfort-terrace to Adelaide-road.

P. St. Peter.—1 to 76 Fitzwilliam W. 77 to 105 Mansion-house W.—5 to 104, County; 1 to 4, and 105, City.

1 Bolton, John H. cook and confectioner, 38l.

Post Office Receiver

2 Vacant, 36l.

3 Lawless, Edmond, surgeon r.n. apothecary, 38l.

4 Hand, William, general drapery warehouse, 38l.

5 Duffy, George, fancy bread and biscuit baker, 36l.

6 Woods, Peter, tallow chandler, 27l.

7 Leahy, Philip, Italian grocer; 29l.

8 Magdalen Asylum and Chapel—Rev. A. M. Pollock, chaplain

Jane Sterling, superintend. matron

9 M'Keone, Mrs. B. 36l.

„ Moses, John, musical academy—residence, Leeson park, No. 8

10 Savage, Mrs. Jane, 36l.

11 Bennett, Miss Frances, 38l.

12 Boyle, David, barrister, 36l.

13 Duncan, Chas. house paintr. &c. 32l.

14 Gibson, Miss Eliza, 40l.

15 Walsh, Mrs. Anne, lodgings, 44l.

16 Magenis, Henry, esq. 33l.

16A French, Mrs. George, 48l.

17 Crotty, Richard Stewart, esq. and Thornville, Palatine, co. Carlow, 63l.

„ Crotty, Cornelius, a.b., t.c.d. and m.r.c.s.i.

„ Crotty, R. S. jun. esq.

18 Lefroy, Right Hon. Thomas, Lord Chief Justice of the Court of Queen's Bench in Ireland, 150l.

„ Lefroy, George, barrister

19 Periria, Mrs. Jonathan, 68l.

20 Battersby, George, ll.d., q.c. 58l.

„ Battersby, Thos. George, barrister

21 Bessonnet, Francis, esq. 53l.

22 Brady, Francis Wm. barrister, 58l.

23 Galbraith, David, solicitor, 55l.

here Hatch-street intersects

24 White, Mrs. 42l.

25 M'Cay, Wm. Macartney, esq. 70l.

26 Litton, John, solicitor—office, 6 Dawson-street, 72l.

27 Geale, Edward, solicitor, and clerk of Crown for co. Longford, and 18 Talbot-street, 70l.

28 Bessonnet, Mrs. 70l.

29 Vacant, 70l.

30 O'Brien, Robert, a.m. m.d. surgeon and accoucheur, 70l.

„ Kirby, Rev. James

31 Blake, Edward, esq. j.p. 72l.

32 Dowling, Charles Forster, esq. 72l.

33 Bastable, Mrs. Susan, 77l.

34 Walker, Chamberlain Richard, sol. and 23 St. Andrew-street, 72l.

„ Walker, Miss

35 Hone, Joseph, jun. esq. 135l.

36 Murdock, Robert, esq. and Creeve, co. Monaghan, 108l.

37 Tomkins, George, esq. 80l.

38 Geale, Miss, 80l.

39 Magee, James, esq, 80l.

40 Warren, Mrs. R. B. 80l.

41 Bourne, Rev. William, 80l.

42 Christian, Jonathan, Fourth Justice of the Court of Common Pleas, 80l.

43 Luby, Rev. Thos. d.d. f.t.c.d. 80l.

44 Armstrong, Mrs. 80l.

45 French, John R. esq. 80l.

„ M'Bride, Mrs. 80l.

46 Tighe, Edward, barrister, 80l.

47 Smith, Major-Gen. Henry, h.m.s., e.i.c.s. 80l.

„ Bourne, Mrs. Mary

48 and 49 Vacant, each 88l.

50 Lee, Rev. W. a.m., d.d., f.t.c.d. 100l.

51 Brooke, Rev. Butler, 100l.

52 Fannin, Mrs. Mary Ann, 120l.

here Adelaide-road and Fitzwilliam-pl. intersect.

53 to 62 Building ground

63 Molloy, Mrs. Julia H. 76l.

64 Tuthill, C. Edward, barrister, 72l.

65 Armstrong, George, esq. 72l.

66 Crozier, Mrs. 72l.

67 Read, Alex. m.d. and surgeon, 72l.

68 Lynch, Miss C. 72l.

69 Ferrier, Alex. Jas. merchant, 72l.

70 Lane, Richard J. q.c. 66l.

71 Shekleton, R. W. barrister, 60l.

72 Hunter, John R. esq. deputy ranger of the Curragh, and secretary to the Turf Club, Kildare, 63l.

73 O'Kearney, Hatton R. solicitor, 63l.

„ Copinger, Wm. Richard, solicitor, master extraordinary, and commissioner for taking acknowledgments of married women, and 54, South-mall, Cork

„ O'Kearney, Mrs.

74 Crawford, Andrew, esq. 68l.

„ Crawford, George, barrister, registrar of joint stock companies—office, Record Buildings, Henrietta-street

„ Crawford, Jas. stock broker—office, Leinster Chambers, 43 Dame-st.

75 Benson, Mr. F. 60l.

76 Vacant, 36l.

here Pembroke-street, Upper, intersects.

77 French, Miss Mary, 34l.

„ Blake, Mrs.

78 Levinge, Edward P. barrister, 40l.

79 Courtney, Mrs. Sarah, 38l.

„ Courtney, F. W. architect and c.e.

80 Chapman, Miss, 44l.

81 Vickers, Henry Thomas, bar. 43l.

„ M'Kenny, Sir William, bart.

82 Towell, Mrs. 55l.

83 Green, James S. barrister, 52l.

84 White, Finch, barrister, 50l.

85 La Touche, The Misses Digges, 50l.

86 Otway, John Hastings, q.c. Chairman of Quarter Sessions, co. Antrim, 55l.

87 Furlong, Mrs. 50l.

88 Cowper, Joseph, esq. 53l.

89 Institution for General Education—Rev. C. M. Fleury, president; Rev. A. W. Leet, vice-president; and Rev. S. Sharpe, d.d. principal, 115l.

90 Barry, J. Metge, surgeon, m.d. and Glenegeary, Kingstown, 53l.

91 Ellis, Robert H. esq. 53l.

„ Ellis, George, esq. m.b. l.k.q.c.p. f.r.c.s.i.

92 Trevor, Edw. Shirley, barrister, 53l.

„ Arthur, General George Munro

93 Morrison, Mrs. Elizabeth, 55l.

94 White, Piers Francis, barrister, 56l.

95 Thompson, Thos. H. estate agt. 68l.

96 Enery, Mrs. 70l.

97 Sadlier, Rev. Francis R. d.d. rector of Raddanstown, Maynooth, 68l.

„ M'Veagh, Ferdinand M. esq.

98 Maguire, Thomas, esq. j.p. 38l.

99 Kelly, Mrs. Charlotte, 33l.

here Leeson-lane intersects

100 Farrell, Joseph, family grocer, wine merch. & tea importer, 42l.

101 Kirwan, Benjamin, vintner, 25l.

[102 to 105—52l. to 64l.]

102 Molloy, Patrick, provn. dlr.

103 Geoghegan, Jas. victualler,

104 Field, Andrew, victualler,

105 Hoare, Valentine, grocer & spirit dealer.

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