King's Inns-quay

SourceThom's Almanac and Official Directory for the Year 1862

From Charles-street to Church-street.

P. St. Michan.—Inns-quay W.—City.

1 Cooney, James, grocer, wine, and spirit merchant, 80l.

2 Anderson and Lee, solicitors and proctors of Admiralty, & sols. for the Life Associa. of Scotland, 60l.

„ Anderson, Matthew, solicitor, and criminal Crown solicitor for the county and city of Dublin, and proctor of Admiralty, 63 Fitzwilliam-square, north

„ Anderson, Samuel Lee, esq. and 63 Fitzwilliam-square, north

„ Lee, Robt. C. solicitor, and proctor of Admiralty, and Eglinton lodge, Seafield-avenue, Monkstown

„ Simpson, Hugh, sol. & Aughnacloy

3 Saunders and Gatchell, seed warehouse and gunpowder office—residence, Eastbourne, Merrion, 74l.

„ Saunders and Gatchell, insurance and commercial agents

„ Saunders, Fredk. G. solr. and Eastbourne, Merrion

„ Brown, John A. solicitor

The Dublin and Kingstown Steam Packet Co. Limited—William Kernaghan, secretary

„ Black, Samuel, solicitor, agent for Alfred Insurance Co. and Belfast

„ Carson, Wm. solicitor, and Belfast

„ Chomley, John Henry, solicitor, & 6 Belvidere-place

„ Gibson, Edward, solicitor, and Carrickmacross

„ Dickie, Joseph, solicitor, & Dundalk

„ M'Combe, Alex. solicitor, & Armagh

„ Twibill, George, solicitor

„ Falkiner, Robert Geo. solicitor

„ Jackson, James Kennedy, solicitor, and Belfast

„ Johns and Co. solicitors, & Belfast

„ Johns, Thomas Digby, solicitor

„ Johns, William, esq.

„ Kernaghan, Baptist, solicitor, Enniskillen and Sligo—res. Tudor Lodge, Ballybrack, Killiney

„ Kernaghan, William, solicitor

„ Martin and King, solicitors

„ Hewitt, Benjamin Thos. solicitor, and Belfast

„ King, Michael, solicitor

„ Lougheed, Hen. M. solicitor, & Emo

„ Martin, John, solicitor

„ Smyth, Matthew Johnson, solicitor, and Lisburn

„ Tisdall, Archibald, solicitor

„ Tisdall, Wm. Alexander, esq.

„ Rogers, Wm. Robert, solicitor, and Dundalk

„ Rogers, Wm. Robert, jun. solicitor, and Dundalk

here Chancery-place intersects

Four Courts, 2,500l.

here Morgan-place intersects

7 Mecredy, Thomas T. solicitor, and 6 Garville avenue, Rathmines, 50l.

„ Tighe and Mecredy, solicitors

„ Tighe, Richd. Philip, solicitor, and Kircassork, Lurgan, co. Down

„ D'Arcy, P. & Co. law stationers and agents

8 Baggs, Hy. sol. and Mallow, 50l.

„ Beamish and Co. solicitors

„ Beamish, Benj. S. sol. and Cork

„ Beamish, George, sol. and Cork

„ Bennett, Messrs. John and Joseph, solicitors

„ Bennett, Josh. solicitor

„ Bennett, John, solicitor

„ Bernard, George, solicitor, & Cork

„ Blake, Jeremiah C. sol. and Cork

„ Brady, Patrick, solicitor

„ Brett, Charles H. solicitor, & Belfast

„ Browne, John C. solicitor

„ Carpenter, Joseph Verling, solicitor, and 62 South Mall, Cork

„ Chatterton, Abraham T. solicitor, and Cork

„ Concannon, James Blake, solicitor

„ Concannon, Edmund, solicitor

„ Downing, Timothy M'Carthy, solicitor, and Skibbereen

„ Fagan, Thomas, solicitor

„ Farmer, Edward, solr. and Mallow

„ Fitzgerald, Pierce, solicitor, & Cork

„ Fitzmaurice, Francis, solicitor

„ Franklin, John, solicitor, and Cork

„ Fuller, Thomas, sol. and Bandon

„ Gallwey, Edwd. solicitor, & Mallow

„ Garrett, James R. and Thomas, solicitors, and Belfast

„ Garrett, James R. sol. & Belfast

„ Garrett, Thomas, sol. & Belfast

„ Gregg, Messrs. Robert and Wm. V. solicitors, and Cork

„ Gregg, Robert, solicitor

„ Gregg, William V. solicitor

„ Hartigan Edward, solicitor

„ Huggard, R. solicitor

„ Jameson, Thomas, solicitor

„ Jones, Henry E. solicitor, and Cork

„ Julian, Henry Bacon, solicitor

„ Lestrange, Thomas D. and Belfast

„ Mills, John Scott, solicitor

„ Moriarty, John, solicitor, & Mallow

„ O'Callaghan, Daniel, solicitor

„ O'Connell, Philip, solicitor, & Cork

„ O'Connor, Edward, sol. and Mallow

„ O'Sullivan, Edmond, solicitor

„ Parker, Wm. solicitor, and Cork

„ Rae, John, solicitor

„ Reilly, Richard D. sol. and Cork

„ Rice, Thomas, solicitor

„ Scannell, Thomas J. solicitor

„ Slattery, Thomas, solicitor

„ Sugrue, C. H. solicitor

„ Sullivan, William, solr.—residence, 65 Wellington-road

„ Townsend, Wm. H. sol. and Cork

„ White, Matthew James, solicitor

„ Woodrooffe, George F. sol. and Cork

„ Wright, Thomas Richard, solicitor

„ Wynne, Robert, solicitor, and 5 and 6 Wellington-road

9 Doherty, John, merchant 54l.

10 Lemass, Joseph, vintner, 50l.

11 & 12 Angel hotel—Daniel J. Bergin, propr. and Eagle hotel, 63l., 50l.

13 Brereton, John, bootmaker, 16l.

14 D'Arcy, Patrick, bookseller, 13l.

15 Johnston and Co. machine made bread and biscuit bakers, and Ball's bridge, 36l.

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