King's Inns-street

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Bolton-street to Great Britain-st.

P. St. Mary.—Rotunda W.—City.

1 Duggan, James Baker, 11l.

2 Gerraghty, Mr. John, 11l.

3 Donohoe, Denis, saddler, 9l.

4 Tenements

here Butler's-buildings intersect

5 Bailey, Robert, cabinet maker, 8l.

National Female School—Presbyterian Mission House—Rev. Hamilton Magee, 12l.

6 Bowers, Mr. Thomas C.

here Casey's cottages intersect

7 Wilson, Mr. James, 12l.

8 Montgomery, Terence, horseshoer and livery stable keeper, 11l.

9 Gibney, C. gig and car maker, 10l.

11 Tenements

here Britain-street, Great, and Loftus-lane intersect.

Zion Chapel

Rev. David Harding

here Cherry-lane intersects

12 Gregan, P. car owner, 11l.

13 Brady, John, boot and shoe maker

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